7 Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Furniture 2024

The best paint for outdoor wood furniture and outdoor decks can be sprayed using your deck stain sprayer – to shield you from extreme weather – including severe humidity and extreme heat. Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Furniture

On prep work, before spray painting the furniture, ensure to clean the outdoor wood. For painting your outdoor plastic furniture, you can special paint – not the one for metal, wood, or wicker outdoor furniture. 

But you should begin with some stain-blocking primer and follow this with some latex outdoor-primer and a number of latex-paint coats for ultraviolet protection in the summer months – apart from on plastic paints

s: Top 7 Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Furniture in 2024

1. Rust-Oleum 1976730 for Unglazed Ceramic, Outdoor Wood, Masonry, Plaster

Rust-Oleum 1976730 is a latex-based paint that offers great versatility for your outdoor wooden furniture. But the paint is usable in various interior projects – including structures and furniture. 

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Rust-Oleum 1976730 will give the outdoor furniture that amazing glossy finish – even when they’re not wooden. You can spray it on canvas, plaster, ceramic, metal, and glass paint with limited foot traffic. 

Its “double cover” tech ceiling finish ensures that the furniture won’t experience regular chipping, tear, and wear. It’ll refresh your worn-out furniture surfaces to give them that clean look. 

The finish is safe and easy to clean with just soap and water – plus it leaves a low odor including on hard metallic surfaces. The paint is fast-drying and thus you may repaint the surfaces in roughly 30 minutes. 

Rust-Oleum 1976730 is usable in outdoor plus indoor spaces including masonry, unglazed ceramic, metal, plaster, and wood. The paint formula is water-based acrylic and hence it won’t peel or chip with a longer-lasting duration. 

The outdoor furniture paint will cover roughly 120 sq ft and will dry within only 30 minutes – it’ll be ready to tough. You’ll love the excellent base with lesser imperfections due to the resulting flat finish. 

I recommend you use your 180/200-grit sandpaper to sand your wooden surfaces – and you may follow this with degreaser washing and finally allow the surface to dry before applying your paint. 


  • It is durable for use on the outdoor wooden furniture 
  • The simple and fast application formula 
  • Offers fast-drying 
  • Excelelnt for exterior and interior painting surfaces 


  • Not approved for areas having foot traffic


2. Rust-Oleum 253536 Elegant metallic Accents Paint for Furniture, Doors, Trim

Rust-Oleum 253536 offers elegance in form of this Accents Paint that’ll effectively revamp the color and outlook of your ceiling. Besides being great for ceiling painting, you can use it on a variety of exterior and interior DIY projects. 

Rust-Oleum 253536 Elegant metallic Accents Paint for furniture, doors, trim, and exterior or interior walls Check Price on Amazon

Rust-Oleum 253536 is a water-based (advanced) outdoor wooden paint that creates that metallic finish on your furniture, doors, trims, and Baseboards, decks, walls, and ceilings. The low-odor paint guarantees comfort when you’re painting. 

The paint will give your outdoor furniture that brilliant shimmer due to the included real mica beads – these will allow the coating to shine to light. You’ll get complete ceiling elegance with a luxurious touch – with about 2 coats. 

Rust-Oleum 253536 offers safe paint application as it has low levels of odor. You’ll get the paint in 15 varied shades – and you’ll require only 30 minutes for the outdoor furniture or ceiling to dry – effective and fast drying time.

You can paint a total of roughly 105 square feet with just 32 fl oz with excellent color. The paint will also be easy to rectify or clean if there are messes in the application – you’ll only require to use soap and warm water – you’ll love the metallic appearance.

  • Drying time is fast ~ 30 minutes
  • Versatile finish usable for outdoor and indoor surfaces
  • The outdoor furniture and ceilings will end up beautiful
  • Easy application – mess-free and simple
  • Excelelnt coverage (105 square feet)
  • Inadequate sparkle
  • Offers poor consistency

3. KILZ Exterior/ Interior Enamel Patio and Porch Latex Floor-Paint

KILZ Exterior/ Interior is a unique paint for revamping the outlook of your patio floors, wooden porch, and decks. The paint will give the surfaces excellent protection and style -with even cheaper maintenance – easily extend your home space. 

KILZ Exterior or Interior Enamel Patio and Porch Latex Floor-Paint Check Price on Amazon

The outdoor furniture paint will protect the wooden materials from peeling, cracking, fading, scratches, and scuffs. Besides being great for painting wood, KILZ Exterior/ Interior will be suitable for masonry, metal, and cement. 

The easy-to-apply latex enamel paint will also dry within just 4to 6 hours – and hence you can apply the next coat after this time. You can get them in a number of silver-gray or slate-gray colors. 

One gallon of the KILZ Exterior/ Interior will easily cover roughly 200 to 400 square feet – you may apply it by using a sprayer, brush, or roller on the patio or porch flooring. 

