7 Best Gold Spray Paint in 2024

Getting the best gold spray paint isn’t easy since the current market is flooded with numerous paint options that in one way compromise quality and package quantity. Best Gold Spray Paint

During gold paint selection, follow considerations like the net weight, color options, application method (spray or self-prepped?), stickiness level, and drying time. 

Your gold paint should match the surface area under paint application (metal, wood, or composite), be easier to remove or restore, maintain an original aesthetic impression without fading. See Also: Get rid of spray paint smell

s: Top 7 Best Gold Spray Paint in 2024

1. Premium Acrylic 24 Karat Gold Metallic for Crafts, Paper

Karat Gold is a classic metallic paint that features impressive outlook color, which is fast-drying and more comfortable to apply.

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The solvent is formulated using a complex chemical structure that acts instantly upon application.

The low VOC compound won’t irritate your respiratory system (when inhaled) or cause skin discomfort in case of contact during plaint application. Indeed, 24 Karat sticks sufficiently on the surface without forming drains or streaks when painting.

With 24 Karat, you will enjoy extended service life and eliminate challenges such as fading, peeling, and scuffing that are common, especially in metallic materials.

Furthermore, 24 Karat is a pre-mixed water-based paint that works for canvas, wood, papers, ceramics, rocks, and tiles without any problem.

Unlike other spray paint, Karat integrates classic pour option design and comes in 24 selectable gold colors that stand out and create a gold coat appearance upon application.

Importantly, 24 Karat is budget-friendly and comes in simple to pour formulation.


  • It’s more comfortable to apply and durable
  • Doesn’t fade easily or forms drains on the surface
  • Has high stickiness ability and love VOC
  • Comes with classic pour option design and simple action formula
  • Resist peeling and scuffing
  • It’s available in other 24 selectable colors
  • Best for canvas, wood, papers, crafts, tiles, rocks, and ceramic surfaces
  • Can be used for both paint restoration or paint error correction
  • It’s simple to remove and leaves an attractive surface finish
  • Eliminates surface moisture and chipping action in damp areas


  • The Package quantity could be more
  • May require further thinning for some particular surface application

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2. Design Master 746 Garden, Antique Gold

Design Master 746 is a new model paint that comes in the simple molecular formulation, which spread smoothly and sticks sufficiently without forming runs or drains.

Design Master 746 Garden, Antique Gold Check Price on Amazon

The solvent is integrated with natural ingredients, which not only improves surface stickiness but also boosts the overall outlook impression.

By choosing to buy Design Master for your DIY project, you will definitely reduce costs associated with Multiple coating, frequent coat painting, and peeling challenges. Indeed, Design Master is fade-resistant, water-proof, and long-lasting.

The semi-transparent pigments that have come with Design Master 746 provide a clear aesthetic impression and create a natural outlook upon application.

Further, the solvent compound has self-leveling properties (no drips) and low VOC components that won’t cause environmental pollution when used.

Design Master 746 is a fast-drying paint that leaves a tough finish layer (scratch-resistant) and safe for fresh flowers/vegetation.

The versatile paint is suitable for any surface (wood, metal, or composite) and resists mold/mildew growth.

NB: Design Master 746 comes with an antique gold color that renders a classic fine finish layer.


  • Has semi-transparent pigments and simple solvent formula
  • It’s suitable for all type of surfaces – metal, wood, or composite
  • Resist fading and UV rays damage
  • It’s waterproof and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t drip when painting or cause drains
  • Comes with high stickiness ability and low VOC
  • It’s best for exterior and interior paint application
  • It’s affordable and more comfortable to apply


  • It comes in limited colors for optional selection
  • Unsuitable for commercial use – low quantity can

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3. Krylon K01000A07 Premium Spray Paint

Krylon K01000A07 Premium is an American first spray coat paint that bears unmatched customer trust since 1947.

Krylon K01000A07 Premium Spray Paint Check Price on Amazon

The solvent paint helps refresh, restore, newly paint, or repaint any painting project without problem.

Indeed, Krylon K01000A07 Premium is specially manufactured using highly refined ingredients that enable one to achieve the best metallic finish without breaking the bank.

