7 Best Walk Behind Concrete Grinder in 2024

Choosing the best walk behind a concrete grinder is essential as it helps you achieve a well-polished finish and saves time-just like with sprayer for walls and ceilings. Best Walk Behind Concrete Grinder

When making your selection, consider features such as power supply, the control mechanism, handle adjustability, working comfort, and the frequency of vibrations generated during grinding.

Moreover, it would help if you select a grinder that is simple to set up, economical, portable, and compatible with other external devices like dust bags. In this article, we shall review the best of these grinders in depth.

s: Top 7 Best Walk Behind Concrete Grinder in 2024

1. TOMAHAWK 8 in. Gas Concrete Scarifier Planer Grinder

Tomahawk is a gas-powered concrete grinder that features a simple pull start throttle. The grinder integrates a powerful 163cc Honda engine that works resiliently without getting fatigued. 

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The machine is designed with a high ground clearance that gives ample surface contact when grinding. Besides, Tomahawk features a classic drum kit shield that covers the ground sufficiently, thus enclosing dislodged chips entirely when grinding.

Indeed, Tomahawk comes with a strong 5.5 HP engine accelerator that allows optional speed control when working. The simple vacuum port is nicely fitted and couples perfectly with commercial dust bags without any hassle.

Tomahawk bears a classic pass leveler that allows right grinding depth without over-chipping. The front lifting handle is well-positioned for easier control, while the adjustable handle grip is fixed ergonomically for best forward motion.

More so, Tomahawk comes with multiple, self-hardened cutters/washers that grind large surface area (1000 linear foot per hour) without replacement. Notably, this power grinder is durable and has reduced vibrations.


  • Tough tungsten carbide teeth blade and classic drum kit
  • Reliable torque (5.5 HP) and powerful Honda engine – Honda GX160
  • Simple vacuum port and minimum ground vibration
  • 163cc air-cooled engine and multiple self-hardened cutters
  • Classic pass leveler and comfortable handle grip
  • Maximum surface contact and Front lifting handle


  • Requires initial user training
  • Slightly heavy

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2. XtremepowerUS 10-inch Walk-Behind Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

Xtremepower is a versatile machine that features a powerful 2.0 HP motor, which runs continuously without failure. The grinder is fitted with a wide disc diameter (10”) and a resilient disc plate that won’t wear out quickly when grinding. 

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Moreover, Xtremepower comes with a long vacuum hose fitting that pairs perfectly with most commercial waste bags. The upper handle is ergonomically designed to offer the best grip support and motion control when grinding.

Indeed, Xtremepower has simple angular handle adjustability that ranges from 34” to 46” – vertical height options. The sturdy steel framework is firmly welded and comes with side dampers that reduce vibration when grinding.

Xtremepower generates a sustainable 1730 RPM that polish concrete instantly upon contact. Besides, this power grinder features a classic walk-behind design and wide base wheels that make it more stable and comfortable to use when grinding.

Importantly, Xtremepower is manual and comes with a self-adjusting floating cover.


  • Sturdy steel framework and powerful 2.0 HP motor
  • Adjustable handle height -34” to 46”
  • Wide base wheel (8”) – more stable
  • High RPM 1730 and comfortable walk-behind design
  • Manual starter and long vacuum hose fitting 2”
  • Wide disc diameter 10” and soft handle grip
  • Classic foot raiser and self-adjusting floating cover


  • May be affected by power shortage – electric powered
  • The grinding surface could be more

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3.  Husqvarna 967278206 PG 280 Floor Grinder

Husqvarna is a classic power grinder that features a single-phase motor, which works best in small to medium surface cleaning. The machine is designed with a simple starter and sufficient ground clearance that gives ample surface contact when grinding. 

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Husqvarna is lightweight (154.3 pounds) and highly portable. The rigid rubber wheels are firmly fixed to improve stability and aid in an optional grinding motion. Moreover, this grinder integrates a classic speed control mechanism and a reliable kill switch.

Besides, Husqvarna is built with a firm metallic structure that is firmly welded to bear grinding vibrations without failure. The machine is also fitted with an adjustable handle and a classic height control mechanism that works best for various human heights.

Husqvarna is best suited for small to the medium grinding task and guarantees you low power consumption. Notably, this machine is budget-friendly and simple to use.


