7 Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling to Prevent Mold 2024

Did you stop by to read through this content because you are desperately looking for the best paint for the bathroom ceiling to prevent mold?

Mold thrives on moist surfaces, especially in places with inadequate ventilation, making your bathroom ceiling a fertile breeding area for it. Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling to Prevent Mold

Unfortunately, you cannot just apply any paint, say the water-based type, and expect to eradicate it because some regular water-based paints provide food for these fungi in the long run.

I have labored to give you a list of paints that will solve the mold problem and turn your bathroom into a place you will want to spend a little more time.

s: 7 Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling to Prevent Mold 2024

1. Modern-Masters ME200-GAL Bathroom-Ceiling Metallic Paint 

The Modern-Masters ME200 is arguably the most suitable paint for interior surfaces, especially ceilings and walls.

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No one wants to coat their bathroom with paint that will keep smelling for days because it is unhealthy.

For that reason, this product is designed on a water-based formula with little or no odor at all.

More importantly, it has very minimal Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning, unlike some crude paints, no harmful carbon substance will vaporize through off-gassing to poison the air in your house.

It is infused with real metallic particles that provide a unique near-opaque satin finish that resists fading. The manufacture’s obsession with metallic finishes has elevated this item to a leading position among water-based metallic paints.

More excitingly, you will realize that it only features the real metal particles and combines the traditional color pigments and pearlescent to deliver a beautiful palette of gleaming colors.

Most likely, you do not have an extra bathroom, meaning the paint you choose must dry in record time so that your family may continue using the unit. Amazingly, the Masters ME200 takes only thirty minutes to dry to the touch.


  • Low odor
  • Low volatile organic compounds
  • Dries really fast


  • Questions have been raised about its metallic content.

2. KILZ Restoration Maximum Stain and Odor Blocker

The KILZ restoration is one of the most exotic bathroom ceiling paints developed using cutting-edge technology.

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It is formulated to perform a triple function as a water-base primer, stain blocker, and sealer. What’s more, it is designed to work like an oil-based paint.

This means it can tackle the stubbornest ceiling stains, including extensive water damage, smoke, grease, and nicotine. KILZ can also tackle rust, ink, felt marker, and pet stains most effectively.

Apart from the ceiling, you can comfortably apply it to other interior surfaces like ceramic tile, masonry, brick, painted metal, drywall, wood, and stucco. For the best outcomes, ensure that these surfaces are free of any dust, peeling paint, mold, grease, and other stains before you apply.

Application is easy since all you need is a properly mixed solution, a roller, airless sprayer, or the regular paintbrush. One gallon can cover between 300 -400 sq ft.


  • It tackles stubborn stains.
  • Diffuses smoke and other nasty odors
  • It dries up pretty fast.


  • Some surfaces have to be thoroughly cleaned before application.

3. Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer Quart 

The Rust-Oleum 276087 is a ceiling protective primer that comes with a clinical formulation to kill and eliminate fungi, mildew, mold, moss, and many other forms of odor-causing bacteria.

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Its mold killing ability is lethal to the extent that no fungal organism can infiltrate its coverage. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problems with mold, then this product has your lasting solution.

If you or any family member is allergic to harsh paint smells, then this is what you need because it emits minimal and harmless amounts of odor. What’s more, it gives you a water-based coating that is easy to clean using soap and water.

One gallon covers approximately 160 sq ft, and perhaps more exciting is that it dries up to the touch in just thirty minutes. You can comfortably apply the next coat in an hour, which is good news for users who want the job done urgently.

Rust-Oleum 276087 works well with whatever topcoat you have, although it is better aligned for use with ZINSSER perma-white.


  • Applies well on metals and masonry
  • Eliminates molds completely
  • It is easy to apply and clean.


  • Mixing may pose a challenge

4. Rust-Oleum 2774 Zinsser Interior Paint 

The Rust-Oleum 2774 Zinsser ranks among the most durable ceiling paints because it has proven capable of keeping molds at bay for over five years.

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It thrives on a self-priming formula that doesn’t require any sanding at all.

