7 Best Paint Brushes for Watercolor in 2024

What brings joy to an artist than the thought of owning the best paintbrushes for watercolor jobs? He can paint the whole world for you if not your imaginations. Best Paint Brushes for Watercolor

Unlike the skills, proper tools mean a lot for any professional painter and, therefore, a useful guide.

In this article, I will take you through the best paint brushes for watercolor and other mediums available in the market even as you make your decision on the appropriate one for your job. See Also: Quality Color Paint Goes With Beige Tile.

s: Top 7 Best Paint Brushes for Watercolor in 2024

1. Winsor and Newton Cotman Short Handled-Brush 7 Pack (set)

Winsor and Newton Cotman brushes are among the finest watercolor brushes to find in the market. In a set of 7 brushes, they are a clear definition of what quality means from their excellently blended synthetic bristles.

Winsor and Newton Cotman Short Handled-Brush 7 Pack (set) Check Price on Amazon

Manufactured by the Winsor and Cotman brush company, their experience in the range of brushes is an assurance of high standard – produce an excellent art piece

If you a professional painter, resilience is what you get from the bristles with exceptional soft filaments giving you a smooth flow and excellent spring. Additionally, these bristles are easy to wash, and you can reuse the brush multiple times.

You are guaranteed the brush’s durability through the strongly built ferrule that is non-corrosive and holds the bristles together. Through the great, firm, and short handle, you get comfort and control to do your paintwork without finger fatigue.


  • Durable
  • Great handle
  • Non-corrosive ferrule
  • Easy to wash
  • Suitable for professional painters


  • Expensive

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2. Da Vinci-5359 Watercolor Brushes

Nothing beats quality and precision than the Da Vinci brushes. With decades of experience in quality production, da Vinci has been at the global center in traditionally crafted and artistic brushes – great for artwork painting.

Best Paint Brushes for Watercolor Check Price on Amazon

Built-in excellence, these brushes are highly preferred by professional painters for their excellent illustration, watercolor, gouache, animation, rendering, and restoration. Additionally, the brushes are designed with high water holding capacity, thereby giving a smooth snap.

Voted the best by the watercolorist community, Germany’s family-owned business has continually produced brushes for artists, cosmetics, nail brushes, dental brushes, and school and hobby brushes.

On the contrary, these brushes come in varieties and series based on fiber types, allowing clients to choose based on your need. The brush ferrule is nickel-plated brass and therefore rust-proof, making it durable.

The handle is wooden with a finely built shape and is a certified green manufacturer for sustainable wood-handles – including with swing set stains


  • durable
  • gives fine finish
  • rustproof brass ferule
  • comes in varieties


  • expensive

3. DArtisan Maestro Series XV (15pc Set) Paint Brush

Every watercolorist’s dream is owning a cool set of the brush to serve him in the paintwork either as an artist or any other profession that requires brushes. This set of 15 professional quality paint brushes diversifies your choice for your different painting style.

DArtisan Maestro Series XV (15pc Set) Paint Brush Check Price on Amazon

Surprisingly these brushes are also designed with different shapes and sizes. The larger brushes being designed with hog bristles, and the rest designed with synthetic material. Hog bristles are a perfect element with high water retention, thereby making these brushes good at colorwork.

What is so amazing about these brushes is their lightweight case that is easily portable as you go about your paintwork. The ferrule is rustproof, and the brushes are designed to last longer and hold the bristles together, making them durable.

Finally, you do not have to worry about the kind of paint to use on this brush since as all sorts of paints, whether oil or solvent-based, can be used on these brushes with different paint types


  • they are durable
  • different bristles
  • different size and types
  • used on all kinds of paints


  • None found

4. HeartyBay Watercolor Paint Brushes-Set 12 Pieces

Whether you are a beginner, a casual, or an intermediate, some good news for a great set of the brush is here designed to help you in your paintwork – fix paint flaking.

HeartyBay Watercolor Paint Brushes-Set 12 Pieces Check Price on Amazon

This set comprises 12 brushes designed with different sizes and shapes. The shapes are angular, wash, flat, round, liner, and filbert, while the sizes include even latex paint sprayers

Ideally, HeartyBay paint brushes are good for face painting, ceramics, art and craft, watercolor oil, and acrylic painting. Moreover, the bristles are synthetic and extremely soft, giving you an incredible flow on oil-based and acrylic paints.