But the painted surfaces will equally be wet when water lands on them – including from rainwater – and thus you’ll require to be cautious and also avoid using any motorized vehicle on it. You’ll also enjoy that the paint creates a mildew-resistant film

You’ll get the low-luster enamel outlook on the outdoor wooden furniture for your floors, patio siding, trellises, trim, porch and hence it’ll easily survive different weather restraints. 


  • You can use an airless sprayer (with a 60-mesh filter and spray tips of 0.015 – 0.019-inches), or a nap roller cover (3/8 – 1/2-inches). 
  • Priming not needed 
  • Great for surfaces such as outdoor furniture and metal or cement 
  • Great for DIY projects including siding and furniture – plus flooring and outdoor decks


  • None

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4. Prestige Paints Semi-Gloss Comprehensive Primer and Exterior Paint

Prestige Paints Semi-Gloss combined both the primer and paint – and hence it’s an ultra-premium product. You can give you old outdoor objects that outlook touch-up – with its super easy application. Even with beginners, the paint will hide those surface mistakes or blemishes with a smooth finish.

Prestige Paints Semi-Gloss Comprehensive Primer and Exterior Paint Check Price on Amazon

The paint will be excellent for vinyl siding, metal, masonry, stone works, cement, and wood. Therefore, your outdoor surfaces, if painted with this product plus your high-quality brushes, will look excellent (with just 2-3 coats). 

The Low VOC paint will be great for high-hiding formula offers the smooth application and makes it safe for use on different surfaces – it’ll be easy to clean using water plus soap. The Prestige Semi-Gloss will stain the kitchen cabinets – just like with the stain for the swing set

On drying time, Prestige Paints Semi-Gloss will take roughly 2 to 3 hours – but you’ll require to sand down those glossy areas. Further, besides having both paint+painter, for the raw project – you’ll need to apply some initial primer. 

Prestige Paints Semi-Gloss is excellent for exterior and interior – but make sure to choose an appropriate color. The industry-leading paint technology allows the original color – with color-specifications of the prestige paints. 


  • Masking the blemishes will be easy with the paint’s high-quality coverage
  • The product will easily match the various Sherwin-William paints 
  • Simple application process


  • Sand required

5. Rust-Oleum 1976730 Painters Outdoor and indoor project Touch Latex

Rust-Oleum 1976730 is a latex-based outdoor paint that is super versatile – you can easily refresh your outdoor furniture in any minor and massive renovation. It is suitable for use on canvas, plaster,  ceramic, metal, and glass – to give that lovely glossy finish.

Rust-Oleum 1976730 Painters Outdoor and indoor project Touch Latex Check Price on Amazon

The paint won’t chip and tear or wear due to its “double cover” technology – the clean and fresh worn-out wooden surfaces. You can use water plus soap to clean the surfaces – but use some 180 to 200 grit sandpaper – the safe and low-odor product.

For application on various other hard surfaces such as metal, you’ll require to sand down such surfaces. But upon application, you’ll notice that the paint is fast-drying – and within around 30 minutes to can repaint – apply another coat.

You can use Rust-Oleum 1976730 on both outdoor and indoor painting projects made from wood, unglazed ceramic, masonry, and metal – it’ll last long and equally resist chipping on all the surfaces. 

The paint offers great long-lasting protection, resist chips, and it is low-odor – it offers an excellent base and it’ll go smoothly while also reducing imperfections – you may also use 80- or 200-grit sandpaper. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Cleaning and application is easy
  • Fast drying
  • Great for exterior or interior apint application


  • Not suitable for walking areas

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Steps to Paint the Outdoor Wood Furniture

Many outdoor furniture may include plastic, aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker – you can get them that fresh stai on the cordless paint sprayers – painting and staining the outdoor furniture require comprehensive steps. 

Step #1: Surface Preparation 

The outdoor require painting and staining will help keep the surfaces free from mildew and mold – but ensure to check the underside of the outdoor furniture. 

For old outdoor furniture that has mildew and stains, you may use some premium cleaner such as Benjamin Moore in some well-ventilated area. But if there are mild mildew cases, you’ll require to mix water + household bleach. 

Further, ensure that you rinse the surfaces of the outdoor furniture – but during cold weather, make sure to move the wooden pieces to the indoor spaces for drying – place them on shelter, carpet, and garage.

Step #2: Sanding & Prime or Not

Next, you’ll require sanding of the surfaces of your outdoor furniture that requires stained. However, for old finishes, you’ll need to roughen these surfaces. Begin using coarse-type sandpaper on the bare wood to remove any old finished.

Next, is to determine if priming will be required – for stained and painted surfaces, you only require the stain coat – allowing it to become the primer. Avoid using a primer, if you’re staining some opacity – they may show through transparent and translucent stains.


The quality and features of Rust-Oleum 253536 reduce clean-up time and the mess – you’ll thus require just water and water to clean the surfaces. But the paint could have had better consistency – despite that it’s usable on both exterior and interior areas.

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