It gives you a finish that is not only washable but scrubbable as well. This makes it ideal for basements and bathrooms because all you need for the cleaning is soap plus water.

You will also appreciate the mildewcide inclusion that goes to great lengths to fend off mildew and mold the paint film. Additionally, Rust-Oleum 2774 Zinsser ensures that no moisture or dirt forms on the film coating.

Besides immunizing the areas that are susceptible to moisture, it also enhances the surface significantly.

Thankfully, you can find the product in many colors, something that gives you the freedom to choose the color that best suits your unit. You can, for example, get it in medium colors, off-white, pastel, and tintable.


  • It a low odor water-based paint
  • It resists fading
  • Resists cracking


  • You may have to wait for 24hrs before engaging your bathroom again.

5. Zinsser- Perma-White Mold and Mildew-Proof Satin

In case you have a larger family, it also means that your bathroom is a busy room.

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Therefore, you need the unit painted with a product that is not only durable but easy to clean. Zinsser- Perma -White happens to be that paint.

You only need soap and water to carry out an effortless cleaning job, and another encouraging quality about Zinsser is that it does not release any Volatile Organic Compounds at all.

This means that your family is in safe hands because none of them will be exposed to the poisonous VOC fumes that are consistent with some paints.

Additionally, the dry paint film is formulated to resist all forms of mildew, moisture, and dirt. This makes Zinsser the most suitable paint for your bathroom and any other rooms that are potentially exposed to humidity.

One other thing that you will like about this product is the affordable cost. It is cheap yet quality enough to service personal and professional projects that you may have.

You will be glad to realize that its white finish is consistent with new ceiling tiles and other painted ceilings. Its self-priming coat is scrubbable, and it dries under twenty minutes if you enhance ventilation by opening windows.


  • It dries pretty fast.
  • It is taintable
  • Cleaning is easy


  • Concerns have been raised about packaging

6. Paint-Guard Mold Deterrence Additive

Those who have used this primer have an endless list of good things to say about it. First, this mold deterrence additive easily mixes with water-based paints without affecting its texture or color.

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More encouraging is that this product has been ratified as a safe, non-toxic mold protection substance by the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that your family can use the bathroom, rest assured that they are safe.

Unlike some paints, the mold deterrence additive doesn’t contain ammonia, which explains why it is odorless yet can neutralize the odor-causing bacteria.

And in case your house was built on a wet and damp foundation, you should leverage this product to mitigate the risk of flood induced in-house fungi.

Remember, all houses built upon such soils must experience the mold problem at some point.

The additive has proven to lengthen the paint lifespan and demonstrated effectiveness in combating mold growth on ceilings and walls.


  • It doesn’t contain ammonia.
  • Application is relatively easy.
  • It is safe for your family.


  • May dilute the paint if mixed wrongly.

7. KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint

There is something unique about this paint that is hard to ignore. It is formulated with a sense of automation to detect and highlight the areas that require an additional coat.

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KILZ is formulated with a rare blend of stain-blocking technology and a dry-time indicator to consolidate its instant and long-term effect.

Besides other beautiful properties, the product is designed with a spatter- resistant formula to make your painting into a seamlessly enjoyable feat. This, combined with the low odor and Volatile Organic Compounds, makes it ideal for any room.

It dries to the touch after one hour and takes a recoat after two hours. While you may need to undertake several coats to hide the stains, the final result is always excellent. And for total stain-blocking, the manufacture recommends a recoat after four hours.

Application is easy as all you need is a quality brush, a nap roller, or paint sprayer.  One gallon covers roughly 250 square feet on porous surfaces, but it can stretch up to 400 square feet on a smooth surface.


  • It changes color to highlight defects
  • Works well on both textured and smooth surfaces
  • Low odor


  • The white paint may turn yellow after some time.


If your house foundation or the general surrounding environment is humid, you will fight unending battles with mold and other growths that thrive in damp and wet conditions.

These are not only hygienic but pose a risk of causing infections as well. I hope the above list has made it easier for you to find the best paint for the bathroom ceiling to prevent mold.

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