7 Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Deck 2024

For us, DIY homeowners, painting an old deck with fragmented paint, or revamping it with current technology, is the best way to give it a new look.

Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Deck

This article put together the best paint for outdoor wood deck based on quality, durability, and the current technology that protects your deck from harsh weather, UV light, and strong wind. 

Painting the deck effectively enhances the aesthetics of the deck besides giving you that sweet finish that’s also slip-resistant. Thus, the deck won’t fall due to foot traffic or harsh weather. See Also: Brush for Trim and Baseboards

s: 7 Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Deck 2024

1. DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Semi-Transparent

Defy Extreme is a semitransparent and water-based wood stain that is also environmentally friendly.

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It is suitable for siding, wood-staining, fences, and other outdoor painting.

It is designed with nano-particle zinc technology that makes it resistant to UV light while protecting the color loss and enhancing durability.

The stain is thin and has a high penetration on wood. Before application, ensure you clean the wood properly to have better results.

For doing a maintenance coat, defy extreme have you covered since you don’t need to sand the surface. Only brightening is required, and then apply the stain.

Avoid direct sunlight during the application; this is to avoid quick drying and also for better results.


  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • It is durable
  • Pressure-treated


  • None found

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2. INSL-X Benjamin Moore-Tough Shield and Floor Paint

Benjamin-INSL-X is a high quality 100% acrylic water-based stain designed for exterior and interior surfaces.

INSL-X Benjamin Moore-Tough Shield and Floor Paint Check Price on Amazon

It is durable, corrosion-proof, has excellent wearing abilities, and gives you a fine professional look.

It can be used on decks and other exterior products, and it’s weather-resistant.

INSL-X recommendations are to apply two coats in any product. It is fast drying and has good coverage, and in the case of concrete decks, the first coat should be thin with little water, and for the second coat, the paint should be used in full strength. As for the wooden blocks, priming should be done before the application can be made.

Benjamin-INSL-X paint is easy to clean even with soap and water.


  • Long-lasting
  • Abrasion proof
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to clean
  • Great wearing qualities.


It is expensive

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3. KILZ Over Armor Concrete Coating and Smooth Wood

KILZ Over is the best overall latex paint that gives an innovative solid color with a 100 % acrylic resin.

KILZ Over Armor Concrete Coating and Smooth Wood Check Price on Amazon

It is durable and offers excellent quality with weather-resistant ability and climate sustainability features. It is suitable for concrete walkways and weathered wooden surfaces filling cracks to give a smooth finish.

Before application, clean the surface and dry it clearing any oil and grease for an easy and smooth application of the KILZ Over paint.

One gallon of KILZ Over covers approximately 75 square feet. And the application is made in two coats for maximum durability.

The paint has a fast drying time of 4 to 6hrs after which recoating should be done. Curing takes approximately 72 hours to guarantee a smooth and durable surface. 

The paint is not advisable for driveways or any drivable surfaces such as the garage and others. The in-depth paint penetration will provide great wood mildew protection, UV rays, or mold. 


  • Durable
  • Gives a smooth finish
  • Suitable for concrete and wooden timbers
  • Made in current technology
  • Easy to cure


  • Not for drivable surfaces.

4. Rust-Oleum 319551 Resurfacer RockSolid 20X Deck

Rust-Oleum is a highly rated water-based resurfacer that is an excellent choice to refurbish weathered decks and concrete surfaces like patios.

Rust-Oleum 319551 Resurfacer RockSolid 20X Deck Check Price on Amazon

It is designed with current technology and provides excellent water resistance, good adhesion, and adequate waterproof ability.

The coating is 20X thicker than ordinary paints with fast drying time, leaving a fine and non- slip texture when wet. It can be used on concrete patios and refill minor cracks up to ¼ inches deep, giving them a subtle and smooth finish.

A 4-gallon container can cover up to 160 square feet. The only first coat that is fast drying and ready for use within 24 hours.

Rust-Oleum offers long-lasting surface sustainability that is weather-resistant and more sustainable to climate. It’ll easily modernize and restore the composite decks, wood decks, and patio. 


  • Water-proof
  • More durable
  • Quality brand
  • Good for weathered decks
  • Non-slip concrete finish


  • None found

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5. KILZ L573611 Latex Paint -Interior/Exterior

KILZ L573611 enamel porch is a modern and highly designed acrylic paint formulated to tolerate patios and floors through severe weather.

