7 Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2024

The best airless paint sprayer for cabinets or chalk paint for cabinets allows professional restoration of those furniture pieces.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

An airless sprayer is effectively better in painting your cabinets compared to using a paintbrush or rollers – its faster and more effective.

These sprayers are highly versatile with effective pressure regulation and you can use various tips for different liquid like latex or varnish.

s: 7 Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2024

1. Graco Ultra-Corded 17M359 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra-Corded 17M359 is a fast-drying, high-quality, and easy-to-use acrylic aerosol that’ll excellently work with OEM paint surfaces and airless DIY painting.


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Graco Ultra-Corded 17M359 is a great paint for late and current vehicle models on painting either the vehicle accessories of little vehicle touch-ups.

Graco Ultra-Corded 17M359 is easily repairable with all the parts being very readily fixable or replaceable. It’s great for painting Home Decor and Kitchen Cabinets.

My uncle purchased this airless sprayer and found it great for DIY painting including painting his kitchen cabinets for a fantastic and beautiful look.

The Airless Paint Sprayer is simple to use with the included instructions with tips like the 515 or the 312 tip that’s delivered with this model.

Further, this sprayer worked great for my Honda civic that has a clear coat that was peeling. The paint matched excellently with the car’s original paint – check their youtube channel.

But consider the humidity as they recommend using even under 70% humidity but this might not work. You may notice some powdery mist (white) on the surface – 64% is a better point.


  • Graco Ultra-Corded 17M359 gave me excellent and quality finish and an airless paint sprayer, it’ll give less noise.
  • So, I love it for home projects such as kitchen cabinets.
  • Gives a professional cabinet finish
  • Excellently repairable since you can replace or fix most of the paint sprayers


  • None

2. HomeRight 2800 C800879 Power Flo-Pro Airless Sprayer

HomeRight 2800 C800879 is excellent for painting large projects including on cabinets, decks, garages, fences, sheds, and your home’s exterior with a superior finish.


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HomeRight 2800 C800879 has the 1/2 HP motor that’ll give you a pressure of 2800 psi particularly with unthinned paint. The pressure control knob allows you better control of the paint flow.

The non-kink hose that about 25-foot long allows easy maneuvering and it can draw your paint from both 5 or 1-gallon containers. It’s suitable for various wood stains on your cabinet.

HomeRight 2800 C800879 allows faster spraying while doing it at a reduced cost. For your interior painting projects, you may adjust your sprayer’s pressure.

Further, you’ll find the airless sprayer will be easy to carry since it’s compact and lightweight. Further, for stability, the sprayer comes with rubber feet plus it has its suitable carrying handle.

HomeRight 2800 C800879 has a reversible tip that is made from metal – the 515 spraying Tip. This implies that the tip is sturdy and reliable besides being easy to clean.

It has an intake or suction tube that’s flexible to allow effective sucking of 0.24 gallons of paint every minute allowing the function of fluid from 5-gallon cans too.

In addition, the included drip cup will readily fit the return and intake tubes and thus won’t readily leave many paint marks in the movement process.

The sprayer has an inbuilt fine mesh filter that’ll get hold of the solid particles and thus will guarantee a refined and quality cabinet finish.


  • Versatile airless cabinet paint sprayer with its 0.015 tip size for both medium and light coatings working great for latex and acrylics paints
  • Offers 2800 psi from its ½-HP motor
  • Maximum hose, great motor strength, and amazing output
  • Easy to use by hobbyists and beginners
  • Has a stainless steel sprayer body that durable
  • Great stability than to the sprayer’s rubber feet
  • Awesomely adjustable add effective pressure
  • Easy cleaning with the reversible tip


  • None found

3. Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is powered by Lithium-Ion (DEWALT XR) and excellent spray tips (RAC X FFLP) and it’s really repairable allowing longer sprayer life.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is great for professional painters that are working on building exteriors or tears. This model is easy to control with adequate pressure moderation reducing overspray.

Further, on its performance, this Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is suitable for small jobs. It’s also very fast and thus it’ll cover your rooms with much ease.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is great for painting cabinets among other furniture items that require just a few passes to complete. It requires no cords or hoses and thus has excellent agility.

Further, I recommend this model for specialty painting projects including small exterior or interior work. This triax-piston pump plus the flex-Liner bag allows spraying at any angle.

The 1 Gallon per charge airless sprayer will easily spray liquids like plastic paints, mineral spirits, and water. You can use tips for uneven spray/ coating patterns.

