7 Best Pressure Washer for Paint Removal 2024

Are you wondering how to strip paint with a pressure washer like the mi-t-m? Well, the best pressure washer for paint removal would do the magic! So, remove rust and paint from concrete, metal, or wood – you’d need a pressure washer with roughly 2000 – 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Best Pressure Washer for Paint Removal

The machine’s minimum size should be around 1200 – 2000 PSI for simple cleaning different surfaces before doing the paint job.

The high-pressure DIY power washer will also be effective in cleaning the outer part of your house as it’ll peel and flake off the paint from both concrete and wood. However, control the pressure effectively to avoid damaging the wood under the paint coat.

s: Top 7 Best Pressure Washer for Paint Removal in 2024

1. Sun Joe SPX4000 1.76 Gpm 2030 Max PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX4000 is a medium-sized and compact pressure washer that’s great for home use and equally applicable for paint removal. It’s powerful but equally very movable and easy to store. 

Sun Joe SPX4000 1.76 Gpm 2030 Max PSI Electric Pressure Washer Check Price on Amazon

Further, the Total Stop System (the TSS) will protect its motor by shutting down the pump and motor when you release the washer’s trigger. 

Sun Joe SPX4000 is well suited for paint removal plus cleaning outdoor/ garden power tools, motor vehicles, boats (see the antifouling paint for fiberglass), and your house. The pressure washer is suitable for driveways (see paint for a concrete driveway) and garden patios that aren’t excessively dirty.

On portability, the pressure washer weighs just 27.8 pounds, and its size is 37 by 18 by 22 inches – this ensures that you can store and move it quickly to your different painting job sites. It’s relatively small compared to various commercial pressure washers.

Notably, this washer will eject 1.76 Gallons of the required liquid material for each minute. Luckily, you can adjust the pressure from 1450 – 2030 PSI using then installed pressure knob. It has two 30 fl oz soap tanks plus uses the 14.5 amp motor.

The pressure washer has five spray nozzles that measure 0; 15; 25; & 40 to match various machine pressure as required for your paint removal job – it’ll work the same for different levels of stains of grime and dirt. Therefore, the pressure washer may both be intense and equally gentle for the paint removal.

Further, the washer has a spray nozzle that’ll easily release soap (although at low pressure) to enable the spray to effectively remove paint, stains, and grease from different surfaces without causing extensive material damage. It has a garden-hose connector, a pressure hose that measures 20-foot, and an extendable wand.


  • Dynamic Pressure change allowance – great for paint removal
  • Less noisy pressure washer
  • Electricity tun – eco-friendly as it won’t use gasoline
  • Very portable as it has wheels
  • Ease of moving and stroign – it a compact washer


  • Plastic body
  • Relies on constant electricity supply

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2. Simpson MSH3125 Cleaning & Paint Removal Gas-Pressure Washer

Simpson MSH3125 is a durable and powerful machine that’ll help wash off the paint, dirt, and grease on your surfaces. It has both a sleek design plus a powerful engine that you’ll find easy to use and maintain. Thus, the washer will leave the surface sparkling despite using the most genre of power wetting.

Simpson MSH3125 Cleaning & Paint Removal Gas-Pressure Washer Check Price on Amazon

Further, Simpson MSH3125 ensures that the deck and siding won’t get dull while using the medium spray. Also, you can remove paint and stains on different surfaces, including your driveway. A poly-braided hose is made for a high-pressure spray to reduce tear and wear – its material is equally flexible and durable.

Simpson MSH3125 overall has an ergonomic build that’ll make it simple to use and clean. For example, consider the very convenient pro-style sprayer and its high-pressure pump that generate minimal vibration. Also, the pressure washer has brass fittings & stainless steel nozzles – durable.

Further, the pressure washer has five spray options (ranging from 0 to 40 degrees) that’ll enable you to remove paints, clean the yard quickly, and your home is utilizing the different pressure settings without damaging the materials. Besides, this machine is gas-powered, and it’ll help clean at top speed.

With a top working washer pressure being 3100 PSI plus a 2.5 gallons/ minute cavity and a maintenance-free pump, you’re guaranteed that the machine will help effectively remove most paints in your house, door, fences, or yard – i.e., both exterior and interior job sites.


  • The washer’s axial-cam pump is maintenance-free as it won’t need oil.
  • It has a PowerBoost system that allows you to increase the nozzle pressure to remove paints and stains with fewer emissions better.
  • The 187 ccs, 4-stroke, and air-cooled engines in this engine are also compact for movement ease.
  • The nozzles are also color-coded, and thus it’ll be easy to use them for various applications, including cleaning your dedicated and hard surfaces.
  • It’ll also be possible to easily change the washer’s nozzle thanks to the spray wand that’s pro-style steel.


