7 Best Paint for Brake Calipers in 2024

If you are the type of car owner who likes to go all out when it comes to looks, painting your best brake calipers is a great place to start even without fixing additional accessories

Best Paint for Brake Calipers

Caliper brake painting is a cheaper and simpler alternative to change your car’s color and differentiate it from thousands of other models on the road.

The caliper paint should be tough enough to withstand high temperatures and harsh weather elements and road conditions while retaining their appearance over time. 

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s: Top 7 Best Paint for Brake Calipers in 2024

1. Dupli-Color BCP400 Single red Caliper Paint

This unit features an advanced acrylic enamel formula, which provides endless customization for your brake calipers easier because it is resistant to brake dust, chipping, and other chemicals.

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In particular, the ceramic resin compound utilized in this unit can withstand temperatures above 500◦C. Coming in a wide range of colors, this unit guarantees a fast-drying and durable finish.

This is a straightforward application solution for DIYers, which only requires you to sand the surface to eliminate rust. For best results, clean with wax, paint, and grease remover.

With a touch to dry time of 20 minutes, this is an excellent choice for car owners looking for a quick fix on the go. A re-coat time of 4 hours and a cure time of 72 hours is all you need to get back on the road.

This paint comes with a 12 Oz aerosol option when the wheels are removed or a brush on it to use when the calipers are still fitted. The paint kit includes a paintbrush, stirring rod, masking tape, caliper paint pint, and a detailed instructional manual.


  • Rich color finish
  • Minimal preparation needed
  • Great coverage


  • None found

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2. Rust-Oleum rust preventive Caliper Paint

This coating combines durability and dependable performance in hard braking conditions, thanks to its capacity to resist the heat of up to 900◦C.

Rust-Oleum rust preventive Caliper Paint Check Price on Amazon

This unit is easy to use with the calipers still installed if you are looking for an application capable of reaching different angles.  This feature also allows you to reach difficult to reach crevices.

This is an environmentally friendly option made of organic compounds free of organic chemicals looking for a sustainable solution. The paint is highly durable, while its penetrating formula guarantees excellent sealing performance when subjected to the harshest road conditions.

The paint kit includes the caliper paint, stirring stick, painting tape, cleaner, and paintbrush coming in different color variants. Since the kit integrates everything you need in one place, you won’t have to go running around town searching for the other tools.

Every new application of Rust-Oleum caliper paint guarantees protection from rust and oxidation. This is undoubtedly the all in one protection formula for your rotors and drums.

Additionally, this paint provides excellent value for money by providing excellent coverage on a budget. A single unit will cover all four calipers with no hassles.


  • Easy application
  • Highly durable
  • Unrivalled heat and dust resistance


  • Some color variants differ from what is advertised

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3. VHT SP73 red brake caliper aerosol paint

This VHT edition is specifically designed to custom detail all brake components while withstanding temperatures of up to 482◦C.

VHT SP73 red brake caliper aerosol paint Check Price on Amazon

The high-temperature resistance, in particular, makes it a safe option for high-performance cars. Besides, this paint will not chip away, fade, or crack even under extreme driving conditions.

With this buy, you don’t have to blow your budget to get high-performance calipers. Application is now easier with integrating the patented EZ Touch conical nozzle, which delivers a fast-drying and lasting performance.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends preparing the surface carefully. This paint comes in 9 different color variants if you look for a unique look compared to competitor value package offerings.

No special tools are needed for application, but it is highly advisable to cover the surrounding areas to ensure that it is contained in the intended areas.

The VHT SP731 emits a subtle solvent smell and will not irritate the user’s nose during application. For best results, apply several coatings: two light coatings, a medium coating, and a finishing top coat.

What’s more? This caliper paint cures in merely 30 minutes, making it the perfect pick for motorists looking for a quick fix.


  • Wide color variety
  • Fast curing
  • Affordably priced


  • None

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4. Hycote Caliper High Gloss paint

Hycote prides itself on providing the perfect finish, as evidenced by its wide range of paint coatings and other maintenance products since it was founded in 1982.

The company’s range of products is synonymous with quality, guaranteed through accelerated laboratory testing to give professional results.

This Hycote edition delivers a bright finish to your calipers while covering all hard to reach crevices. It also offers resistance to UV rays while preventing fading.

