7 Best Chemical Paint Remover for Wood 2024

Better preparation of your surface for paintwork is as vital as the paintwork itself, and therefore choosing the best chemical paint remover for wood should be considered an important activity. Best Chemical Paint Remover for Wood

Consequently, the quality of the products and user safety should be a priority and proper knowledge of your paints’ importance.  

Below are the best paint removers to give you a clean surface ready for a recoat or painting and equally help you make an informed decision. See Also: Exterior wood Paint to prevent chip, fade, and rot. 

s: Top 7 Best Chemical Paint Remover for Wood in 2024

1. Sunnyside Corporation, 65664-Paint & Varnish Remover

One of the most unique and environmentally friendly paint removers is here. It is designed with user safety in mind and has zero toxins and no methylene chloride or NMP.

Sunnyside Corporation, 65664-Paint & Varnish Remover Check Price on Amazon

With this remover, you only need 30 minutes to have your paint removed from the surface, making it among the fast and reliable paint removers available.

A single coat of Sunnyside-65664 removes up to 3 layers of coatings at-a-time. It removes water-based, oil-based paint coatings and others, stains, varnishes, urethanes, among others.

Ultimately you can have a surface easy to clean with soap and water. In case of an indoor activity, Sunnyside-65664 is odorless and fumeless and guarantees you comfort to carry out the paint removal job.

It has become one of the most sorts after remover for its reliability and efficiency to remove paint without causing damage to the surface below.

Its multipurpose ability to remove paint and stains also extends to concrete decks and can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Fast in removing paints
  • Environmental friendly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suitable for water and oil-based stains.


  • Not recommendable for plastics

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2. Citristrip-QCSG801 Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel

Citristrip gel is a well-formulated vanish and paint remover that constitutes Benzyl Alcohol & surfactant as the compound responsible for removing paints and vanishes.

Best Chemical Paint Remover for Wood Check Price on Amazon

All you need to do is apply the gel and leave it for about 24 hours, and the results on oil and latex/acrylic finish, shellac, lacquer, and polyurethane will be just amazing. 

Unlike other paint stripers, this remover is free of NMP and methylene chloride, making it safe. Citristrip gel is easy to use with minimal scrubbing required. 

Citristrip gel is designed with stickiness and thickness that enables it to adhere to surfaces and penetrates well on all kinds of paints. The coat won’t cause chipping, fading, start peeling

The citrus scent equally produces fumes that call for outdoor use. However, for indoor use, ensure the room is well ventilated from the windows and the doors.

Applying this gel needs gloves and possibly respirators to avoid contact with the skin in indoor application.


  • Easy penetration on surfaces
  • Easy to wash like pressure-treated wood
  • Adheres to multiple surfaces
  • Clears all kinds of paints


  • Irritates skin in case of contact

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3. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Advanced Paint Remover

Dumond-3301 is a thick water-based paint remover that is an environmental element designed to make your work easy and efficient. Through a single application, you can remove multiple layers of paint from your surface.

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Advanced Paint Remover Check Price on Amazon

It is recommendable on surfaces such as wood, concrete fiberglass, stones, among others.

Consequently, you can use Dumond-3301 to safely remove lead-based paints that are known to be very harmful.

Alternative methods like sanding and dusting or even heating methods used to remove this compound are harmful.

Interestingly this compound is odorless and rarely has irritation on the skin, and application can be made using a brush or a roller to achieve the best results.

It can also be sprayed using a commercial sprayer and therefore considered safe for use both for indoor and outdoor paint-removal joI recommend

For the best resend after spraying, you leave the remover to work overnight to achieve maximum effectiveness.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Odorless
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Used to safely remove lead compounds


  • No deep penetration

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4. EcoFast Gel Heavy Duty Paint Remover

EcoFast Paint Remover comes in two forms; either as a gel or in liquid form. It has a neutral pH and is highly recommended for metals, painted wood surfaces, concrete, and plastics.

EcoFast Gel Heavy Duty Paint Remover Check Price on Amazon

Being environmentally friendly, this remover is non-toxic and does not contain methylene chloride or any other harmful chemicals to the

EcoFast saves water-soluble, and you can mix it in water to form a solution that can be used to clean minor stains, label adhesives heel marks,s or even glue residues.

