7 Best Fence Paints in in 2024

A fence is a complimentary part of our homes and a good home needs an equally beautiful fence. To have a beautiful fence – get the best fence paints that will not only add aesthetic value but also give it durability and longevity. Best Fence Paints

There are multiple factors to consider be for acquiring any paint including the type of fence, paint previously applied on the worn fence.

With millions of paint available globally, singling out the best also becomes a challenge and this article is here to help you narrow down your options and pick out the best based on your need and price tag. 

s: Top 7 Best Fence Paints – Exterior Wood Finish – 2024

1. Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer – Advanced Stain

On the paints for your fence, Deck Wood tops the list. Being a high-quality paint, it comes in a dark walnut color but also available in four other different tones.

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If your aim was to have an opaque finish, this is well captured by this paint. This paint also protects your fence from graying and fading as a result of prolonged exposure to UV light.

Besides, you fence will also be free from chipping and peeling and be durable despite exposure to the harsh weather.

Being a water-based paint, it also acts as a sealer on mahogany, lumber, cedar and any other wood – to improving the worth of the home.

Fortunately, this paint works quite well on vertical and horizontal surfaces and is easy to apply. Makes your surface is easy to wash with water and soap and you do not have to worry about your fence getting dirt.

Lastly, you can get this paint in 5 different colors with low VOCs, strong adhesion, and low odor for your wood surface, metal, masonry.


  • Prolongs the woods shelf life
  • Protects the timber against harsh weather
  • Works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Acts as sealer and paint
  • Low odor


  • It’s expensive

2. Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain

The beauty of a home is complemented by a well painted and designed fence – without paint peeling.

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Wood Defender as the name suggest not only defends you fence from the harsh UV light and other touch weather conditions but also maintains the beauty of you redwood and cedar wood.

It is easy to apply giving you an excellent transparent finish with an all-weather protection – wax or mildew.

Formulated with ultra-fine Trans-oxide particles, the defender gives you an oxide-brown surface while protecting your wood from peeling, graying fading or chipping.

You can be sure of its durability of your wooden fence upon application of this this stain and manufacturer’s gives you a warranty of 2 years.

Ultimately this paints work well on all kinds of woods but exhibits excellent feature on cedar and redwood by maintain their natural beauty – its semi-transparent.



  • Not economical for small fences

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3. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, 1-gallon

If you are used to customized brands, then KILZ is here for you. With more than 40 years of experience in paint production, you are guaranteed of quality products.

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, 1-gallon Check Price on Amazon

Kilz paint is more suitable for exterior surfaces because of its strong resistance on harsh weather. You can use it on all exterior surfaces including fences.

The water or oil-based formula ensures multipurpose use with excellent penetration and strong adhesion of this paint for drywall.

This not only offers protection against fading, peeling or even cracking but ensures your wood has long shelf life.

Regarding the efficiency, this past is fast drying taking about 3 hours to dry and touch.

However, if you are planning on doing a recoat, you are advised to do it in approximately 6-8 hours or better results.

Before carrying out any painting, clean the surface well and remove any loose painting, loose wood chips or any other dirt.

Equally, you can use your paint brush or roller or a sprayer to apply and achieve a smooth colored surface.

One gallon of this paint covers approximately 200-500 square ft. depending on the paint porosity.


  • It is versatile and used on many surface
  • Dries fast
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant surface
  • Has excellent coverage


  • None found

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4. Flood Series FLD520-01, Cedar 275 VOC

The long search for a good quality paint that delivers excellent performance is over with Flood Series delivering exactly what you need.

Flood Series FLD520-01, Cedar 275 VOC Check Price on Amazon

In case of your have weathered wood, this paint will revitalize it and give it a new look – considering the porosity of your wood, the paint’s coverage is varaible.

This stain delivers a deep penetration into wooden fence forming a coat that gives it longer shelf life.

After application, this stain prevent the wood from peeling out, cracking or fragmenting even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

This paint is equally easy to apply and you can use a brush or a roller during application.