Further, the liquid compound integrates a simple molecular formulation that is self-leveling and dries within 10 minutes (fast-drying) without forming drains.

By selecting Krylon K01000A07 Premium, you will minimize the fading problems and boost the service life (has long service life) of the painted surface upon application.

The deep lustrous that comes with Krylon forms a smooth, high gloss, and water-resistant coat finish that resists the growth of mildew and mold.

Your peeling and scuffing problems are fully eliminated by using Krylon since the solvent bears strong stickiness ability and drain free structural combination.

More so, the paint has low VOC components thus won’t irritate your nasal cavity (when inhaled) or cause skin discomfort upon contact.

Importantly, Krylon K01000A07 Premium offers an impressive outlook appearance and scratch-resistant coat finish that is less susceptible to UV rays damage.


  • Has deep lustrous gold finish and attractive aesthetic impression
  • It’s resistant to water and dust particles
  • Comes with high stickiness ability and low VOC components
  • Can be used for new coat painting, restoring, refreshing, or repainting process of any surface
  • Dries in 10 minutes and eliminates drain formation
  • More comfortable to apply and remove
  • Can be used on wood, paper, metal, ceramics, or composite surfaces
  • Won’t irritate your skin or nasal cavity when inhaled
  • Durable and peel resistant


  • Unsuitable for commercial use – the package could be more
  • Has longer cure time -2 hours

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4. Dupli-Color EBFM03657 Harvest Gold

Dupli-Color Harvest is a first-drying spray paint that features complex structural formula, which is both self-leveling and drains resistant.

Dupli-Color EBFM03657 Harvest Gold Check Price on Amazon

The low VOC compound found in this solvent guarantees you minimal environmental pollution and eliminate cases of respiratory discomfort during actual paint application.

Dupli-Color Harvest comes with a classic trigger, which not only eliminates overspray but also allows optional point application for precise surface sections.

Moreover, Dupli-Color Harvest is sufficiently agitated with natural ingredients to boost the stickiness level and improve the overall aesthetic appearance.

You will enjoy multiple times application on a single canister and reduce costs associated with peeling and scuffing by selecting Dupli-Color Harvest – the paint sticks firmly and repels overruns.

Dupli-Color Harvest is best for use in automotive body parts and interior artistic paint applications. You will definitely love the tough, smooth paint finish delivered by

Dupli-Color Harvest – it free from rust, moisture, and fading occurrence.


  • Comes with classic metallic gold color, which is waterproof
  • Feature complex chemical formulation and simple quick-acting agents
  • Bears natural ingredients and high stickiness ability
  • Won’t irritate your skin or nasal cavity during application
  • Allows precise point application and simple removal
  • More comfortable apply and remove
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Budge-friendly and UV-rays resistant
  • Best for automotive body part application
  • Eliminates drain, scuffing, and peeling action


  • Comes in limited colors
  • The quantity good be more
  • Has limited available colors

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5. Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK Universal Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK is a simple press spray paint that features an oil-based formula, which is more comfortable to apply and remove at will without much hassle.

Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK Universal Spray Paint Check Price on Amazon

The simple molecular formula that comes with Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK is self-agitated and spread uniformly without forming streaks or drains on the surface.

Moreover, Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK is packed in a classic, pressurized container, which allows point application and eliminates paint overspray.

The fast-drying formula that comes with this solvent dries in 30 minutes, while the single canister serves approximately 15 square feet.

By choosing to buy Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK, you will not only eliminate chipping and peeling problems, but also prevent corrosion/rusting, which is paramount on metallic surfaces.

Nevertheless, this paint is recommended for low to medium commercial paint application or else end up spending too much on leather scale painting.

The touch adhesive coat later formed by Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK is long-lasting and resists fading/UV-rays damage.

Importantly, Rust-Oleum 342918-6PK provides a rich, shimmering, attractive, shimmering look, which stands out upon paint application.


