7 Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls 2024

When the primer is fully dry, get a deep-pile paint roller, popularly known as the best paint roller, for textured walls to paint on the surfaces with the “W” / “M” technique.Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls

You’ll require to use texture paint or texture material – this will work with all the various texture types invented, abstract, simulated, or the actual surface.

Below I’ve reviewed quality paint rollers with the right cover and frame to undertake your next DIY project. They’re great for trim or when cutting for faster DIY painting, including on ceiling and walls.

s: 7 Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls in 2024

1. Kraft DW180 Textured Roller Crow’s Foot

Kraft DW180 is an excellent roller cover that will give you the required surface texture. I particularly used this roller to effectively paint and texture the kid’s master bathroom.

Kraft DW180 Textured Roller Crow's Foot Check Price on Amazon

Kraft DW180 is a perfect roller for your DIY projects (just like with the airless DIY sprayers) suitable for remodeling including redoing your ceilings and a number of rentals.

My brother used this roller to texture his five large-sized rooms in one 1.5 hours, all including the preparation time—Kraft DW180 offers an excellent project texturing, and great decor on your wall.

This one-size roller has a unique design that’ll appropriately beautify the textured walls. The crowfoot texture will look great when combined with the drywall compound.

The Kraft DW180 roller’s patterns measure 4″ – 8″ long across their petals. The handles and lightweight device makes it simple to operate, move, and handle the roller.

However, the Kraft DW180 roller won’t work well with thicker paints. You can use thicker paints for texturing and coating your wall surface.

Kraft DW180 roller is an American-made device manufactured through strict quality, and this also affords the user the required efficiency.

  • For light application, the roller is highly reusable.
  • Very durable, and light thus allowing better usage
  • Suitable for painting on textured walls
  • Despite having some spongy construction, this roller will offer exceptional longevity.
  • Further, the roller is very reusable devoid of excessive wringing or twisting.
  • Effective, efficient, and simple design


  • Not great with thcker paints

2. Wooster R017-9 Roller Frame for Textured Walls

Wooster R017-9 Roller is a 9-inch roller frame that’ll also avoid slippage thanks to its quick-release spring plus the rolling bearings that’ll reduce grey streaks or shank wear. See this acrylic aerosol.

Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls Check Price on Amazon

On compatibility, this frame fits into both your Wooster extension and other threaded pole connections. But I would go for a snap-in system – this would create new stability.

Wooster R017-9 Roller has endcaps and nylon cage that’s durable and reinforced using fiberglass. This roller frame is excellent for high rollers – so take the 9-inch model.

The frame has a molded grip that’s secure and feels great in your hands. Further, its fiberglass cage comes with its spring that’s quick-release to allow securing of the roller cover.

This roller will enable you to paint your textured walls with thick coats. One paint coating will be useful to give that decorative texture as opposed to using multiple layers.

Further, even for sand finishes, you can select from the available classic textures. The roller is solid such that neither solvent nor water will effectively destroy its body.

The roller’s polypropylene core is stable enough, plus the tan plastic allows it to last longer.

  • Instant effects creation – including painting on stucco.
  • Allow intact core due to its high resistance
  • The roller is 9” size – which is standard
  • Excellent and unique roller design
  • Requires pressed rolling


3. TINTON LIFE Quality Rubber 7-Inch Empaistic Wood Pattern

Tinton Life is a suitable DIY painting roller made from durable soft rubber. The roller will paint the wood grains beautifully to give an excellent wall pattern.

TINTON LIFE Quality Rubber 7-Inch Empaistic Wood Pattern View Price on Amazon

The roller comes with 2 unique tools that allow excellent wall texture painting. You’ll receive the 3.9” painting tool plus a suitable 7” roller.

Tinton Life has the specialized build and allows smart painting with its ergonomic design suitable for both professional or occasional DIY painters.

The roller will give you a unique wood pattern (orange peel) with the wood grain engaging the surfaces’ decor. The wood pattern allows the covers to get its natural effect.

The rollers have a durable soft rubber, and it’s reasonably sized to allow secure coverage of a wide area. The tools will give the improvised regions to get a style.

You can use this roller after your peel-and-stick wallpaper has fallen off. You can choose from one color from the available color set of dark-chocolate brown, medium grey, and coffee base.

This Tinton Life is suitable for creating a wood-grain pattern that’s super realistic. It’s possible to use artistic skills while avoiding repeating patterns.

  • This grain tool is a great roller that effectively does its job with just simple hand pressure and manipulation
  • The roller is highly reusable and durable – work its value
  • Suitable for painting due to its verasatility
  • Durable and appealing wall surfaces
  • Solid and steady grip handle
  • The rubber exterior is durable


  • Roller may gunk up shortly

4. Crow’s Foot Dry-wall Roller for Paint Texture Walls & Ceilings

Crow’s Foot Dry-wall is a roller with great functionality that’ll work well for your DIY projects. The drywall mud helps in creating the texture pattern through the roller’s foam rubber.

Crow's Foot Dry-wall Roller for Paint Texture Walls & Ceilings Check Price on Amazon

Crow’s Foot Dry-wall is great for DIY, remodeling, additions, patches, and repairs – particularly for installing decorative texture walls. You can also paint the popcorn-textured ceilings.

It’s loved by finishers and painters due to the texture patterns with high consistency on the thin drywall mud. You won’t require excess joint compound for your walls.

Crow’s Foot Dry-wall is easy to wash with limited damage excellent for remodeling, patching, and repairing. The 9″ size roller enables on to use the regular rolling cage.

The most important thing is to get drywall mud to apply on your textured walls easily. Achieve high consistency using thinner paint pancake.

The Crow’s Foot Dry-wall roller is a high-performance and versatile textured-wall roller. You’ll love the derivative nylon that’ll enable the roller’s cover to pick a lot of paint.

  • Simple cleaning using just tap water
  • Gives one random and symmetric design
  • Results in a chunky and defined wall pattern


  • None found


The best paint roller for textured walls will lead to a perfect wall that won’t shred or tear. This may also work well with painting bare brick.

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