  • Ergonomic work position and simple starter
  • Medium to the small work area and convenient to use
  • Highly portable and lightweight – 154 pounds
  • Budget-friendly and less power consumption
  • Wide range of use and simple removal grinding disc
  • Classic rubber wheels and comfortable handle grip
  • Adjustable handle and reliable single phase motor


  • Not best for large grinding area
  • May get fatigued with the rough concrete surface

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4. CS Unitec EBS Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Grinder

CS Unitec is an electric powered grinder that features a reliable single-phase motor, which runs continuously without failure. The machine is ergonomically designed to improve grinding comfort and eliminate fatigue associated with damp vibration. 

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Indeed, CS Unitec is manufactured using a sturdy steel frame structure that is firmly welded to improve durability. The grinder comes with an adjustable handle (for the optional setting) that have comfortable grips. Moreover, this product claims to have a high load capacity and low power consumption.

CS Unitec comes with adjustable chassis and a classic adaptable floor guide that maintains ample grinding thickness. The lightweight grinder is highly portable and comes with high suction power and a simple vacuum connector.

Besides, CS Unitec features a classic loading mechanism and additional motor handle that aid in portability. The wide disc diameter (7”) is centralized for excellent pick-up while the top guard is firmly fixed to prevent debris loses.

Importantly, CS Unitec is more comfortable to start and use – no initial training needed.


  • Adjustable handle and detachable dust bag
  • Classic vibration reduction technology
  • High load capacity and highly portable
  • Lightweight (84lbs) and high suction power
  • Adjustable chassis and adaptable floor guide
  • Resilient single phase motor and classic load speed of 1700 RPM
  • Additional motor handle and wide disc diameter – 7”


  • The grinding area could be more
  • Limited rotary motion
  • Requires external dust bag

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5. Concrete Floor Grinder for Polishing Jobs and Edge work 

Concrete Floor Grinder is designed using heavy-gauge steel material that is firmly welded and interlocked to improve running strength. The handlebar is fitted with classic grip (for comfortable handling) while the net weight rests on classic caster wheels that allow directional rotary motion when grinding. 

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The simple link vacuum material is firmly fixed and adaptable to most available dust bags. Moreover, Concrete Grinder comes with variable speed control and an adjustable angular bar that aids in motion control.

More so, the machine is fitted with a reliable headlight (works even at night) and simple, quick pressure control that effectively engages the grinder to achieve ample surface grip. Indeed, Concrete Grinder is easier to transport and set – comes with tow handlebar and retractable stand.

Notably, Concrete Floor Grinder works best for medium and large concrete grain surfaces without wearing out quickly.


  • Sturdy steel framework and classic handlebar
  • Rigid rotary caster wheels and adjustable angular bar
  • Simple link vacuum system and tough diamond head
  • Easier to transport and heavy-duty construction
  • Free headlight and Variable speed control
  • Quick pressure control and comfortable handle grip


  • Not suitable very rough concrete surface
  • Limited vertical adjustability
  • Fixed handlebar

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6. MK Diamond Concrete Floor Grinder disc RPM being 3,500

MK Diamond features a high load speed (3500 RPM) and a reduced vibration mechanism that allows working in a building without disturbing the neighborhood. The machine is lightweight (44 pounds) and comes with a simple knock switch that engages the grinder at will. 

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MK Diamond is specially designed and manufactured using heavy-gauge steel metal that resists deformation and improves durability. Besides, this grinder comes with a classic vacuum connection and impressive design.

The ample ground clearance allows great surface contact when grinding, while the simple throttle design aid in optional acceleration. MK Diamond comes with adjustable and removable handles, which are easier to fix when setting up the grinder.

The handles are fitted with comfortable grips while the 7” diamond wheels are nicely cupped to improved base stability when grinding. MK Diamond is power efficient and more comfortable to control.

Notably, this grinder is highly portable and reliable.


  • High load speed (3500 RPM) and simple release design
  • Heavy gauge steel construction (durable) and portable
  • Removable and adjustable handlebar
  • Classic vacuum connection port and 7-Inch diamond cup wheel
  • Lightweight and MK IXL vacuum shroud
  • Simple knock pin switch and attractive design
  • Comfortable handle grips and low power consumption
  • High stability and reduced vibrations


  • Disc width could be better
  • Not for rough concrete surface

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Having the best walk behind concrete grinder simplifies your polishing activities. You’ll need a grinder that is easier to use, power-efficient, highly portable, durable, low vibrating, adjustable, comfortable, and simple to set. 

Besides, let your final choice be budget-friendly and match the level of concrete roughness you intend to polish without damaging the disc.

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