7 Best White Paints for Interior Walls in 2024

Selecting the best white paints for interior walls is an essential step towards achieving an excellent final finish. Interior walls require outstanding paint selection, mostly home-based or residential areas, to prevent adverse disasters like firebreaks associated with some oil-based paints.

Best White Paints for Interior Walls

When choosing interior paints, consider factors such as stickiness strength, water-based/oil-based factors, quantity, area to be painted, number of coats needed, nature of the interior wall, prepping/priming needed, and thinning requirements. 

You may use most of the concrete paints available in the market for outdoor surfaces, but ensure that your interior paints are safe for indoor use. Get paints that are non-peeling and resistant to mold/humid conditions. 

s: Top 7 Best White Paints for Interior Walls in 2024

1. INSL-X -01 WaterBlock Acrylic Masonry Waterproofer

Insl Waterproofer is a high-quality interior paint that features complex chemical formation, which acts instantly upon application.

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The water-based paint is more comfortable to prepare and won’t irate your skin upon contact. Get interior paint that’s non-VOC to reduce health hazards when inhaled.

Indeed, Insl Waterproofer is long-lasting and integrates natural ingredients that eliminate odor during application – no choking or nasal irritation when inhaled. The self-activating properties that come with this paint make it strick and spread uniformly during application without drains.

Insl Waterproofer delivers a high-quality coat finish that is mildew resistant and waterproof. The paint features a fast-drying formula and fade-resistance properties suitable for both interior and exterior wall applications.

Furthermore, Insl Waterproof nicely repairs and seals the damaged wall. The paint is packed in a classic container that is highly portable (comes with comfortable handle) and sturdy design – stand-alone design.

Notably, Insl is budget-friendly and non-flammable. Some of the Acrylic latex is water-based paint, and hence it’ll be great for painting basement concrete structure.


  • Mild-resistant and water-based – best for kitchen wall
  • Fast drying and high alkali resistant
  • No primer needed, and high quality finish.
  • Repairs and seals damaged walls.
  • Fade-resistant and not flammable – great for interior and exterior paint.
  • High stickiness and needs a few coats of application
  • Highly portable – comes with a handle.
  • Extensive surface coverage and Budget-friendly
  • Can be used for exterior surface too


  • Not best for Commercially interior walls like theatre
  • May need more coats for rough surfaces.

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2. Drylok 28613 Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer Interior paint

Drylok is a water-based paint that features a simple dilution formula and natural active ingredients. 

Drylok 28613 Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer Interior paint Check Price on Amazon 

The paint is manufactured and refined entirely to improve hydrostatic pressure, preventing peeling in high humid interior walls. Clean the concrete Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and warm water.

The product delivers an ultra-smooth finish surface that is fast-drying and long-lasting while the continuous paint film sticks firmly upon application without draining. Drylok is mildew-resistant and certified by Green Wise for universal use in various interior wall applications.

Besides, Drylok comes with low odor formula that won’t irritate your respiratory system when inhaled or pollute the environment – has low VOC. The non-peeling properties that come with Drylok improve its overall service life and reduce frequent wall repaint after a single application.

Indeed, this paint comes with high penetrative agents that seal the leakages and eliminates rough protrusions during application. Furthermore, Drylok guarantees over 15 years of quality surface finish on a single application.

NB: Drylok is affordable and portable – comes with a comfortable handle. The outstanding properties include excellent adhesion and water repellency – I recommend self-priming paints – priming the concrete surface.


  • Ultra-smooth finish and fast drying
  • Easier to apply and mildew-resistant
  • Green Wise certified and affordable.
  • Long-lasting – 15-year warranty
  • Low odor formula and waterproof
  • Non-peeling and Large quantity – 1 gallon
  • High penetrative and portable – has a handle.
  • Has great hydrostatic pressure and can be used in exterior painting


  • Not best for kitchen walls – weaken.
  • Need primer for rough interior walls


Caldwell is a water-based paint that features a high-quality natural ingredient that acts instantly upon application without dripping. The low odor paint is well refined to improve molecular stickiness and reduce peeling that may occur.


