7 Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets in 2024

By reading this article on the best paint for cabinets, you will not only acquire in-depth knowledge on the best cabinet paint, but you will also be able to select the right paint that matches the primary material of your cabinet. Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Often than never, cabinet paint peels due to wrong paint selection in kitchen cabinet repainting.

Thus, consider vital factors like cabinet construction material, the prevailing climate of the area (is it humid, dry, or wet environment?), the texture of surface material for kitchen remodeling

Also, consider the extent of the area to be painted, the primer used (if any) on the cabinet (is it oil-based or water-based?), and the color of the primary material before placing your purchase order.

s: Top 7 Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2024

1. Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Paint

Nova Driftwood is a water-based acrylic paint that features advanced stickiness properties, which guarantees minimal drains/runs when painting your kitchen cabinet.

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You will love the attractive grey finish rendered by Nuvo and the incredible sheen resistant to humid chipping – considering the cabinets’ condition.

The fast-drying solvent is more comfortable to apply or remove. Using Nuvo Driftwood, you will save costs associated with priming, sanding, and polishing since Nuvo can be painted directly without any problem.

Nuvo is budget-friendly and integrates high-performance natural ingredients that firmly stick on the primary cabinet material without chipping or peeling. The single Nuvo coated cabinet attains excellent strength that is not only waterproof but also scratch-resistant.

Moreover, Nuvo Driftwood features low VOC contents, thus won’t irritate your nasal/respiratory system when inhaled. Indeed, the simple chemical formula that comes with Nuvo is self-activating and act instantly upon application.

Notably, Nuvo Driftwood is exceptionally durable and works for wood, metal, and laminated cabinet material excellently. You can paint up to 100 square feet DIY project and comfortably correct paint errors with soap and water with Nuvo.


  • It’s more comfortable to prepare – no priming or sanding needed.
  • Forms a waterproof coat finish
  • The coat is scratch-resistant and durable.
  • Comes with low VOC components – minimal pollution
  • More comfortable to apply with a roller or paintbrush
  • Requires one or two coats for a perfect finish
  • It’s affordable and won’t irritate your skin.
  • No thinning required


  • Comes in limited colors – it’s grey.
  • The package could be more for commercial application

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2. Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Retique is a modern tech cabinet paint that works for all types of furniture material. The active ingredients that come with the solvent allow direct application without drains or runs.

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, Retique is specially formulated with an instant action chemical structure that firmly sticks on the cabinet material without peeling or chipping.

Unlike other acrylic paints, Retique is water-based, fast-drying, and comes with zero volatile organic compounds – no pollution.

Further, Retique is more comfortable preparing and removing – it sticks sufficiently on a paintbrush or roller and gets removed with soapy detergent at ease.

The chalky smooth surface finish nicely seals edges and delivers unmatched durability – even with your quality HVLP paint sprayers

Retique won’t irritate your nasal cavity (virtually no odor) or skin upon contact. The non-toxic compound is manufactured in various beautiful colors (selectable) that look outstanding upon application.

The USA made solvent comes with self-leveling properties and provides a tough coat layer that is both waterproof and dust-resistant.

More so, you can use Retique on metal or laminated wood cabinet material without any problem.

NB: Retique is packed in a 946ml container that covers 100 to 160 square feet.


  • It’s available in multiple selectable colors.
  • Non-toxic and virtually no odor
  • Safe for direct skin contact – no irritation
  • Forms a tough, thick coat later – durable
  • Limited drain or runs – improved stickiness
  • Simple to prepare and remove
  • More comfortable to apply – no priming or sanding
  • Creates a smooth chalky finish
  • Has zero VOC components


  • Not transparent – solid coat
  • Unsuitable for large scale painting
  • Not suitable for wet cabinet material

3. INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet

INSL-X is a urethane acrylic satin specially manufactured to deliver a factory smooth finish on your primary cabinet material.

INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet Check Price on Amazon

The minimal drain properties integrated into chemical formulation eliminate runs during paint application. You may cover many wood stains or colors with no requirement for priming. 

By selecting INSL-X, you will enjoy extensive area coverage (350 – 450 square feet) and achieve hard coating that resists chipping, peeling, and scuffing on a single application.