It is equally vicious and has a high penetrating effect than other similar solvents.

This remover’s efficacy is through the breaking of bonds whenever applied to any stain coating or paint.

Using these removers indoors is safe since it’s odorless and no toxic fumes are emitted. It is equally non-flammable and non-combustible, and therefore safety concerns are well taken care of.

Interestingly, you can also use this remover even on plastics without harm and efficiently allows easy cleaning of surfaces.


  • Environmental friendly
  • High penetrating
  • Non-flammable
  • Odorless


  • Not economical for small projects

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5. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332-Advanced Paint Remover

Dumond Inc. 3332 is a water-based paint remover designed with a 100% biodegradable formula.

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332-Advanced Paint Remover Check Price on Amazon

This remover is environmental friendly and has no VOCs or methylene chloride and also considered non-carcinogenic.

If you have a surface with multiple layers of paints, this remover will efficiently remove them for you.

Additionally, its neutral pH can remove paint on nearly all surfaces like water-based, oil-based, concrete, bricks, metals, stones, plastics, and fiberglass wood. Its application is easy as you can use a roller, a brush, or even a sprayer.

Being among the best user-friendly paint removers, Dumond Inc. 3332 is nonflammable and can be used on outdoor and indoor activities.

After the clean-up activity, it has an easy to clean element with the waste being safe for easy disposal.


  • Environmental friendly
  • No VOCs and methylene chloride
  • Cleans multiple layers
  • Non-flammable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Easy to clean surface


  • Takes time to clean

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6. MAX Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper

If you are looking for a safe and suitable alternative for removing paint and varnish on wood, this is the right chemical for you.

MAX Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper Check Price on Amazon

It is environmentally friendly with no emission of harmful chemicals like methylene chloride and NMP.

Consequently, it has a gentle touch on many surfaces, antique wood, and metals, removing any paint from them. However, practice caution in case of contact with plastics-it is highly reactive.

The Max Strip does not produce harmful fumes but instead has fragrance when applied on surfaces making it suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

However, it is paramount to have proper ventilation during any indoor surface work. You can use sandpaper that’s 220 grits to 320 grits – remove all sand dust

It is gentle on the skin and suitable for both professional and home use, and thereby no protective clothing is required during its application.


  • Used on both indoors and outdoors
  • Environmental friendly
  • Gentle on skin
  • No fumes
  • Pleasant smell


  • Not suitable for plastic

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7. Sunnyside-65732A Multi-Strip Paint & Varnish Remover

If you a professional paint stripper who needs your work done efficiently and fast, Sunnyside-65732A is the right product for you.

Sunnyside-65732A Multi-Strip Paint & Varnish Remover Check Price on Amazon

Designed as environmentally friendly, this paint remover contains no NMP or methylene chloride. It is also non-flammable and, therefore, safe for use both indoors and outdoors.

This paint remover saves you time as it can remove the first four layers through the first application of a light coat and removes more layers through a second thicker coating.

This happens within 30 minutes of the application making it one of the fastest and reliable paint removers. A stripping tool is equally important to scrub off every piece of paint layers from the surface.

I like this stripper because it is odorless and harmless, and you can either use a roller, a brush, or an airless sprayer to apply even for deck stain

It capable of stripping most oil and water based stains and vanishes and unlike most removers, Sunnyside-65732A removes even tough coatings varnishes and urethanes and adheres to surfaces like concrete, wood, bricks, masonry, metals, stones among others


  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Appropriate for professional use
  • No fumes
  • Environmental friendly


  • Not suitable on plastics

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Having gone through the above article, it clearly outlines the best chemical paint removers for wood available in the market. This and more I have the following helpful recommendations for you.

  • For professional strippers, Sunnyside Sunnyside-65732A Multi-Strip Paint & Varnish Remover makes the best choice for you. It is efficient and fast, saving you time in your job.
  • For the most ecofriendly and lead-stain remover, Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Advanced Paint Remover ranks the best for lead-stain removal and another environmentally friendly paint removal.

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