7 Best Clear Coat for Snowboard in 2024

If you’re looking for the best clear coat for a snowboard, ensure that the surface can hold paint besides being clean. Best Clear Coat for Snowboard

So, you’ll need to first sand your board beginning with the rough grit gradually going to the fine grit to make the surface smooth.

So, maybe if you’ve applied water-based paint plus a Krylon spray paint, you may need to consider getting a quality clear coat for your snowboard. See Also: Best spray paints for graffiti.

s: Top 7 Best Clear Coat for Snowboard in 2024

1. Krylon K06901900 Crystal Clear K06901907 Enamel

Krylon K06901900 will give your snowboard flat or semi-gloss finishes that are rust-resistant and durable too. This can be great for “stainless” showers to preventing snowboard rusting.

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Krylon K06901900 worked also great for spraying “stainless” shower parts that have formed rust. However, you might need to sand the areas.

The spray coat will dry fast within 8 to 10 minutes, easy to apply, and adheres greatly without drips or runs. Further, the spray gives you a clear finish.

The Alkyd enamels offer protection against metal corrosion and also aid quick drying within just minutes to give a sturdy and quality finish that won’t get bugs, grass, dirt, and dust.

Krylon K06901900 offers corrosion prevention to also give a durable and smooth finish even with no primer. It’s great for staining your snowboard, masonry, concrete, ceramic, plaster, glass, wicker, metal, wood.

However, you’ll require to utilize the regular mineral spirits or household detergent to leave the snowboard surface dry, dull, and clean.


  • Won’t get dirt or dust
  • Gives a rust-fighting, durable, and smooth finish
  • Quick-drying finish – within 88 minutes
  • Durable and tough stain finish


  • None

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2. Duratec Fibre Glast with Hardener Sunshield Clear Top-coat

Duratec Fibre Glast is a high-perfomance clear stian for snowboards that has great UV stability and amazing gloss levels. It’ll give you a pit-free and smooth surface with less time and cycle time.

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Duratec Fibre Glast is an excellent non-yelleowing snowboard clean stain that’s excellent for vinyl ester and epoxy parts. The stain is considered first-quality and thus exce;llent for your lovely devices.

With this clear snowboard stain, you’ll not get pits on the surface while the work is easy and less time-consuming. In addition, it’ll significantly resist scratching – a considerably durable surface.

You’ll need to use a 2 percent MEKP hardener but will be appropriate to apply like a post-mold and in-mold coating on surfaces like polyester resins, vinyl ester, and epoxy.

The polyester top-coat provides great gloss levels that will work well with epoxy laminates. Also. it has a sun shield that equally prevents yellowing.

Clear all the acetone-wipe and dust before applying the Duratec Fibre Glast and you may use a squeegee in filling holes for laminates that have excessive porosity.

Finally, use a 400 grit sandpaper on the final snowboard spray and leave to cure – roughly 8 hours before during the last polishing. Also, wet sand the surfaces using a 400 to 1500 sandpaper grit.

Application of this Duratec Fibre Glast is simple – just spray some light dust coat (light fog) or mist coat and allow it to sit for 2 minutes prior to additional application.


  • Blended with gel coats to improve gloss level lower viscosity and enhance the gel coat properties
  • However, for the post-mold application, you’ll require 180-grit sandpaper to clean the surfaces clean.
  • You may also need to clean with Scotch-Brite pad and water for the epoxy laminates.
  • It allows gel coat to cure open-air so it’s our recommendation to use this for any gel coat repair that will have air contact


  • None

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3. Eastwood Diamond Clear Satin Finish DTM

Eastwood Diamond Clear is a suitable top-caot for your snowboard that’ll preserve and protect painted and bare metal surfaces. Its comes in satin and high gloss leading to a durable look.

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Eastwood Diamond Clear makes the snowboard to withstand harsh weather including high temperatures off about 300 degrees F. Thus, it’ll protect and seal the snowboard surfaces.

It’s suitable for polished and finished surfaces to hinder ultra-violet light and corrosion. Further, it’ll easily seal both the painted and all bare metal surfaces.

The Eastwood Diamond Clear will match the sheen and look of your snowboard – and most black OEM-wheels. It’s great for muscle car wheels among other styled-steel wheels.

The snowboard clear stain will lay down excellently and won’t display any spray pattern after drying. Further, the coating will be tough and lasts long – get your nice glossy and beautiful look.


  • This clear stain provides a top sheen and durability.
  • However, for this clear stain, you’ll require to use it in some ventilated areas due to its toxic nature.


  • None

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The best clear coat for snowboard – Krylon K06901900 will paint your guards and metal to prevent rusting and give it a beautiful finish. A major positive point is the paint’s quick dry-time – about 8 minutes.

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