  • None

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3. WEN PW3100 Gas Paint Pressure Washer 208cc (2.5 GPM)

WEN PW3100 offers a 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) that has an axial pump also with 5 connect nozzles – 0°; 15°; 25°; 40°; & a final soap nozzle. The pressure washer has an OHV, 4-stroke, 208 cc engine pump that’ll ease you paint removal, including on metal doors and other surfaces like wood trim.

WEN PW3100 Gas Paint Pressure Washer 208cc (2.5 GPM) Check Price on Amazon

WEN PW3100, with an axial pump, provides 3100 PSI pressure that will provide excellent “cleaning power,” but the engine lacks automatic choke and thus require you to set a choke – but it’s an easy start machine. Notably, I use the pressure washer to easily clean about the expansive driveway – about 1200 sq. ft in rough 30 minutes.

WEN PW3100 comes with a 5th soap or detergent sprayer nozzle and tank so that it’ll easily siphon the detergent from the installed tank. Plus, this machine has a comfortable hand-grip plus a large (30-foot) hose, but you still add another 25-foot hose.

You’ll love the washer’s shut-off valve to control fuel flow and usage – the motor is manufactured to offer you medium-duty pain removal and stain or dirt cleaning. The 4-cycle engine oil has an engine capacity of 450 ml, plus its flue tank has a capacity of 1.25 gallons.

WEN PW3100 utilizes the recoil start system just like other small-sized engines – it comes with the fuel on or off valve, throttle, choke, and on/off switch. For your lone times of paint removal, the splash lubrication oiling will come in handy as it’ll ensure that washer won’t overheat.

You’ll love the pressure washer’s strong wheels (12-inch tires) plus its long hose that’ll make it easy to remove paint on different surfaces and job sites. The wheels are particularly helpful if you’re working on uneven or rough terrains, as it’ll enable you to maneuver easily.


  • Variety of applications including removing paint and cleaning stains and dirt
  • Budget-friendly washer model
  • Onboard detergent/ soap tank and nozzle
  • An OHV engine that’s 208cc
  • Onboard storage tanks for the nozzles
  • Lockable trigger included in the 42-inches spray lance.
  • Comes with its 30-ft hose but can add a 25-foot hose
  • Has 12-inch wheels that’re strong


  • Non-collapsible

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4. SpeedWash 7122 (2.7 GPM; 3200 PSI) Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac SpeedWash 7122 is a powerful gas-powered pressure washer that’ll offer faster and smarter paint removal and cleaning in the house and yard. It has a new pump plus extra GPM (2.7 GPM) and PSI (offers 3200 PSI) to handle the most demanding washing jobs.

SpeedWash 7122 (2.7 GPM; 3200 PSI) Gas Powered Pressure Washer Check Price on Amazon

SpeedWash 7122 is comparatively a heavy-duty washer that generates 2.7GPM with its 3200 PSI, and hence you’ll easily remove paint with the provides (8640) cleaning power. It’s considered a super-fast and very powerful pressure washer – about 50 percent faster.

SpeedWash 7122 comes with extra helpful attachments that include a turbo nozzle that’ll easily dislodge the tough grime, dirt, and paint – the power broom will also great blast the soap into the painted surfaces ready to remove them.

The paint power washer comes with a built-in power dial for its spray gun – and hence you may easily change the cleaning modes very fast. This, combined with the quick-change nozzles, allows you to smooth and fast paint removal and clean different surfaces.

Besides, you’ll find that the paint power washer is very durable, plus it comes with its high-pressure, kink-resistance, and non-marring hose that further promotes longevity. The machine is also easy to use due to its favorable allowances like the user-friendly control displays positioned at one location.

On portability, the washers are considered “never-flat” which makes it very simple to move them between project jobsites despite the terrain or even up your stairs. Also, the washer is very ergonomic particularly the Power Dial spray as you clean the soap, concrete (penetrating concrete sealer), wood, or you car.


  • Durable pressure washer plus its non-kin hose
  • Coems with 4 fast-connect spray tips
  • Very flexible washer hose
  • Many valuable ca cesories included
  • Includes a special tank for soap or detergent
  • Has a axial pump that’s very durable


  • None

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So, there you’re with the best pressure washer for paint removal. But to remove paint, you’ll first require to cover the electrical fixtures plus outdoor lighting using some polythene bags.

Remember to hold the pressure washer spray gun at an angle of about 45 degrees and a distance of 4 – 12 inches from your paint. Take care of pressure regulation since very high pressure – like above 3,000 psi, may damage some paint substrates and wood.

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