Indeed, Caliwel comes with a complex structural ratio that breaks evenly during application to form a uniform surface coating. The paint is manufactured with a simple dilution formula that is fast-drying and long-lasting. The mildew-resistant paints for either rough, textured, or smooth surfaces. 

Caliwel is mildew-resistant and comes with ant-microbial properties that make it more suitable for homes, interior walls, and offices. More so, this paint comes with a classic guardian white color that makes it stand out upon application.

Caliwel is simple to prepare and apply. It features a reliable waterproof formula and high-penetrative ingredients that seal and eliminates surface roughness when painting. Importantly, Caliwel is packed in a large portable container that covers a large surface area.


  • Anti-microbial and mold-resistant
  • Budget-friendly and fast-drying
  • Low-odor concentration and portable
  • High stickiness and extensive area coverage
  • Classic guardian white coat and waterproof
  • High penetrative and durable
  • Non-peeling and more comfortable to remove
  • Simple to apply and prepare
  • Best for Home interiors and offices


  • Drips if not well diluted
  • Requires a few coatings for rough walls

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4. BENJAMIN MOORE Quart Interior Semi-Gloss paint

Benjamin Moore features a fast-drying paint that is simple to prepare and more comfortable to apply. The paint is specially manufactured with low VOC to reduce environmental pollution and boost human safety during application.

BENJAMIN MOORE Quart Interior Semi-Gloss paint Check Price on Amazon

The 1-liter container paint is highly portable and comes with improved stickiness properties that resist scratch and abrasion upon application. You will love the smooth finish delivered by Benjamin Moore – fills the gaps and seals the leakages on the wall when painting.

Benjamin Moore integrates acrylic-latex formulation that boosts the flow-ability when painting and reduces drains that may occur. The budget-friendly product features quart semi-gloss properties that hold firmly on interior walls without chipping.

Besides, this paint is non-peeling and requires no priming when painting. You can efficiently clean wet Benjamin Moore paint with water and soap when painting in case of error. The paint covers 350-450 square feet per container.

Notably, Benjamin Moore is daunt-resistant and stain-resistant. The paint is created using quality raw materials and it is equally safe for indoor painting since they have low VOCs.


  • Low VOC and high stickiness ability
  • Budget-friendly and quick-drying formula
  • Acrylic-latex formulation and smooth finish
  • Firm contact on rough walls and portable
  • Quart Semi-Gloss and simple dilution formula
  • No priming needed and non-peeling
  • Covers 350 – 450 square feet per container
  • Stain-resistant and dust-resistant
  • Washable when wet – with soap and water


  • The package could be more – 1 liter.
  • No handle
  • Limited colors

5. VALSPAR PAINT Interior High Hide Latex Paint White

Valspar is a water-based paint that features premium quality formula, which sticks firmly on walls without priming. The complex structural combination is mixed in a simple set ration that breaks easily during preparation without muck hassle.

VALSPAR PAINT Interior High Hide Latex Paint White Check Price on Amazon

Moreover, Valspar Cabinet Paint integrates low VOC (low environmental pollution) and odor-free; thus, it won’t irritate your nasal cavity when inhaled during application.

The high hiding and superb touch-up capabilities that come with Valspar improve its service life and reduce any peeling occurrence.

Valspar is economical and features a highly portable design (has a handle) that is more sturdy and stable – comes with a stand-alone design. More so, the paint has low splatter and needs no priming during the application process.

The budget-friendly latex paint delivers an ultra-smooth surface finish that is easily washable when wet. Furthermore, Valspar is waterproof and covers a wide surface area.

NB: Valspar is quick-drying and mold-resistant. It’s best for home interior walls and kitchen walls –not flammable. You can use the paint on various surfaces, including metal, hardboard, masonry, plaster, and wood – its excellent adhesion makes it easy to use on different material surfaces.


