Top 7 Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2024

It’s never easy to find an excellent recliner for senior citizens, pregnant women, the sick, people with terminal back pain, those with some disability or mobility challenges, and prevent sleep apnea. 

  • The recliner must have a large design, soft leather upholstery, and padded arms rest that will soothe you to sleep, even in the curled position.

A comfortable recliner will assist you in reducing back pain. Partial reclining your back reduces the excess weight on the spine. Read Also: Blackout Curtains.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2024

1. Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG – Our Top Pick

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Lever Rocker is roughly 38-40 inches wide and rocking motion to offer adequate comfort to sleep. 

It has suitable brown leather that will be easy to clean. The seats are padded with fire-resistant foam (CA 117) of about 5 inches.

The Flash Furniture recliner is oversized with a 39.66 in a deep seat that also measures 42 in high and 40 in wide. This site will enable you to curl comfortably to sleep.

It has overstuffed armrests, a seat, and a back that guarantees top comfort. It has comfortable and soft leather upholstery that you’ll love.

Also, do not worry about difficulties in cleaning the recliner as you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Read Also: Recliners for Short People.

The Flash Furniture Lever Rocker Recliner has extra cushions that will be comfortable and support your back. Foam padding build helps increase comfort and has an easy to operate side lever.

The recliner has a quick lever pull that you can use to position yourself comfortably. Also, the leg rest will support your leg muscles and help boosts blood circulation in the reclined position.

The rocking recliner would be an amazing nursery chair, in addition to its use in the living room. It’s forth rocking and gentle back with comfort, both adults and children, to slumber.

It has adequate padding on the arms and back to offer enough comfort. Unique features include contemporary Design, Lever Recliner, and Rocker Feature, and Plush Upholstered Arms, and Leather and polyurethane cover.

Highlighted Features – The recliner has a padded headrest, which will enable you to lay your head on it and sleep sweetly; the recliner has a padded footrest to increase the leg and lower back. 

2. HomCom Heating PU Leather Recliner – Runner-Up

HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating Recliner can recline to a different position, and the massager will soothe your tight back and neck muscles. 

Also, the chair has a heating function that will enhance your slumber. Further, the chair can spin by 360 degrees to face your required direction.

  • You can use the five options settings to adjust the massage intensity. The Pulaski Birch Hill Recliner is another recliner that can aid your slumber. The fabric cover is easy and also comes with a durable solid plywood frame.

If you need more comfort, the slider has adequately padded sides, arms, and backs. Further, you can readily rock and swivel at the same time, which will soothe you to sleep.

The recliner has excellent styling and comfort. The spring coils have a drop that will provide you with high comfort to allow you to slumber.

Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Yandel Power Lift Recliner is, in addition, good for people with mobility problems. It is smooth in operation. It’ll recline fully and lift the occupant to a high level.

Further, the recliner structure is created from Metal and has a heavy base for increased stability. Read Also: Ergonomic Sofa.

Sick people, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities should be given a comfortable sleeping place: which can include but are not limited to a good Recliner for Sleeping.

Are you a temperamental sleeper? Or do you like laying totally flat? Or do you fancy the Zero Gravity position? Then, you should try slumber Recliner!

  • Life reclining mechanism – The chair’s motor supports both the lift and recliner that you can operate by pushing a switch to get great lounging occurrence.

Quality upholstery and Frame – The chair is made from brown upholstery that is thick and feels smooth. Also, it has a comfortable high back with a frame that is corner-blocked and strong.

The strong metal frame will guarantee safe lift and reclining even for seniors and people with mobility challenges.

3. Perfect Sleep Chair – Medical & Lift Chair

The perfect sleep chair is considered the Bugatti Veyron of recliner chairs. Despite its relatively high price, the Perfect Sleep Chair has features that will excel as a slumber recliner. 

  • You can use the recliner like a semi-massager, lift chair, sleeper, or medical chair. Its full weight is 125 lbs and will hold a maximum of 375 lbs.

In addition, if you are worried about power, the perfect sleep chair comes with a 9v back up battery. Read Also: Sectional Sofa for Family.

As a lift chair, the perfect sleep chair has a system that gives one some push and thus allows you to stand better, especially if you have a medical condition.

It has soft but durable leather that will soothe your skin and your muscles when coupled with the massager.

