7 Best Epoxy Spray Paint in 2024

The Best Epoxy Spray Paint should be capable of extending the lifespan of your surfaces and leave them looking glossy. You can protect the fiberglass from chemicals, corrosion, and rust
Best Epoxy Spray Paint

Our picks are the best in the market based on their permeability chemical resistance, bond strength, and longevity. 

Read on if you are concerned about keeping moisture, heat, and harmful chemicals away from your porcelain and fiberglass surfaces

s: Top 7 Best Epoxy Spray Paint in 2024

1. Rust-Oleum 7887830 Epoxy Stainless Steel Spray

This edition from Rust-Oleum features a hardened and water-resistant enamel specialty epoxy paint specially designed for interior metal surfaces.

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This is the ultimate pick for homeowners looking to maintain a smooth and washable surface on their metal appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, cabinets, and laundry machines.

The best-selling features of this paint are its unmatched scratch and moisture resistance. It works for basement walls, countertops, decks, and floors – excellent bond strength, low porosity, and durability. 

This product comes in a 12 oz. Aerosol, whose coverage (7 sq. ft per can) provides excellent results, leaving your surfaces looking and feeling like the original finish.

If you are looking for an epoxy spray capable of retaining your interior surfaces’ original color, this cost-friendly alternative is the go-to choice.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends applying at the temperature range of 50-90◦F. This product features a limited curing time of 5-9 hours to handle.

Because this product is moisture-cured, 50% relative humidity is needed to achieve the best results.

The spray application feature is highly suited for metallic surfaces in maintaining the original feel – it’ll effectively update your bathrooms


  • Tough and durable performance
  • Unmatched scratch resistance
  • Washable


  • VOC based and a threat to the environment

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2. VHT Epoxy SP650 all-weather coating

This is a one-step-process epoxy painting that allows you to apply without priming the surface. This specially formulated product delivers a porcelain-like finish to your surfaces.

VHT Epoxy SP650 all-weather coating Check Price on Amazon

This product will offer unmatched resistance from chemicals, corrosion, salt, and rust. This is the best pick for unmatched quality and all-weather protection for a wide range of surfaces.

This VHT product caters to your various needs by delivering a satin or gloss finish. It is ideal for users looking for the appearance and durability of a baked-on finish.

You get a wide range of versatility from utilizing this product, which can be applied on auto suspension, shafts, brackets, and tools. The epoxy coating will prevent peeling, depreciation, and creaking. 

With the fast-drying performance provided by this unit and the fact that no curing is needed, it the go-to choice for professionals and DIYers looking for a quick solution on the go.

It dries to touch in half an hour and adheres entirely in 24 hours. The self-priming formula utilized in this pick delivers porcelain-like hardness and a durable finish.

The ceramic resin formulation utilized in this product allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 250◦F. It won’t mix well with acrylic-based paints


  • EZ touch conical nozzle reduces fatigue.
  • High-performance epoxy spray
  • Budget friendly


  • Adequate surface preparation is needed

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3. Krylon K03207000 Appliance Epoxy Gloss

This gloss spray paint is the ideal pick for homeowners looking to restore the look of their old appliances by maintaining them in mint condition.

Krylon K03207000 Appliance Epoxy Gloss Check Price on Amazon

The ease of application utilized by this product makes it a perfect pick if you want to achieve a new-like finish on aging surfaces in minutes, even with flooring repairs

The Krylon Epoxy Gloss stands up to stains, grease, and grime, making it the go-to choice for refrigerators, washing machines, and cookers.

This epoxy appliance is washable, making it the perfect pick for a wide range of indoor use, from office or rejuvenating kitchen cabinets to laundry appliances to kitchen surfaces. 

Each 12 Oz. aerosol can provide a 25 sq. ft coverage, which makes it a decent choice for single use.

Besides, this Krylon edition gives you one of the fastest drying performance in the market. It dries to touch in thirty minutes and completely in a mere 2 hours.

The ideal temperature range for application is 50-85◦F. The epoxy spray is scrubbable and colorfast if you are concerned about fading and ease of cleaning.


  • Resistant to stains
  • Unmatched drying time
  • Universal use


  • None found

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4. Spray Max 3680034 2K Epoxy rust cure aerosol

This product offers unmatched protection from rust while providing maximum adhesion on exposed metals – it’s slip-resistant and exceeds the ASTM requirements

Spray Max 3680034 2K Epoxy rust cure aerosol Check Price on Amazon

The innovative packaging utilized in this product is specially designed to yield more, work faster, and achieve a larger spray pattern than conventional products.

Its high transfer efficiency and atomization rate during spraying can be likened to a conventional spray gun – it will work well with your household appliances plus wooden materials.

The 2K epoxy primer offers unmatched adhesion rust protection on a wide range of surfaces such as fiberglass, galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, and non-ferrous metal.

It adheres to all metal surfaces. Vigorous shaking of the can is recommended to activate the product. Attaching the red button on the cap to the pin on the can’s bottom activates the product.

With this product, adequate surface preparation is needed for the best results. The manufacturer recommends using high-quality grease and wax remover before priming.

For best results, apply 2-3 coatings and allow 5-10 minutes between applications. Allow for dry for a minimum of 2 hours and sand gently with sandpaper before applying another primer.


  • Unmatched transfer efficiency and atomization
  • Broad spray pattern
  • Easy to apply


  • None

5. PlastiKote T-1 General Purpose T-1 Gloss Premium Enamel Paint

This one of the most versatile epoxy paints on the market is ideal for indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications. It’s loved by professional painters and DIYers -for being safe. 

PlastiKote T-1 General Purpose T-1 Gloss Premium Enamel Paint Check Price on Amazon

The T-1 Gloss Enamel paint is tough, highly durable, and resistant to scratches and mildew. What’s more? This Platikote edition is UV and water-resistant and will not fade when exposed to the elements.

This is a high-performance and durable option which yields a strong and intense color finish no matter what you throw at it.

This Plastikote edition works effectively on wood, metal, or fiberglass to deliver high-gloss protection with minimal effort. The level of protection provided by this enamel paint sets it apart from its competitors.

This is the go-to pick if you are looking for superior protection from scratches, abrasion, water damage, and intense sunlight.

It is one of the strongest and durable color options in the market and will keep your painted surfaces looking fresh and glossy for a long. With this product, minimal maintenance is needed.

The fast drying performance provided by this unit also delivers a beautiful and high gloss finish.


  • Highly versatile
  • Durable performance
  • UV resistant


  • Relatively pricey


Epoxy spray paints present an excellent alternative for applying even coats on different surfaces, allowing it to transform dull and plain surfaces into vibrant colors in seconds without worrying about the hassles of uneven brush strokes.

Our comprehensive guide on the best epoxy sprays caters to your different needs if you are just getting acquainted, including painting bathroom cabinets

Based on our featured list, the editor’s choice is the Spray Max 3680034 2K Epoxy rust cure aerosol because it is specially designed to yield more, work faster, and achieve a broader spray pattern compared to rival products.

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