7 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti in 2024

If you’re looking for the best spray paints for graffiti, you’re just in time for a great surprise.

The paint must be true-to-color and with high staying power to make the mural wall, Street Art, or the graffiti job pop.  Best Spray Paints for Graffiti

On choosing paints, for a clean wall you’ll use glossier paint and won’t need to considered paint adherence.

But, for brick or concrete outdoor painting, use heavy paints that’ll easily stick on the surface. But what’s the best stain for a swing set?

s: 7 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti in 2024

1. Montana BLACK Mural/ Graffiti Spray Paint Set

Montana BLACK is a fluorescent Spray for plastic spray paint, graffiti artists, or muralists. The set has 12 colors; infra green, infra yellow, infra violet, infra orange, infra pink, and infrared.

It is also suitable for harsh weather seasons like during heavy rains or winter.


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Montana BLACK can be applied together with acrylic pouring paints without issues – true-to-color. Besides these are vibrant colors that are also quick-drying that I would recommend for noob artists seeking to gain some experience in graffiti work.

If you can’t hear the sprayer’s ball making noise in the can, you’ll need to tap one end of the device to untuck it. Montana BLACK is winter proof, high quality, and offers great coverage.

The high-pressure graffiti paint is also great for mural wall applications. The set of 12 very vibrant provides great options to achieve excellent graffiti finish. See Also: airless paint sprayer.

But this Montana BLACK spray paint may also get clogged. Flip the spray can upside-down when spraying. This process removes particles that may clog the nozzle and delay graffiti drying. The colors are true, vibrant, and super smooth.

Montana BLACK is a durable and high-quality paint loved by graffiti enthusiasts, muralists, and artists. Further, the paint has a tick coating to offers maximum coverage. The color set provides high-coverage for most of your surfaces and is used in many demonstration videos ion youtube.


  • Compatible with acrylic paints
  • Works well even for harsh weather like rain season
  • Graffiti paint not scented
  • Quick-drying with vibrant colors – Get high-pressure spray cans fo better graffiti precision.
  • Has high-pressure spraying can – Do you need vibrant colors or a matte finish, maybe stencils?
  • Gives a Matte finish both for graffiti art or murals


  • Susceptible to clogging

2. Krylon K05592007 Graffiti COLORmaxx Spray

Krylon K05592007 is a high-quality graffiit paint that’s appropriate for spaying on wicker, plastic, amnd metal. I noted that wihton 10 minutes to 2 hours, the graffiit paint will be dried.

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Krylon K05592007 will give your graffiti some lustrous finish that’s adequately deep looking like a really chrome plate. The high-gloss and smooth look will be great from the acid-free paint.

This paint may be applied on any metal type and its simple to apply giving an adequate shiny finish plus it won’t run or drip suitable for both and outdoor and indoor spraying.

Krylon K05592007 offers a set of trendy and unique colors that you’ll find simple to blend for a beautiful graffiti or home decor that’ll definitely pop and catch any eye.

Further, the color is a fade-resistant both for indoor and outdoor applications and thus will work effectively even via the harsh weather.

The paint is put ina sprayer with a big spray tip that’s button-shaped and hence provides better control during spraying of parts of different shapes and materials including metal and plastics.


  • Great for many materials including plaster, ceramic, paper, fabric, glass, papier mache, wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Quick dying graffiti paint – dries within 10 minutes – 2 hours
  • Superior color and offers premium coverage with excellent durability and adhesion
  • Suitable for spraying and outdoor and indoor environments with the harsh weather
  • The colors are fade-resistant


  • Protect the surrounding area

3. Krylon K05592007 Graffiti COLORmaxx Spray

MTN 94 graffiti Paint is a versatile aerosol that has low pressure and it comes with a broad opacity color range that will dry quickly. The spray works great for your creative work to give some matte finish.

Krylon K05592007 Graffiti COLORmaxx Spray Check Price on Amazon

MTN 94 is a simple to use aerosol paint with low pressure plus a smooth valve making the graffiti spitting an easy task. It won’t drip since its quick-drying plus allows repainting immediately.

However, I would recommend using an extra MTN PRO Primer coat for a more popping finish. If you require greater wear resistance and enough permanence apply the MTN 2K Varnish.

The synthetic acrylic graffiti spray paint despite bing by default low-pressure allows one to use alternate pressures to give great control while spraying.

However, technically, this spray paint has low UV resistance and lower opacity levels for the various colors like it is with various fluorescents.

For fine art and graffiti application, this spray paint provides an excellent “spark” slowing the bright project colors to radiate allowing the artwork to stand out.


  • Excellent under fluorescent or blacklights
  • Quick-drying – I noted that you can touch within 10 minutes
  • Suitable for signage, industrial, DIY, arts & crafts, and graffiti spraying.
  • Offers excellent luminosity
  • Offers a Matte an vibrant finish


  • Not fade or UV resistant

4. Molotow Belton Graffiti Premium Spray Paint for Artists

MTN 94 graffiti Paint is a versatile aerosol that has low pressure and it comes with a broad opacity color range that will dry quickly. The spray works great for your creative work to give some matte finish.

Molotow Belton Graffiti Premium Spray Paint for Artists Check Price on Amazon

Molotow Belton is a premium quality graffiti spray paint that’s an excellent alternative for the MTN 94 paint. It’s a high-quality model to give you incredible coverage plus its high pressure.

Molotow Belton paint is UV-and weather-resistant that’s also quick-drying suitable for painting most surfaces including on walls, canvas, and wood.

This spray paint set allows different color shades plus its also budget-friendly. The opaque and highly pigmented spray paint will be geat as urban art paints.

The paint is artist-grade will give you a semi-gloss and permanent finish. The lightfast, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and perfectly opaque colors.

The popular graffiti paint is used by artists like with the German street artworks that don’t weather or fade away with time – counting up to 2 decades.

You can use the spray paint for different weathers including to as low as -10°C and you may blend it with markers, oil pastels, or acrylic paint – fast-drying and quick dispensing.


  • Molotow Belton paint is created from outdoor or indoor use for greatly-ventilated rooms
  • High-pressure graffiti spray paint
  • Further, the paint tends to minimize dripping and spray dust


  • None

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The best spray paints for graffiti – besides graffiti spraying, you can use this paint for canvas work allowing the emphasizing of the background and thus very visible.

For artistic application, you must be experienced enough to work with spray paints. For beginners, with the right precautions, you can go with the budget Rust-Oleum or Krylon models.

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