Valspar Cabinet Paint

First, does Valspar cabinet revamping paint need a primer? Well, No! Valspar won’t need a primer – it is simple to clear any blemishes with comfortable touch up in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Valspar Cabinet Paint

On effectiveness, Valspar Cabinet is suitable for furniture cabinets and will be comfortable to touch up if there are chips, blemishes, or scuffs – only sand and apply the paint. 

I recommend using satin, gloss, or semi-gloss paints for your kitchen cabinets – but avoid using Matte. Valspar Signature is resistant to stains, spills, and scratches – it’s also mildew resistant

So, below I’ve shared how the Valspar Cabinet-Enamel Paint will be an excellent tool for reviving the outlook of your different home projects, including on trim and baseboards

Details: Valspar Cabinet Paint 

Painting your cabinet is different from the regular wall painting since this type of cabinet painting project requires having a quality product

The cabinet paint must be solid to effectively withstand abuse such as food or liquid splashes and repeated touching – Valspar Cabinet also comes at a budget-friendly price.  

1. Latex-Based paint 

The latex-based paint (Valspar Cabinet Enamel) is suitable and recommended for cabinet painting – but you must know that the product is a latex-oil hybrid. 

The oil features in the paint will create that smooth and streak-free surface on your cabinets. Valspar Cabinet Paint does not include excessive volatile organic content (VOC). 

Besides, with the Valspar paint, cleaning will be comfortable even with no turpentine. Get some soap and water for easy cleaning – and hence the paint offers great surface wash-ability and durability. 

2. Has Glosser-like Features 

With the Valspar Cabinet Enamel, you’ll get the glosser-like properties on your surfaces, and hence you won’t require to sand the wood before painting

Notably, the enamel Valspar paints won’t have that rock-hard finish, and thus no grains will appear – this is mainly because the oil property will generate that glossy finish. 

The Valspar paint tends to dry plus cure but won’t lead to environmental issues or yellowing on your cabinets in the master bathroom remodeling

Besides, Valspar’s latex feature makes the paint firmly adhere to your cabinet smooth finishes, mainly if you’re working on some old finish – which reduces peeling, scratching, and chipping. 

3. Has Non-Yellowing Properties and Mild Smell 

It’s possible to paint with this Valspar on your old finishes. The paint will also leave no brush marks following the brushing process streak-free due to the oil and latex features. 

The Valspar Cabinet Paint comes with non-yellowing features – and this prevents yellow patches from appearing on the cabinet paints after you’ve painted. 

Compared to oil-based paints, the Valspar Cabinet Paint has a less mild odor. Therefore, you won’t require to put on a nose mask – but you may need safety glasses

You’ll not get allergies that result from strong-odor paints, and thus you’ll be safe – great for baby cribs. See Also: Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

3. Produces a Professional Cabinet Finish 

The Valspar Paint offers that great professional finish considering your unique painting technique. You may need to use sprayers, rollers, or paint with edging brushes

Besides, with the Valspar Paint, you won’t require to use a primer –  but for priming, before your painting, you might need to avoid chalk paint

You will result in poor finishing if you don’t prime the surfaces as it would lead to stain-bleeding via the paint. The surfaces, using Valspar, won’t require sanding or priming. 

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4. Budget-friendly Paint Finish 

I would say that Valspar paint is a budget-friendly cabinet paint as it’ll conveniently paint several cabinets – this is also an inexpensive process. 

Also, as noted above, with this cabinet paint, you won’t require glossers or primers – this makes it even cheaper to achieve that smooth finish. 

Using Valspar Cabinet Enamel Without Brush Marks


  • Has no brush marks 
  • Has the non-yellowing properties 
  • Fast drying (within 1 hour)
  • Old-finishing covering 
  • Water and soap offers excellent wash-ability 
  • Wear resistance



If you need to revamp the 0utlook of your furniture and cabinets, I recommend using Valspar Paint to achieve that smooth and long-lasting finish. 

Luckily, you may use rollers or brushes with the Valspar Paint, and it won’t leave streaks. So, it’s time to get that streak-free and rock-hard cabinet surface.

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