7 Best Antifouling Paint for Fiberglass 2024

What’s the best antifouling paint for fiberglass? Excellent care of fiberglass products can only be achieved by selecting the best antifouling paint for fiberglass.  Best Antifouling Paint for Fiberglass


It could be your door, boat, RV, bathtub, or pool that has algae or mold cover and wonders how to get rid of them successfully.

Or perhaps, you may be looking for an antifouling method that may keep your fiberglass item more durable without sacrificing its impressive appearance.

s: 7 Best Antifouling Paint for Fiberglass 2024 

1. TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint – #1 Pick

Totalboat JD is a low-priced antifoul paint manufactured with super active bio-ingredients, which allow strong & fast stickiness when applying without sacrificing the fiberglass item’s quality.

TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint Check Price on Amazon

Actually, the paint has a hybrid ablative formula that prevents any chipping or peeling of the coat for a longer period (18 months). 

Importantly, check on the side effects associated with each product before going down to the price that is within your financial budget. 

This product is easier to apply using a brush, a roller, or spray gun – it is refined with small/fine liquid molecules that split nicely and flow smoothly without resistance during application.

The water-based product has low VOC content, low order, and will emit no poisonous fumes that may harm you during painting or spraying.

Indeed, TotalBoat JD is fast drying and compatible with many hard surfaces, including fiberglass, wooden and sturdy steel surfaces. The paint claims to deliver a scratch-resistant final finish that gives an impressive overall appearance.

The antifoul paint is manufactured in different selectable colors (blue, black, red, and green) and works nicely in both fresh and salty water environment without reactions. Besides, the TotalBoat JB is highly washable (won’t stain your clothes) but can irritate your skin on contact.

This product comes in large quantities dedicated to covering a large area of about 400 square feet per gallon. Moreover, the Gallon orders include two 10” wooden stir sticks, abrasive pad, free roller & metal tray kit, paint suit, pair of latex gloves, & 1 roll painter’s tape, which are made of top quality materials to help you deliver excellent painting assignment.

Alternatively, you can make a quart order and receive an abrasive pad, 2 10” stir sticks, and a pair of latex gloves free of charge. You will enjoy more comfortable transportation of this paint since it comes with a sturdy overhang holder to give you a comfortable grip.

Importantly, the top quality product has a super contact stickiness that launches for over 18 months without defacing from the first application. In fact, TotalBoat JB work best for fiberglass and wooden boats while keeping off barnacles and zebra mussels effectively


  • Super bio-degradable ingredients
  • Strong and fast stickiness – smooth final finish
  • Water-based, low odor, and no poisonous emissions
  • Variety of colors – blue, green, red & black
  • High flow and rollability – less viscous
  • Large area coverage- 400 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Durable (18 months) and comes with painting accessories.
  • Highly portable – has a comfortable handle grip.
  • Highly washable and Don’t stain clothes.
  • Has hybrid ablative formula – no chipping or peeling
  • Best for fiberglass and wooden boats


  • Slightly longer drying time.
  • Cause eye and skin irritation on contact
  • It fatal when swallowed

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2. Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating – #2 Pick

Dicor is tough antifoul paint that features super adhesive properties that stick s nicely on your fiberglass item. The paint is specially manufactured with fine liquid molecules (best-refined mixture) that flow nicely when painting without straining.

Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating Check Price on Amazon

The super bight product comes in an impressive arctic white color that looks very beautiful after application. Moreover, the paint has sunlight reflection properties, which help in cooling the inner section. Indeed, this paint is fast-drying and forms a tough, thin layer that is abrasive resistant.

Dicor is packed in a large container (1 gallon/3.72 liter) that serves a large painting area (350 square feet per gallon) without refilling. This antifoul paint has a 100% acrylic resin, which claims to deliver an elegant and smooth surface finish.

The product is simple to apply by either hand spray, roller, brush, or gun – you’ll need to dilute (where necessary) or apply directly upon opening. Also, Dicor is relatively dense and has a robust ablative formula that makes it stick nicely on any surface (rough or smooth).