  • Low odor and premium-quality
  • High hiding and superb touch-up capabilities
  • Low VOC and Scratch resistant
  • Non-peeling and ultra-smooth finish
  • No primer needed and washable –when wet.
  • Simple to prepare and apply
  • Classic white eggshell and low splatter
  • Economical and long-lasting
  • Highly portable – comes with a handle.
  • Wide area coverage and water-based


  • Needs more coats for rough walls
  • Not for exterior application
  • Unsuitable for commercial halls and theatre

6. Rust-Oleum Corporation 02001 Water Base

Rust-Oleum features a complex water-based acrylic formula that breaks and stick instantly upon application. The simple mix ratio improves flow-ability when painting and eliminates drains that result when using a paintbrush.

Rust-Oleum Corporation 02001 Water Base Check Price on Amazon

The paint integrates low VOC and low odor concentration; thus won’t irritate your skin upon contact. Rust-Oleum guarantees you a high-quality, smooth finish and low fading ability upon application (fade resistant).

Moreover, the paint comes with natural ingredients that are self-activating – break quickly during dilution and ease the application process. The budget-friendly paint won’t cause skin irritation upon contact or cause choking when inhaled.

Rust-Oleum is packed in a large container (1 gallon), portable (has a handle), and highly stable – comes with a stand-alone design. Further, Oleum integrates a resilient acrylic formulation that is quick-drying (dries in one hour) and waterproof.

Notably, Rust-Oleum is mold-resistant and requires no sanding before application. You can use either acrylic (water-based) paint or oil-based paint for your interior concrete walls. 


  • High stickiness properties and quick drying – one hour
  • Low VOC and Mildew resistant
  • Budget-friendly and more comfortable to prepare
  • Water-based formation and long-lasting
  • Comprehensive surface coverage and waterproof
  • Odor-free and won’t irritate the skin.
  • Acts as a primer and sealer
  • Resilient acrylic formula and smooth finish
  • Large container (1 gallon) and mold resistant
  • Waterproof and portable – has a handle


  • May need a few coats for the fresh wall.
  • Comes in limited colors

7. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior/Exterior Latex

Kilz is high-quality latex paint that features fast-drying formula, which sticks permanently in 1 hour upon application without forming drains. The paint is manufactured with low VOC (environmentally friendly), and low odor won’t irritate your respiratory system if inhaled.

KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Stain Blocking Interior/Exterior Latex Check Price on Amazon

The budget-friendly pint integrates natural ingredients that break and acts instantly upon application. The simple molecular formula that comes with Kilz is self-activating, while the active agents block stains on the wall entirely when painting.

Kilz is simple to prepare and more comfortable to apply – it won’t irritate your skin upon contact. You can cover old interior wall paints with Kilz without necessarily sanding the surface.

Besides, Kilz is long-lasting and can be used on various surfaces such as wood and metal. The paint is packed in a large container (3.79 liters) that covers 300 to 400 square feet. Furthermore, Kilz is mildew resistant and high penetrative.

NB: Kilz works with alkyd, oil, and water-based coats excellently. The Acrylic paints for airbrush will dry faster compared to your il-based paints that are described as malleable.


  • Excellent adhesion and fast-drying – dies in 1 hour
  • Multiple surface application and budget-friendly
  • Mildew resistant and large capacity – 3.79 liters
  • Block stains and seal the drywall surface
  • Low odor and wide area coverage -300 to 400 square foot
  • Smooth surface finish and high penetrative
  • Minimal drains and long-lasting
  • Can be used on metal and wood too – acrylic paints are excellent for your interior painting projects – they won’t reflect lights.


  • Requires more layers on a wet wall
  • Limited color options


You have to be cautious when selecting the best white paint for interior walls to attain an excellent finish. Usually, you will need to go for paint that is fast drying, simple to prepare, long-lasting, non-peeling, require few coating, no thinning, and mold-resistant.

The above acrylic paints will work excellently for your interior painting purposes. But for interior spaces like children playrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, you’ll require to use oil-based paints.

Besides, you should avoid applying concentrated oil-based paint on interior walls in the kitchen or fireplace as it may trigger fire upon contact. Above all, buy paint just enough for the surface area under paint application and one within your budget plan.

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