This affordably priced option comes in red or blue, delivering a unique look capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 100◦C. The corrosion resistance offered by this unit makes it a suitable pick for extreme weather conditions.

This edition utilizes an acrylic formulation to retain the perfect look on your vehicle. This unit is manufactured using high-quality technology at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The manufacturer utilizes the highest scientific standards passed through quality test laboratories. This challenging and versatile paint adheres to all types of calipers for both standard and customized rims.

Hycote caliper paint comes in a 400ml can, which provides sufficient coverage.


  • Fast-drying formula
  • Dependable weather-resistant performance
  • Value priced
  • Easy to apply


  • Only comes in two color variants

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5. Brake Caliper Lacquer Set

The Lacquer Calipers are designed to give your vehicle a sporty and highly personalized look. This unit permanently seals and preserves the caliper surface, thanks to its chemical, oil, and corrosion-resistant features.

In addition to providing a glossy finish, these calipers are easy to clean. The Lacquer Neon edition is the perfect pick for motorists looking for intense luminosity.

This paint offers a decent heat resistance (up to 300◦C) and presents as an integrated solution for car enthusiasts looking for above-average performance.

The application is now more comfortable since you do not have to take your wheel hub apart to reach all areas. You get the excellent value of money with every purchase of a 400ml aerosol can, which covers all four calipers sufficiently.

The Lacquer Brake Caliper set includes a 400ml aerosol paint can, 50 ml hardener, two brushes, a pair of disposable gloves, and a spatula. To prepare the surface, scrub the calipers with the included steel brush and cleaner.

For best results, use the spatula to mix the paint with a hardening agent. Brush application, in particular, gives you a simple and precise application – just like with the paint stripper for metals.


  • Glossy finish
  • Fully integrated paint kit
  • Oil and chemical resistant


  • None found

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6. E-Tech Brake Caliper Paint Kit

This one-part paint system offers a range of 16 colors to choose from if you are looking for the versatility of choice.

Other best-selling features of this product are its ease of application, fast-drying performance, and long-lasting luster look for your calipers. Besides, this brand allows you to reseal the paint to preserve it for future applications.

No mixing is required with this purchase, including a 250ml paint can, 500ml aerosol cleaner, and brush. Besides, no hardeners are required with the E-Tech brake caliper set, allowing you to achieve a decent performance with no mess.

The cleaning brush is scratch resistance and specially designed for all metallic caliper surfaces. In addition to its ease of application, you are guaranteed a durable and high-quality finish with this buy.

The paint operates within the temperature range of 220◦C if you are looking for above-average performance. No matter what you throw at it, this paint will perform excellently whether exposed to dirt, oil, car fluids, or road salt.

Its fast-drying action and high gloss finish are other critical buying considerations that set the E-tech brake caliper paint set apart from its competitors.


  • Wide color variety
  • Easy to prepare and apply
  • Lasting glossy look


  • Relatively pricey

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7. G2 brake caliper paint system set

If you are looking for a top of the line brake caliper paint system, G2 is one of the most complete and easy to apply solutions.

G2 brake caliper paint system set Check Price on Amazon

The G2 caliper paint system is one of the most sought out products because it adds the element of custom style to your vehicle. It presents as an excellent solution for DIYers looking to match the caliper paint to the car’s paint job.

This all-inclusive package allows you to perform inexpensive modifications to your calipers without blowing your budget.  The G2 caliper paint set can withstand temperatures exceeding 980◦F, making it one of the most heat resistant products in our featured list.

This highly durable paint helps protects your calipers from extreme weather conditions thanks to its heavy-duty features. Besides providing aesthetic appeal, this paint also offers unmatched chemical and physical protection to your calipers.

This two-part paint is easy to apply if you are a DIYer looking to achieve that styling touch from the garage

Coming in a range of 11 attractive colors featuring standard, high gloss and water resistant offerings, there is a wide range to choose from for every application and style.


  • USA made (Locally available)
  • All-inclusive painting kit
  • Unmatched heat resistance


  • Relatively expensive

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Our featured list caters to all your needs whether you are looking for versatile color options, unmatched protection, high heat resistance or affordably priced brake caliper paints.

Based on our review, we recommend the G2 caliper paint system due to its unrivaled heat resistance and the fact it is one of the market’s complete sets.

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