The Flex-liner material cup will ensure that you get a less dirty painting or refilling for a suitably fine finish with its excellent product atomization.


  • The spray tip is super adjustable
  • Flexible due to being battery operated
  • Great for painting small jobs or projects including cabinets and furniture
  • Provides excellent efficiecy since its paint holder is flexible
  • Quick repair and its simple to use
  • The piston pump (Triax triple) is very durable
  • Sprayers won’r require paint thinning
  • Allows 2000 psi of continuous cabinet spraying


  • Not cheap

4. Graco-Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco-Magnum 262800-X5 is an excellent airless sprayers for your paints that offers excellent coverage and performance. You can adjust the paitiging pressure including with unthinned paint.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Graco-Magnum 262800-X5 has a Piston Pump made from quality Stainless Steel and thus great with unthimnnned paint with high pressure – including stains.

It’s approved for use by beginner painters to give an excellent finish. The sprayer’s RAC-IV Switch Tip allow continuous spraying and easy cleaning by simply reversing the tip.

The sprayers allow excellent flexibility since you can spray the paint directly from your 1- or 5-gallon paint bucket thanks to its suction tube that’s flexible.

With the folly adjustable sprayer pressure, you can easily spray the indoor surfaces. Further, it’ll readily cover cabinet, furniture, and other large painting projects.

Graco-Magnum 262800-X5 is simple to clean since you can simply link it to your garden hose (up to 75 feet) – making it great for outdoor and indoor painting.

The PowerFlush adapter in the spray enables easy connection to the garden hose and thus fully flush out the paint. The sprayer’s handle filter inbuilt and hence enables easy use.


  • USA-made durable Aireless sprayer
  • Easy to remove clogs with the sprayer’s reversible tip
  • Easy cleaning llaowed by the devoice’s PowerFlush adapter
  • Suction tube allow direct spraying from your 1- or 5-gallon paint bucket
  • No thinking required fpor the paint
  • Excellent agility with the long sprayer hose
  • Allow adjusting of painting pressure


  • None

5. VonHaus 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Plus Nozzle Extension

VonHaus 3000 PSI is a suitable airless paint sprayer that will easily paint even the whole house compared to other handheld sprayers. It allows quick-spraying and cleaning.

VonHaus 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Plus Nozzle Extension Check Price on Amazon

VonHaus 3000 PSI offers flawless results on painting your cabinets, furniture items, ceilings, or walls with great precision. You can use a spray tip gun that’s held about 10” to 14” from the cabinet.

The sprayer is suitable for spraying preservatives, stains, primers, varnishes, lacquers, enamels, latex paint sprayers and hence it’s highly versatile.

The 700W airless paint sprayer delivers excellent finishes when applied on the furniture, ceilings, and walls. The 24-feet hose allows painting on projects that are longer from the sprayer.

The sprayer hose will work well with different nozzle tips and hence it’ll be easy to cover different crevices and corners – which allow more freedom.

The VonHaus model allows excellent painting perfection with its great versatility. The 517 spray tip will give angular, curved, and flat paint coatings.

The DC motor powering this VonHaus airless prayer provides powerful and efficient power resulting in high-pressure. The HVLP sprayer has many spare pieces and its simple to clean.


  • Has many spare pieces with its simple to cleanup
  • The sprayer is versatile, and is a universal fit with a 24-feet hose
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent for various paint types


  • None

Sanding the Cabinets Prior to Painting

After cleaning the cabinet, you’ll require to sand these pieces of furniture. So, sand the cabinets lightly to remove any primer sticks you’ll find.

You’ll use sandpaper that’s a maximum of 150-grit when there’s no paint or sand. However, for cabinets with varnish, sand using sandpaper that’s 80-grit.

The sanding process will remove any imperfections, gouges, dings, scratches, or flaws that may affect the paint p[roject’s finish on the cabinet.

However, for deeper implications, you’ll need to use some cabinet wood filler that’ll also cover any wood grains. Finally, clean the surface using some wet lint-free fabric.

Priming your Kitchen Cabinets

Priming your kitchen cabinets will help produce superior bonds between the primer and the paint for smoother finishes and very durable colors. Check the bonding primer for cabinets.

You must start the beginning applying from the top while working your way down. You can use a roller or small brush to allow the surfaces of the cabinet to end up being smooth.

Further, consider primer matching since, for example, oil-based paints won’t mix with a latex primer. Primers will protect the cabinet surfaces from steam or humidity.


On the number of coating, I consider 2 coats of primer to be appropriate – as you check the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets and home furniture.

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