You do not have to worry about the price tag as the brushes are equally affordable and give you value for money. You can wash and reuse the brushes multiple times as they will hardly lose bristles, making them durable.

You can comfortably enjoy your paintwork without having to worry about finger fatigue with the smoothly designed handle. Equally the rust proof ferrule hold the bristles firmly and the brush giving your brush durable performance


  • Durable
  • Variety  size and shapes
  • Applicable of acrylic and oil-based paints
  • Soft bristles
  • Affordable


  • Unsuitable for professional use

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5. AIT Art Premium 5 pc Brush Set

AIT Art paintbrush is handcrafted with high-quality techniques by some of the greatest craftsmen and engineers in Germany. The pack contains a set of 7 brushes, with each brush defined to its fine details in your paintwork.

AIT Art Premium 5 pc Brush Set Check Price on Amazon

Defined by precision, this set of brushes is designed for watercolors and other mediums like acrylics oils or gouache paints. With this set, you can capture minute and precise details as you do your paintwork as a professional or a beginner.

Interestingly, the performance is excellent, exhibiting a great color-pick. Additionally, AIT Art watercolor brushes give out nothing less of a smooth flow with an exceptional finish.

The ferrule is crafted to guarantee your brushes’ durability; this comes with the rust-proof silver nickel that is double-crimpled to firmly hold the bristles to ensure they don’t fall apart. The brushes come with a guarantee of one year.


  • Durable
  • Rust-proof ferrule
  • Great handle
  •  One year guarantee


  • For precisely detailed painting

6. MEEDEN Professional Brush Set-7 Pcs

Meden micro paint package comes in a set of 7 brushes that are a true definition of precision and detailed paintwork. Made of pure sable-hair, the bristles are soft and flexible, making an excellent addition to your paintwork.

MEEDEN Professional Brush Set-7 Pcs Check Price on Amazon

Ideally, using these brushes on watercolors is unequaled. However, you can equally use them on all other mediums like acrylic, enamels, and oil or gouaches projects. Apart from that, you can also use them on face painting, nail air, coloring books, or body painting due to the fine precision painting.

The finely tipped brushes offer detailed painting, and their non-splitting feature is broadly supported by the rust-proof and seamless nickel ferrule, making them durable. You can never go wrong as you select from among the seven brush sizes based on your work.

The handles are smartly crafted from hardwood and are short of giving you a smooth grip and comfort as you do your paintwork. Their triangular-shape makes an anti-slip, and their dull-polish color gives you confidence and control in your artwork.

Lastly, these brushes come with a 100% risk-free purchase with a refund or replacement in case of damages.


  • Durable
  • Great handle
  • Fine  bristles


  • None found

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7. ZenART Professional Watercolor Brush Set-14 pcs

If you are a professional painter with skills, here is an unmatched set of brushes for you. ZenART comes in 14 brushes of different sizes and shapes and comes with a palette knife.

ZenART Professional Watercolor Brush Set-14 pcs Check Price on Amazon

With these brushes, you are guaranteed their exceptional performance that comes with the blended elastic bristles that maintain shape while still maintaining your paintwork’s detailed precision. You can use them on watercolors, ink, and batik, gouache.

The ferrule is made to last with a rust-proof nickel and tightly holds the bristles to avoid shedding. The brushes are resilient to cleaning and can be used multiple times.

The short handle shape is excellent and comfortable to hold and even carry out the horizontal painting. It is UV treated to resist wear and provide a non-slip mechanism giving the brush longevity of service.

Additionally, the brushes also come with satin and a guarantee of one year.


  • Detailed brushes
  • Durable
  • Suitable for professionals, just like with fence paint sprayers
  • Great handles


  • Expensive


Having gone through the above outlined products, I hope you have a clear picture of probably the kind of brushes you would like to own. However, that notwithstanding the recommendation below will be of great essence to you.

If you are a professional painter ZenART Professional Watercolor Brush Set-14 pcs is the most recommendable for you. The brushes are designed in precision and give the best of any paintwork.

For the most popular and high rated Da Vinci-5359, Watercolor Brushes ranks the best; though expensive, the manufacturer has years of experience in handcraft brushes with the finest quality.

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