Besides, INSL-X leaves a durable waterproof paint layer that resists dust, grease, and UV rays damage.

INSL-X integrates super adhesive additives that seal porous points and holes during cabinet paint restoration.

Unlike most acrylic paints, INSL-X guarantees unparalleled performance when used within a temperature range of  10 to 32 degrees.

Besides, the solvent is simple to prepare and apply. You won’t experience nasal irritation or skin discomfort when you come into contact with INSL-X.

The white satin compound is packed in a one-gallon container with a classic handle to ease transportation – highly portable.

With INSL-X, you don’t need to prime the surface or sand the cabinet material when painting – the paint can be applied directly. INSL-X painting errors can be cleaned with soap and water when still wet – no thinning required.


  • Packed in large quantity container – one gallon
  • Forms a harsh adhesive coat – waterproof
  • No priming or sanding during application
  • Durable and more comfortable to apply – elastic
  • Little peeling, scuffing or chipping on a single-layer coat.
  • Scratch-resistant and water-based active ingredients
  • Delivers factory finish coat – impressive
  • Odor-free and won’t cause skin irritation.
  • Fast-drying – takes 6 hours


  • Come in one color only – white.
  • The dried adhesive may take time to remove

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4. Hemway Black Chalk Based Furniture Paint

Hemway is a water-based decorative paint that features refined natural ingredients, which stick firmly on the cabinet material without drains or runs.

Hemway Black Chalk Based Furniture Paint  Check Price on Amazon

The low VOC compound comes with attractive colors (selectable) that make your kitchen cabinets stand out upon application – suitable for woodworking, metal, prime, or laminate cabinets. 

With Hemway, you will lower sanding/priming costs since the solvent requires a direct application.

Hemway is simple to prepare and clean – you can easily remove wet paint with soap and water. Moreover, challenges such as chipping, scuffing, or peeling can permanently be sorted by choosing Hemway for your cabinet paint application.

Besides, Hemway comes with wood additives that improve stickiness and leave a classic, smooth finish, both waterproof and dirt-resistant.

The low VOC solvent is non-toxic and won’t irritate your nasal cavity when inhale or cause skin discomfort upon contact.

Hemway guarantees top paint performance and comes with reliable monochrome stickiness strength that resists scratches or surface abrasive motion.

Indeed, you will love the smooth surface finish and fast-drying period (2 hours) that comes with Hemway – you can paint and use the cabinet that same day.

NB: Hemway can be used to coat metal, plaster, laminated wood, or plastic cabinet material without any challenge.


  • It’s simple to prepare and remove
  • Has high stickiness strength and low VOCs
  • Comes in an attractive color and smooth finish
  • Creates minimal surface drains or runs
  • Can be used on walls and all other furniture
  • Doesn’t need sanding or priming when painting
  • Dries fast and covers a wide area – 25 square meters


  • The package could be more for large scale.
  • Has few selectable colors

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5. KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Paint

If you intend to achieve a tough solid finish on your kitchen cabinets, choosing KILZ adhesive will deliver unmatched performance.

KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Paint Check Price on Amazon

The solvent is manufactured to eliminate paint peeling, scuffing, or chipping problems upon application.

Indeed, KILZ features a complex chemical structure that is self-activating upon contact with cabinet material.

The scratch and the abrasive stain will permanently be eliminated by selecting KILZ for your cabinet DIY painting or restoration.

KILZ comes with low volatile compounds that won’t cause respiratory irritation when inhale when painting.

You can apply KILZ directly on cabinets without sanding or any surface preparation and achieve an excellent surface finish.

The dense, glossy surface formed by the KILZ paint layer is dust and water-resistant. Indeed, the solvent is agitated with unique natural ingredients that improve stickiness and outlook appearance upon application.

KILZ dries in one hour and forms a permanent coat that protects the cabinet material from mildew and mold growth – best for a damp kitchen environment.

Further, KILZ is packed in a 946ml container that will cover approximately 300 square feet.