  • Zero Gravity- The perfect chair will recline to a position that will enable uniform redistribution of your weight all over your body.
  • This aids the circulation of blood and thus promotes better health. Achieving such a position will help you slumber faster, deeper, and for a long time with additional comfort.

Semi-massager – The recliner will allow you to get a vibration massage through its semi-massager. The recliner might not provide the ultimate message that you would want, but it offers the convenience of an accessible massage when your back really needs it.

Heat Therapy – If you are ever worried about the winter cold, the perfect sleep recliner will be an awesome companion in addition to the reclining mechanism, soft leather, and warm cushions.

Amazing Features – Heat Therapy mechanism, Full recline capability, Power backup, and Variable vibration massage. This recliner has a heat therapy mechanism that eliminates both cold and back pain.

4. Catnapper Griffey Power Lay Flat Recliner

The Catnapper Griffey Power Lay Flat Recliner will offer quiet and smooth functioning. It has a comfortable, simple to clean, and durable Valentino bonded leather. 

Further, for your comfort and sleep reclined sleeping, the recliner comes with a steel seat box that will prevent bending and also guarantee appropriate side-to-side tilting and crossbars that allow direct diving. Also, to prevent bending, the recliner has a unitized steel base.

It features a transitional style that has mixed espresso and upholstery wood that produces a chic appearance for top sleeping comfort. Its coils are pocketed individually and thus will offer you top napping comfort.

The lay-flat features in the Griffey Power Recliner come in handy during your napping time while the power lift system allows easy lowering and raising of the chair for an additional standing boost.

The Griffey Power Recliner has fifteen coils (gauge heat tempered) that increase its durability and properly support your body while you nap.

Its coil system comes sheathed in fiber and foam and thus increases comfort and enhances a better reclining chair shape. Read Also: Leather Sectional Sofa.

The Griffey Power Recliner has a very wide seat, and its cushions are highly padded with an excellent headrest.

Amazing Features:

  • Won’t bend easily due to the Unitized steel base
  • Has direct-drive crossbar
  • The quick and smooth reclining system
  • Match the upholstery and color to the decor of your house
  • You can sleep in any house room.

5. Med-Lift 5555 Full Sleeper (Cabo Havanna)

The Med-Lift 5555 will give you top sleeping comfort with its TV Position and is suitable for people between 5’6″ – 6’4″.  

  • It has a battery backup to allow you effective reclining during a power blackout.

It has the wall-away characteristic that allows you to save on space by locating the recliner about 3-1/2″ from a wall and also recline comfortably.

Its seat-back is uni-constructed and is highly durable and strong. Further, you can easily operate the backrest or footrest individually with its twin motors (Okin Super Quiet type).

The Med-Lift 5555 is appropriate for heavy people since its weight capacity is 375 lbs. It is a normal size chaise pad and a suitable magazine pocket.

Its frame is made from hardwood that is kiln-dried while the high-pressure areas in the chair are made from oak that is kiln-dried for top strength.

  • It has unique locking T-nuts that will guarantee a stable and strong chair system for a long time.
  • Its backrest fiber is non-allergenic, odor-less, and without dust and thus will maintain its shape to offer top napping coziness.

Amazing Features – Has a massage (Ultra-Ezz-III) mechanism, Has an electric lift and recline system, Strong due to the steel-lift and hardwood-frame system, and Comes with a power backup.

Lane Stallion Chaise Recliner – Lane Stallion Chaise Wallsaver Recliner Color is for the big and tall people. Notably, it is among the Best Recliners for Sleeping as it is both comfortable and will have a full-length mattress size in the full recline position.

The Lane Stallion Chaise Recliner has a coil with high tension: C3 pocketed seat coil design that is patented.

Therefore, the heavy-duty base and coil mechanism make the chair good for heavy and tall men. Also, it has a large supportive back. Read Also: Outdoor Rocking Chairs.

The Lane Stallion Chaise has a High back, about 48-inches, to provide enough support for your upper back, lower back, and neck.

6. Catnapper Gibson Swivel Glider Recliner

The Sage Gibson Swivel Glider Recliner has a modern-day build with a heavy-duty and soft wide seating area. 

Its materials are of high quality: including soothing springs and coil cushions.

  • The recliner will enable you to generate an inviting home space while assuring that your reclined sleeping will be top-notch.

Its upholstery is made up of a fabric (micro denier-suede) that is plush and long-lasting.

To avoid careless wear and bending, the Sage Gibson swivel glider recliner has a sturdy unitized steel base.

