7 Best Recliner for Tall People 2024 Reviewed

Are you tall and big and would like a recliner that will fit your size? You deserve the Best Recliner For Tall People to get the ultimate comfort and eliminate the chances of getting back pain or sore muscles.

  • Recliners targeting tall people, particularly 6 feet height and above, have a tall backrest.

Further, people who are below the average height can consider buying the recliners for short people. Read Also: Recliners for Short People.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Recliner for Tall People in 2024

1. Stallion Recliner – Comfort King

If you need a quick answer for the Best recliner for tall people, then we recommend Stallion Recliner – Comfort King on Amazon. 

I vouch for the Stallion Comfort King recliner for being sturdy and ergonomically designed for of above-average height, about 6 ft. 8 inches. It is characteristically taller compared to other recliners.

It has a wide seat and tall back to accommodate tall people. The full recline position will get a king-size mattress full length. Also, the recliner will support about 500 lbs.

The recliner has enough length to prevent your feet from dangling at the end. Read Also: Ergonomic Sofa.

The recliner cover will easily resist staining, and the material will fill rough but easy to your skin and body. The sofa is tailored for style to offer full-body recline and extreme comfort.

It has a lane system with a drop in the coil to offer you comfort while sitting. It has back cushions and an attacked seat that will accommodate more than 350 pounds.

It has heavily padded seats and has reinforcement in the high-tension regions. Also, it has rolled arms that are stylish and oozes comfort.

The recliner has a Kiln-dried hardwood build with tenon and mortise. It is easy to assemble as it comes with just 2 pieces. 

2. CATNAPPER 546892222029 Rocker Recliner, Big Man

The Catnapper Magnum reclining glider is designed to build excellent comfort for the above-average height person. 

It has a wide and comfortable sitting area, which has additional pillow-soft and plush padding. Its reclining system will enable a quick and smooth reclining mechanism.

The recliner’s seat box is created from a full steal that is documented not to split or wrap if it carries a tall and big person. It is built from hardwood that is durable and long-lasting.

It has padded cushioning and a microfiber upholstery that will create comfort for the tall and big person. With the leg support and heat massager, the recliner will offer soothing comfort.

What we liked

  • Comfortable padded cushioning
  • Soothing reclining system
  • Wide sitting and back area.

What we didn’t like

  • Microfiber upholstery is challenging to clean

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3. Imperial Big Daddy Leather Rocker Recliner

The Imperial Big Daddy Leather Rocker Recliner should be your selection if you area big daddy. 

  • The recliner is built from soft leather that will resist stains.

It has rocking capability allows that will enable you to move sweetly during gaming or relaxing. Also, it has soft and plush cushions for extra comfort.

As an NCAA and National Hockey League licensed recliner, the Imperial Big Daddy Leather Rocker will give you sitting comfort and safety while you enjoy your viewing and gaming.

It has stain-resistant leather that is soft and high quality to last long while ensuring a soothing effect on your skin.

Interestingly, the recliner has an 8 inch embroidered logo where you can attach your best team’s logo.

Unique features

  • Offers relaxation through rocking and reclining
  • Stain-resistant leather that is soft and durable
  • 8 inch embroidered patch logo

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4. Ashley Furniture Recliner

The Ashley Furniture Recliner is an excellent sofa for a tall and big person to sleep or relax as they play a game or watch a movie. 

The recliner requires only light assembly as the furniture will come with an easy-to-follow guide. However, you will require a screwdriver for the assembling process.

It comes with metal reinforcements and a corner-block frame that makes it ready to hold large amounts of weight when a tall and big person sits.

It has big armrests having pillow-tops that will give you maximum comfort, and you can easily recline by pulling a tab.

The microfiber upholstery has high-quality cushion foam and has good fiber to increase comfort.

The recliner is big, with about 59 in x 44 in x 41 in, which increases the aesthetic look and overall comfort. The recliner will pass through a 32″ or wider width door.

The recliner has a contemporary style with the soft mocha beige that will feel soft comfortable. 

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In this article, I outlined the best recliner for tall people, analyzing size, weight limit, and comfort. Related: Quality Outdoor Rocking Chairs.

  • Recliners can be frustrating to find the match for your height and weight limit. However, we have outlined the best that would be best for the tall and big person. 

Pick one of them and check its features to determine if it will serve you well. Happy shopping!

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