Importantly, Dicor is highly portable – it comes with a comfortable handle grip and a simple knock out lid. For best performance, this paint should be applied in two layers intermittently (after five days).

NB: Dicor will work best when used in coating fiberglass, steel, or wooden items. In fact, it will thrive nicely both in the fresh and salty water environment without defacing.


  • Best for all fiberglass RV roofing
  • Large container capacity – 1 gallon /3.72 liters
  • Large area coverage – 350 sq. ft.
  • Super bright and Impressive color – arctic white
  • 100% acrylic resin coat
  • Forms a beautiful and flexible coat layer
  • Has sunlight reflection properties – keeps interior cool
  • Easier to clean/wash – don’t stain clothes on contact
  • Relatively dense – 10.34 pounds
  • Portable and comfortable handle grip
  • Work nicely in both fresh and salty water environment.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easier to apply – high flow and rollability


  • Not suitable for EPDM Rubber or TPO roofing
  • Require dry surface application
  • Needs double coat for effective performance
  • Irritates eyes on contact

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3. Rust-Oleum 207012 Antifouling Flat Boat Paint Bottom – #3 Pick

Rust-oleum is our top antifouling paint manufactured with metamorphosed alkyd, which makes it highly flexible when coating.

Best Antifouling Paint for Fiberglass Check Price on Amazon

The product features a strong anti-clog and anti-peeling technology that keeps it stuck on your fiberglass item for long without chipping or cracking.

The antifouling paint has excellent color retention properties and ultra-violet radiation protection that keeps it strongly coated. More so, Rust-oleum is packed in large quantities (2.75 pounds) that will cover a substantially large area of about 110 square feet when painting.

This product can be applied straight forward (without additives) and dies quickly in 1 to 2 hours, leaving a classic, smooth finish. Indeed, the antifouling paint is more natural to clean/wash out and won’t stain your clothes in case of contact.

The semi-gross retention product claims to deliver excellent quality through the provision of thing coat lining and instant abrasive stickiness, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions. Moreover, Rust-oleum comes with striking color and keeps off odor.

When painting, Rust-oleum nicely penetrates the cracks without force painting. Besides, the product prevents the growth of algae, barnacles, and weeds on your boat or pool.

To enjoy the top performance and durability that comes with Rust-oleum, apply two subsequent coat (2nd coat after a day) for your newly launched fiberglass item.

Importantly, this antifouling paint is best when applied to fiberglass, steel, or wooden surfaces.


  • Covers a large area per can – 110 sq. ft.
  • Has abrasive resistant and instant action properties
  • Nice penetration into cracks
  • Direct application – no additives required
  • Easier to clean/wash – don’t stain clothes on contact
  • Large quantity package – 2.75 pounds
  • Flexible flow coating and smooth surface finish
  • Strong anti-clog and anti-peeling technology
  • Dries quickly after application – 1 to 2 hours
  • Manufactured with metamorphosed alkyd
  • Best for fiberglass, steel, or wooden surfaces
  • Comes in impressive colors and budget-friendly
  • Best for both salty water and freshwater environment


  • Irritates the eyes on contact
  • Has no handle grip

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4. Interlux YBB379/1 Fiberglass Bottomkote NT Antifouling Paint

Interlux is an antifoul fiberglass paint that features powerful anti-glare properties, which create classic impressions on application. The print comes packed in an extra-large can (3.785 liters) that covers a large painted surface.

Interlux YBB379/1 Fiberglass Bottomkote NT Antifouling Paint Check Price on Amazon

Interlux is manufactured ideally with dual resin properties that create a thin coating, leaving a smooth, excellent finish. Also, the paint reduces finish polishing and unnecessary paint build-up (single layer spread cover on application) and premature wear-through that commonly occurs in other paint brands.

More so, antifouling paint features a fast-drying formula that sticks nicely to form a permanent coat in 24 hours. This means you can launch your boat or fiberglass item after a day and enjoy optimal service.