It has an innovative frame build that assures comfortable and safe reclined sleeping and holds a large weight of any individual of your family members.

With the Omega reclining system, you can be assured of a quick, safe, and smooth reclining while you go into your nap.

Its sturdy steel seat box guarantees that you won’t experience any splitting or warping while you sit or sleep on the Sage Gibson Swivel Glider Recliner.

For top strength, the manufacturer included Tenon and Mortise in all the frame areas using furniture-quality plywood.

Amazing Features – Has a Sturdy and plush Micro-Denier Suede, Has an excellent Pub Back, Broad Seating Area, and Modern looking design recliner.

High back and Unique wall-saver – Lane Stallion Chaise has a unique wall saver that will enable you to save room space. Read Also: Reclining Sectional Sofas.

Large weight capacity – The lift recliner allows a maximum of about 500 pounds, which is very favorable for heavy people, and they can slumber on it for a long time.

Further, the back, seat, and arms have heavy pads to offer you maximum comfort. Therefore, this would be considered the heavy people’s best recliner for sleeping.

7. Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger

The Giantex Manual Lounger comes with a totally retractable reclining system and a great price for a sleeping recliner.

  • It has a strong build that will be safe for sleeping and relaxing. 

The recliner is appropriate for individuals who are 6′ 4″ and below, considered to be plus-size folks. It can hold a weight capacity of roughly 330 lbs.

It has a highly durable foam seating and steel system. Therefore, you’ll have enough seating space and be safe in your reclined sleeping position.

With the Giantex Manual Lounger, you’ll easily nap in your TV or living room. Its leather is sturdy, wear-resistant, and breathable, which gives it a plush look.

It comes with a Hand Lever that you’ll find easy to control since it is appropriately located on the side of the recliner. It has a strong wood build and durable Metal that will easily and safely support you while you relax or nap on the sleep recliner.

The recliner’s backrest and seat are packed with a doll-cotton pad and a strong and smooth sponge to give you excellent sleeping comfort. Read Also: Recliners for Pregnancy.

Amazing Features – Modern design, Ease of assembly, Strong frame and base, Easy to assemble, and Simple to clean.

8. Homeland T- Plush Microfiber Glider

The Homelegance Laurelton Recliner allows proper seating coupled with easy touches that will make the sofa an excellent device to trigger good sleep. 

The plush reclining chair will attract both you and your visitors to try out a good time’s sleep for maximum rest.

It has a microfiber upholstery that is durable and soft in texture. You can easily recline the seat on the back or smoothly glide to rock yourself to a comfortable sleep.

The sofa seat has additional cushioning aimed to support you and keep you comfortable. It has a padded and oversized armchair to allow you to sleep better.

The recliner has a nice and plush texture. Luckily, you can easily adjust the footrest, and thus you will find it easy to sleep.

  • The Tucker Camel Recliner is considerably one of the best reclining sofas you can purchase for your sleeping needs. 
  • It has a plush micro fabric that is comfortable and durable, which, combined with the reclining system, will assist you to sleep better.
  • It has a smaller size, which is suitable for apartments and small-sized homes.

It has a reinforced back to support the spine, and the partial reclining will assist you to relax the body muscles. The 2nd reclining option will allow you to ease fatigue and muscle tension but keep you back in the right place.

It has 15 inches wide and 20 inches deep seat dimensions that will allow you to relax and relax in the reclining position at 150 degrees. The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is a large full-size recliner that comes with a message to give you top comfort.

The sleeping recliner has a massager that comes with both the low and high settings, whose operations are placed on the back and seat areas (but they can work independently).

The rocking mechanism will enable you to enjoy your gaming or Television watching while having comfort, and you can finally slide into a sweet sleep.

  • In addition, the recliner has a massager that will allow you to relax your muscles as you enjoy your entertainment or sleep.
  • You’ll enjoy the great lumbar area support through a plush foam that is in the reclining rocker.

Overfilled design – The rocker is an over-filled design to give you the best comfort and sweet sleep. Such a design will enable you to forget all your work as you enjoy your game or viewing.

Rocking mechanism – The rocking technology chair has armrests that are greatly padded to allow you good resting. Also, the chair will recline smoothly without cranking noises.

Foam seat area – The sleeping recliner is built from durable foam that will last long to give you the best service in sleep reclining. Read Also: Rocking Chairs for Nursery.