  • It’s waterproof and long-lasting
  • Resists fading and UV-rays damage
  • Comes with classic nozzle design – allows point application
  • Won’t cause skin or nasal irritation upon contact
  • Comes with a classic nozzle design that supports point application
  • It long-lasting and free from fading
  • Doesn’t form drains or streaks on the surface
  • Has oil-based formula that is easier to apply and remove
  • Comes with low VOC compound and durable
  • Form a classic lustrous gold coat finish


  • Comes in a limited color selection
  • Unsuitable for commercial use

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6. Chase 8 Brilliant Metallic Spray Paint

Chase 8 Brilliant is a modern grade enamel gold spray paint that features dense grains integration – it improves the overall outlook impression but eliminates drains during the application process.

Chase 8 Brilliant Metallic Spray Paint Check Price on Amazon

The solvent comes in the self-agitated form, which acts and breaks instantly upon contact with the surface material.

By selecting Chase 8 Brilliant, you’ll eliminate color fading and peeling action (which is more pronounced on the wood surface) and reduce the chances of mildew/mold growth in damp areas.

In addition, Chase comes with an ergonomic spray button and oriented nozzle that support precise point application without any overspray.

Chase 8 Brilliant has no CFCs compounds (no environmental pollution) and integrates low VOC components that won’t initiate respiratory discomfort (when inhaled) or cause skin irritation upon contact.

Furthermore, you can use Chase 8 on wood, picture frames, composite material, and ceramic without experiencing any problems.

Chase 8 Brilliant guarantees you a classic brilliant finish, which is both scratch-resistant and waterproof. Importantly, Chase 8 is budget-friendly and more comfortable to apply/ remove.


  • Comes in a classic, brilliant gold color
  • Packed in a pressurized can that oz smoothly
  • Doesn’t have any CFCs – no pollution
  • It’s waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Eliminates mildew and mold growth on the surface
  • Integrates self-agitating ingredients and natural grains
  • Forms a tough fade-resistant coat layer and long-lasting
  • Has minimal drains and runs
  • Affordable and allows precise application


  • Comes in limited colors
  • It’s highly flammable
  • The package could be more for commercial use

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7. Krylon K01000A07 Metallic Spray Paint 18K Gold

Krylon K01000A07 gold paint features low VOC component integrations and natural grain additives that improve overall outlook upon application.

Krylon K01000A07 Metallic Spray Paint 18K Gold Check Price on Amazon

The high stickiness ability/adhesive strength that comes with  Krylon K01000A07 holds over the painted surface instantly without dripping.

Indeed, Krylon K01000A07 integrates complex chemical formulation, which is self-leveling and drain free.

By choosing to use Krylon K01000A07, you will not only eliminate peeling and scuffing problems, but you’ll also curb costs associated with frequent painting – the coating layer is long-lasting.

Furthermore, Krylon K01000A07 is designed with a simple press nozzle (for precise application) and comes in a sufficiently pressurized form, which supports smooth paint spray action without any overspray.

Krylon K01000A07 is dedicated to eliminating fading action (fade-resistant) and repels UV-rays entirely when used in a sunny environment.

Unlike other paints, you won’t experience frequent chipping after using Krylon K01000A07 in a damp area – the solvent dries fast and it’s moisture-free.

Notably, Krylon K01000A07 is simple to remove and leaves a classic aesthetic final finish, just like original gold metal.


  • It’s affordable and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin upon contact
  • Comes with impressive nozzle design for precise application
  • Integrates complex chemical formulation – self-activating
  • It’s self-leveling and scratch-resistant
  • Dries fast and repels moisture from the surface
  • Best for small to medium scale use
  • Doesn’t fade easily and forms no drains
  • Requires no thinning or prepping
  • Multiple surface use and chip-free
  • Eliminates scuffing and peeling action entirely


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • Has limited color options
  • The drying time could be less

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Having read about the best gold paint, I believe that you didn’t only acquire in-depth knowledge of paint selection but also gained alternative skills for your DIY project.

The selected gold paint should be more comfortable to apply, fast-drying, simple to prepare and remove, durable, and deliver an impressive coat finish.

Besides, you need to match the gold paint with the nature of the surface under the paint application, consider the right quantity as per the surface area, and avoid gold paint that has high VOC to boost health safety during application. 

Importantly, buy gold paint that’s fade-resistant and without a budget plan without compromising the overall quality.

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