Apart from extending the shelf-life of your wood, it also resist mildew, moisture, UV light among others that may destroy your timber by wood bloating.

You can get this stain at affordable price and a gallon covers an average of 250 square ft.


  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Has UV light resistant ability
  • Durable
  • Good on weathered wood
  • Environmental friendly


  • Packaging not realistic for small fences

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5. DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain, 1 Gallon

Defy extreme is one of the few water-based quality paints designed with innovative technologies, great for repainting your old surface including the ceiling.

DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain, 1 Gallon Check Price on Amazon

Built with a zinc nano-particle formula, this paint protects your fence from UV light through deep penetration and formation of a reflective layer that equally prevents graying and darkening of your fence.

Coincidentally, this paint also protects your fence from mildew and molds while maintaining its natural looks for up to four seasons.

You can use defy to stain surfaces like wood decks, furniture, play sets among others within your homestead.

Being environmental friendly stain, it has complied with 250 VOCs regulation and can be sold in all parts of the United States except California.

It is also cost friendly and a gallon has a wide coverage as compared to other similar stains. You can use a paint brush, a roller or a sprayer to apply it on the desired surface.


  • Easy to use
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cost friendly
  • Has deep penetration
  • Harsh weather resistant
  • Designed with zinc nano particles


  • None found

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6. Ready Seal 510 Exterior Stain and Sealer, 5-Gallon

Ready seal is a combination of oil based translucent stain and a sealer specially designed for your outdoor wood jobs – proper for wood.

Ready Seal 510 Exterior Stain and Sealer, 5-Gallon Check Price on Amazon

Such jobs include but not limited to fences decks, wood siding, and patios among others. If you are into DIY or a professional, you will definitely like this excellent product.

What is amazing about this paint is that it is simple to apply and you can use either a brush, a roller or a sprayer.

After its application, ready seal forms a protective seal that prevents moisture penetration and therefore prevents molds formation and other destructive elements.

Unlike other paints, ready seal does not need a wet –liner before application. However, do not apply this stain where a seal or paint was previously applied as this will inhibit this paints penetration.

Interestingly, this stain is not limited to temperatures and can be applied at any time of the day.

You can also save time by applying this stain because it is fast drying and no priming is required prior to painting with paint product.

At first, when applied this paint exhibits a dark color but slowly regains it natural color within 14 days of application.

You can get this paint in a variety of colors and mostly packaged in a 5 liter gallon.


  • Fast drying
  • UV light resistant
  • Easy application including on concrete
  • Easy to wash surface
  • No priming needed


  • None found

7. Fence Post Paint, 5GAL

Fence Post is a water-based paint that is designed for wooden fences with a black coating that creates resistance for rotting and decaying – Valspar Barn an Oil.

Fence Post Paint, 5GAL Check Price on Amazon

This paint is unique in the sense that it has an insect repellant feature that protects the wood from attack by insects thereby prolonging its shelf life.

Apart from that, this paint has rust-proof features and you can use it also on metal surfaces like pipes, tanks among others to control corrosion. 

It has deep penetration on the wood and forms a layer that inhibits water penetration thus preventing decay and rotting.

You can apply this paint using a paint brush or a roller to achieve the desired surface with a gallon covering between 75-80 square ft. on wood and average of 100 square ft. on metals

If you would like to have paint that saves you the cost of constantly replacing your wooden fences, then this is it – beautify the fences.


  • Gives an insect-resistant feature
  • Can also be used on metals
  • Prolongs woods shelf life
  • Has deep penetration


  • Cannot be sprayed
  • Not economical for small projects

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The above outline of the best fence paints, gives a head start for the selection of paint based on your needs.

  • However, I have a few recommendations to help you narrow down on your choices.
  • For the top rank paint goes to Ready Seal 510 Exterior Stain and Sealer, 5-Gallon. No primer is required and it has deep penetration and achieves it true color within 14 days.

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