Further, the seats cushions are secure to the chair’s seating and back area. Also, the recliner has upholstered knee and leg support materials. 

9. Tucker Camel Recliner

Tucker Camel Recliner has suitable for assisted living spaces and apartments due to its small size. Its partial reclining option will perfectly relax your stiff muscles. 

Also, the reinforced back will buttress the spine for comfort and better sleep.

  • You can use the three reclining functions to shift the recliner to your desired comfort and slumber position.

The Tucker Camel Recliner gives your home an excellent feel and increases sleeping comfort. Notably, the recliner is sturdy and effortless to clean. It has a comfortable and plush feel.

Its arms, back, and seat have foam stuffing that will allow you to descend excellently into comfort, cutting tension to your back and hence lessening pain.

Further, you’ll find the Tucker Camel Recliner easy to clean due to the plush microfiber that will also not stain easily. Any recline should be clean, which is why the manufacturer produced it from steel and Asian hardwood.

Adjustable recliner – The Tucker Camel Recliner will allow you to recline to 3 varied positions to increase support and comfort while you are enjoying a day’s work.

It also has camel coloring that well greatly fits into your room décor. Further, if your rooms are small, the Tucker Camel Recliner has a compact build and is lightweight to fit into your apartment or private house.

The recliner will adequately support your back and hence will be favorable for the sick and seniors.

Amazing Features, Simple to assemble, three recliner options for increased slumber comfort, and Has a camel color that fits excellently into your room décor.

Read Also: Neck and Shoulder Massager

Considerations for Best Recliners for Sleeping

1. Material

A recliner will be durable if you choose one that is created from durable materials. Also, the materials should be beautiful, easy to clean, and easy to use.

  • Therefore, check the recliner’s build: Its reclining system, upholstery, and frame.
  • You should make sure that the recliner materials will last long. Also, purchase a recliner that has a color that you love and will match well with the home decor.

Let’s face it: Probably, most of us require sleep correction. There is a minimum of fifteen widespread medical sleep disorders. The most common sleep discomfort complaints include snoring, pain, turning and tossing, and sleep apnea, etc.

Sleep chairs should be fully adjustable to the Trendelenburg and have zero gravity positions to relieve your joint and muscle aches. But read on to discover other top sleeping recliners in the same class.

2. Comfort

Do you need to sleep fast and comfortably on your recliner? Well, then your recliner must have a comfortable build that will keep relaxed.

  • Therefore, you’ll need to search for a recliner that has a suitable sear area and back size. Consider you’re the size of your current.
  • Further, check the amount and density of the padding that is allowed in the recliner to estimate how comfortable you will be on the recliner.

Maybe some nights, you feel a little chest tightness or breath shortness when you lie down in bed.

Or its the heartburn that denotes that lying in bed is not appropriate? Or maybe it’s insomnia that makes you turn and toss for a long time.

3. Recliner size and room space

Consider the amount of space you will have in your room to place the recliner. Also, determine the size of the recliner to ensure that you maximize the available space.

  • Therefore, go straight to the recliner dimensions to ensure that the sofa will match your requirements.
  • Also, the Sleeping Recliner would be excellent for pregnant women, sick or elderly people. But why sleep recliners?

The culprit is our bedding and sleep posture. I can’t imagine the morning pain I feel after sleeping on the traditional sofa, maybe after dozing while reading, catnapping, or watching TV. Sleep Recliners are the solution.

First, What is Sleeping Recliner? – Sleeping recliners are cushioned motored powered chairs or sofas whose backrest and leg rest can twist to your preference, giving your top comfort.

Therefore, the sofa enables you to rest your spinal cord or legs on the provided back, and leg rests, respectively, to achieve your quality rest or sleep.

How Does A Sleeping Recliner Help You Sleep? – Further, the leg rest will improve the varicose veins’ appearance and aid blood circulation. Better circulation improves breathing and thus induces sleep.

  • Recliners are easy to assemble, operate, and move to your favorable position and thus will not require much effort to achieve that desired sleep session.
  • For example, you’ll only need to press just a single lever or button, and you’ll lift the footrest and recline the back.


We have analyzed the best recliners for sleeping that you can purchase right now.

  • The above recliners are both safe and comfortable enough to allow you to sleep sweetly.

Good recliners will enable you to raise your legs and feet and recline to the proper degree and support the shoulder and the head as required to reduce stress on your back and spine.

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