This product is simple and more comfortable to apply – you open and directly apply on the surface without dilution (you may opt to dilute according to the thickness standard you intend to achieve on your item). Also, Interlux has a pleasant fragrance that won’t irritate your nasal cavity during application.

Indeed, this product is specially made with anti-stain properties that prevent staining your clothes in contact. Moreover, the paint is easier to clean or wash and won’t affect your skin.

Interlux delivers the most remarkable and ablative coating when applied on fiberglass, boat bottom & inner compartments, and wooden items. The durable antifoul paint has a leading market legacy and is the US certified for heavy-duty assignments and extreme weather conditions.

Notably, Interlux can be used in both salty and freshwater environments without sacrificing quality and service life.


  • Create a remarkable ablative coat
  • Relative fast-drying formula – dries in 24 hours.
  • Forms a thin classic coat with a nice final finish
  • Has a pleasant smell – won’t irritate your nasal cavity
  • Extra-large packaging can -3.785 liters.
  • Easier to clean/wash – won’t stain clothes.
  • Durable and creates an impressive outlook
  • Has quick-acting dual resin technology
  • Best for fiberglass, steel, or wooden material
  • Direct application recommended and abrasive contact
  • Can be used in a fresh and salty water environment


  • Slightly expensive
  • Don’t kill algae – decontamination is needed.
  • Limited variety of colors

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5. Sea Hawk 2145GL Tropikote Black Gl

Seahawk is a super active antifoul paint produced with instant action properties to allow strong stickiness on application. The product comes in a thick sticky liquid that can be diluted into various concentrations easily.

Sea Hawk 2145GL Tropikote Black Gl Check Price on Amazon

Normally, the paint has fine liquid molecules, which perfectly flow without resistance during application to form a smooth final finish.

The semi-gross product is manufactured with a powerful and active cuprous oxide (75%), which claims to deliver excellent penetration and seal during application without sacrificing the fiberglass quality.

This antifoul paint is primarily concentrated with extra 24.2% bio ingredients that maintain it liquidus without hardening in the open air. Indeed, this product’s fiber-based additives allow better rolling and flowability when doing mass project painting.

Seahawk is a top-quality grade paint with other rough ablative and scratch-resistant properties that aggressively combat external friction without damage or peeling. The product forms a thin final coat film deeply integrated into the material structure (has complex-chemical bond structure).

Seal hawk is highly washable and won’t stain your clothes on the application. More so, the product comes with a pleasant fragrance that won’t irritate your respiratory tract during use.

The top performance foul resistant paint is packed in an extra-large can (15 pounds) that will enable you to furnish a large section when painting. The jug is fitted with a lovely hanging grip that makes it highly portable.

Importantly, the super adhesive antifoul paint claims to deliver the best performance when used on fiberglass items, steel hulls, and wooden items.


  • Contain super active cuprous oxide ingredients – 75%
  • Perfect viscosity and don’t solidify in the open air.
  • Extra ablative and scratch-resistant properties
  • Strong contact coating and anti-peeling formula
  • Instant action stickiness and dilute to apply options.
  • Washable and stain-free on contact
  • Won’t irritate skin or respiratory cavity during application
  • Nice fragrance and odor-free
  • Excellent penetration and super adhesive
  • Extra-large container and highly portable
  • Best use on fiberglass, steel hulls, and wooden items.


  • Slightly expensive
  • Irritates the eyes on contact
  • Needs dilution on some materials

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6. Rust-Oleum Fiberglass Pint 207000 Topside Paint

Rust-oleum 207000 is an upgraded antifouling paint that features a modified alkyd, which claims to deliver excellent performance without defacing upon application.

Rust-Oleum 207000 Marine Coatings Topside Paint Check Price on Amazon

The paint is manufactured with special additives that create perfect leveling and protect the fiberglass against UV rays. The product is refined with an oil-based fiberglass paint, making it easier to apply and cleans upon contact.

The top-quality mixture gives the best flow and rollability when painting and leaves a nice thin skin/coating. Indeed, Rust-oleum 207000 form tough weather and abrasion-resistant coating that will serve you perfectly well without frequent repainting on a single application.