KILZ L573611 Latex Paint -Interior/Exterior Check Price on Amazon

It is resistant to peeling, fading, non-slip, resistant to severe weather, and easy to clean.

It is a fast-drying paint with an hour dry to touch and 4-6 hours recoating period. You may paint using a roller to give you that smoother texture on the outdoor wood deck. 

It gives a soft luster enamel with a smooth and subtle finish and can be used on siding, trim, and trellises.

It is designed with a non-drip mechanism during the application, and paint does not stick on the brush, thus easy to clean.

1 KILZ Porch gallon covers 300 to 400 square feet of smooth surface and 200 to 300 square feet of a rough surface.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast drying
  • Weather-resistant
  • Nondrip mechanism
  • Self-priming


  • None found

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6. Montage Signature Interior and Eco-Friendly Paint

Montage is an environmentally friendly paint suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Montage Signature Interior and Eco-Friendly Paint Check Price on Amazon

The paint is both affordable and has a non-drip mechanism to minimize spillage. It is water-based and available in two finish options: low luster sheens or semi-gross.

It does well on interior wall bedroom for low luster sheens and hides imperfections to give a fine and smooth finish.

For semi-gross paint, it does well on woodwork and walls with a lot of tears. It suitable when used with a low sheen to give a fine surface.

It is free of toxins and is made of recycled paint products from latex paints – checks how to remove latex paint

Montage is durable and can be used on garages, walls, ceilings, and trims for commercial and residential projects.

It has a limited warranty of 10 years. It is resistant to the harsh climate and has a quick drying time.


  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Warranty of 10 years
  • Affordable
  • Use on interior and exterior surfaces


  • None

7. Kilz Enamel and Patio Latex Floor Paint

Kilz-enamel paint is suitable for porches and patio floors. It is acrylic with a low luster enamel designed to last long on the porch, patio walls, and floors enduring harsh weather.

Kilz Enamel and Patio Latex Floor Paint Check Price on Amazon

It does well on previously painted and primed surfaces to give a smooth and even finish. It is easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and fading, and hard to peal in harsh weather conditions.

A KILZ-enamel gallon latex paint can be applied on 200-300 square feet. Its dry-to-touch period is 1 hour, and then recoat period is 4 to 6 hours.

The paint is suitable for quality 3/8-1/2 inch nylon or polyester, roller, or a sprayer. The paint is non-drip and gives a smooth finish without darting.


  • Durable
  • Non- drip on application
  • Resistant to harsh weather
  • Fast drying
  • Brush easy to clean with water and soap


  • None

Why Paint the Wood Deck? 

Most homeowners love their deck with a casual look. You’ll love to sit on it and watch the birds chirping or the sun going down. This changes, after winter, once the wooden deck starts rotting

With some broken sections, you may slip on the deck. Therefore, you might not enjoy privacy or even easily invite your friends to a party. 

Thus, when the deck gets that cruel look – I recommend some great paint remedies for the outdoor wooden deck to attain excellent performance and durability. 

You can refresh the damaged and weathered wooden surfaces using KILZ Over-Armor Textured for surface preservation and protection. Your deck will also last longer – about 35+ years. 

Painting the wooden deck reduces the need and cost of regular maintenance. You’ll have a clean and beautiful deck without needing a major clear up. 

Finally, the wooden deck paints offer textured acrylic durability to effectively endure unrelenting weather conditions and massive foot traffic. 

For Oil-based Paint

If you’re using oil-based deck paint, you’ll have an enhanced beautiful look on the outdoor deck. This is because the coating effectively seals the deck surface imperfection.

Therefore, you’ll get a great uniform look. But these paint types won’t provide UV resistance – and thus it requires multiple applications – about once a year.


For the best and quality paint, key factors should be considered: durability, weather-resistant climate sustainability.

Best overall- KILZ Over Armor Concrete Coating and Smooth Wood is the best pick. This is in terms of performance, durability weather resistance.

Reviving old wood Rust-Oleum 319551 Resurfacer RockSolid 20X Deck makes an excellent choice for you. It’s 20X thicker than the normal paints and is water-resistant with stable features. It sticks on wood to give a fine finish.

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