  • Leaves a smooth glossy surface finish – waterproof
  • More comfortable to prepare and apply
  • Non-toxic and doesn’t cause skin irritation.
  • Has improved stickiness strength – no scratches
  • Dries faster (1 hour) and mold resistant
  • Direct application – no sanding needed
  • Comes with a simple water-based formula


  • Not for extensive scale application – 946ml can
  • May need an extra coat – primer formula

6. RUST-OLEUM 258242 Base Cabinet Transformations Kit

Rust-Oleum features a dark tint base that coats the cabinet primary material firmly without peeling.

RUST-OLEUM 258242 Base Cabinet Transformations Kit Check Price on Amazon

You will restore or refurbish your old cabinet excellently by select Rust-Oleum as your number one base coating – it has refined ingredients and quality grain integration.

The base solvent is naturally agitated (to improve stickiness) and comes with a simple action formula that breaks instantly during painting.

Moreover, Rust-Oleum eliminates sanding and priming processes, thus lowering the overall cost with a single kit.

By selecting Rust-Oleum, you will enjoy limited chipping or scuffing and attain a stunning cabinet impression.

More so, Rust-Oleum guarantees you over ten tint-able colors with optional tinting to match your cabinet finish choice.

Rust-Oleum is formulated to improve drying time (fast drying) and extend the paint restoration period without overlooking overall appearance.

Further, the dark tint rendered by Rust-Oleum resists mold and mildew – you can comfortably cover cabinets located in a humid environment without any problem.

Rust-Oleum is reliable and comes in a large package that covers over 200 square feet. The solvent is packed in a base form that requires tinting to match your cabinet color before application.

You will love the stunning final finish and impressive match that Rust-Oleum delivers in your kitchen.


  • It’s budget-friendly and attractive.
  • Comes in multiple tint-able colors
  • Forms a classic outlook impression
  • Doesn’t require sanding or priming
  • Covers wide surface area – 200sq ft
  • It’s fast-drying and resists mold/mildew.
  • No peeling or scuffing upon use
  • It’s waterproof and resists dirt


  • Require tinting before application
  • A dried coat is tedious to clean

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7. Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint

Shabby Chic is a water-based chalk paint that features a simple chemical formulation, which breaks and spreads smoothly during application.

Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint Check Price on Amazon

The solvent integrates natural grains that improve surface stickiness and eliminates unnecessary drains/runs when painting.

By selecting Shabby Chic, you will enjoy improved service life (for cabinet) on a single application and excellent final finish – the solvent forms a smooth finish that is both attractive and abrasive resistant.

Moreover, Shabby Chic comes with low VOC compounds; thus, it won’t cause nasal irritation (when inhaled) or irritated your skin upon contact.

Indeed, Shabby Chic guarantees a permanent solution to peeling, chipping, or scuffing on a single application.

The non-toxic cabinet paint integrates beautiful, selectable colors that will resist fading and leave your kitchen cabinets attractive/stunning.

Further, Shabby Chic penetrates the cabinet material without affecting the primary surface grain during application.

With Shabby Chic, you will eliminate mildew or mold growth – the product is best for damp areas.

Furthermore, Shabby Chic is more comfortable to prepare and remove – paint errors can be cleaned using soapy detergent and water when still wet.

The chalk pigments integrated into Shabby Chic improves surface strength and resist dirt. Importantly, Shabby Chic can be used on wood, metal, composite, or plastic cabinet material without any problem.


  • Comes with simple chemical formula – more comfortable to apply
  • Has multiple selectable colors – attractive
  • It’s water-based and comes with refined chalk grains
  • Eliminates peeling and chipping on a single coat
  • Water-resistant and dirt proof
  • Doesn’t cause skin or respiratory irritation
  • Has low VOC components – environmentally safe
  • Improve stickiness and smooth surface finish
  • Extended service life and abrasion resistant-coat


  • Unsuitable for commercial application
  • Require surface preparation to improve stickiness
  • The container doesn’t have a handle

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The best paint for kitchen cabinets article is written as an eye-opener towards eliminating low-quality or wrong cabinet paint selection.

I believe you have gained a more in-depth insight into avoiding paint drains, chipping, or peeling of painted cabined by purchasing the best quality paint from the above reviews.

Remember, it’s always important to consider the extent of the area to be painted, the type of cabinet material, the prevailing climate of the area, and the intended finish color before placing your order.

Notably, go for a cabinet paint that is more comfortable to apply and one that won’t weigh you down financially.

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