The washable antifoul paint (with water and soap) dries very fast upon application (hardens in 1 – 2 hours) and won’t stain your clothes on contact. However, it may cause eye irritation upon touching or stomach upset when swallow (keep away from children).

Rust-oleum has improved gloss retention ability and can be applied directly upon opening without any hassle. Moreover, the paint leaves a classic white impression that makes it look gorgeous after application. Not forgetting, the color has a robust bio-active ingredient that improves stickiness, thus preventing any chipping or peeling of the coat.

Importantly, Rust-oleum 207000 delivers the best performance when used on fiberglass, metal, or wooden items. Remember, two-layer paintings (2nd one after a week) can give you extra service life on your fiberglass.

Normally, wet areas are affected since excess moisture favors the growth of algae, weeds, slime, barnacles, and zebra mussels, which reduces the quality and overall impression of your item.

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  • Best performance on fiberglass, metal, or wooden items
  • Great abrasion and weather resistance
  • Has excellent leveling and UV rays protection
  • Flexible oil-based formula
  • Fast-drying- 1 to 2 hours
  • Beautiful semi-gloss white color
  • Covers relative large painted surface- 100 sq. ft. per can
  • Durable and long-lasting thin coating – scratch resistant
  • Improved gloss retention and direct application
  • Excellent color retention – no chipping or peeling
  • Has strong bio-active alkyd


  • Highly flammable – be kept away from fire.
  • Not for use below the waterline – in boats/yacht
  • Has not to handle grip

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7. Interlux Y5693/QT Black Micron Extra Antifouling Paint

Interlux is a top-quality antifouling paint that utilizes biolux technology to eliminate fouling effects on fiberglass items. The product is manufactured using a strong ablative formula that dissolves and integrates nicely with various surfaces without any hassle.

Interlux Y5693/QT Black Micron Extra Antifouling Paint Check Price on Amazon

Actually, Interlux features instant action adhesive technology, making it stick instantly upon application and form a thin classic final layer. In fact, the beautiful final finish achieved by this paint is self-polishing – it gets smoother with time.

Interlux is packed in extra-large quantity (3.785 liters) that can cover a large painted area (300 to 450 square feet per can) without refilling. Besides, the paint is highly refined to form an excellent liquid mixture with a high roll and flowability –this makes paint application fast and easier.

More so, the product is fitted with an excellent handle grip that allows comfortable handling when transporting. Indeed, this paint is stain free (won’t stain your clothes on contact) and causes no skin irritation on contact. However, the paint will irritate your eye (upon touch) and cause stomach upset when swallow – it should be kept away from children.

Interlux is also mixed with unique bio-active ingredients that perfectly protect any item (fiberglass, wood, or metal) in a fresh and salty water environment against any molds, algae, or seaweeds. The product doesn’t emit poisonous fumes that may affect the respiratory system when painting – it has a low odor.

Notably, the paint color creates a beautiful appearance that will further boost your confidence, among other painted fiberglass boats or yacht upon application.

Foul removal can be cumbersome, especially for water-based things, e.g., boats or pools. Fouling reduces the lifetime of any product by half if the immediate protection move is not taken.

In fact, this paint delivers the best performance when applied twice (apply 2nd coat after 2 weeks) on either, fiberglass, metal, or wooden items.


  • Extra-large quantity – 3.785 liters
  • Super active biolux technology –block any slime
  • Strong stickiness bonds and smooth final surface finish
  • Ablative and scratch resistance coating
  • Long-lasting and a durable thin layer
  • Self-polishing features and has no paint build-up
  • Instant action adhesive micron technology
  • Stain-free and no skin irritation upon contact
  • Washable/Easy to clean and easy to apply
  • High Roll and Flowability – not paint strains
  • Suitable for fresh and salty water environment


  • Limited colors
  • Slightly expensive

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It is very important to be keen when choosing the best antifouling paint for fiberglass if you actually intend to enjoy long service life and overall outward appearance of your item.

Before ordering the paint, you need to consider the bio components added, drying period, the nature of the surface finishes, and the quality of the paint package.

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