How To Relieve Back Pain Fast At Home

No doubt about it: You are one among the 31 million Americans, according to research, who experience backaches in their life. You’ll learn how to relieve back pain quickly.

  • But before we get into the steps you should take to relieve your back pain, let get into the WHY we should take the problem seriously.
  • The systematic literature review by Rodrigo Dalke Meucci et al. (2024) shows that chronic low back pain increases linearly from when a person is 30 years on until when they reach age 60.

Further, chronic low back pain is highly widespread among women. So, why should you care about the statistics? Isn’t the pain just a simple condition that will go away within no time? Wrong!

Surprisingly, slight back pain sadly leads to disability. For example, low back pain is documented to causes also a third of all work-related disability cases in the United States.

So, what causes back pain? Back pain and other spine-related problems result from poor posture, poor workplace ergonomics, or bad sleeping habits.

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How to relieve back pain fast at home – Step by Step

1. Core muscle exercise – The right way!

Muscle tightness is one of the causes of low back pain. Notably, hip flexors, quads, and Hamstrings may shorten with time and thus cause muscle stretching and consequently lead to back pain.

During the day, your back and abs support the lower pain. However, the muscles in these regions might not stretch enough.

For a start, use an exercise ball for about 30 minutes and sit upright on it to stretch your core.

You can use a mart or a carpeted floor for the core muscle exercises. Ensure to take deep and free breaths while exercising.

Your exercise should target the core and the muscles to relieve spasm and tension, causing intense back pain.

Ensure to focus on the transversus abdominis, which are the most profound muscle in your abdominal, and which you can feel contracting whenever you cough.

Core exercises build core muscles and abs include abdominal crunch, bridge, and segmental rotation, Superman, modifies plank, side plank, single-leg abdominal press, and other modified plank variations.

However, if you are worried about how to squeeze time for exercise, 20-30 minutes will be enough to stretch your core.

Further, consult a doctor on your fitness levels and then start a Daily Stretching Routine.

Remember to stand beside your work desk and stretch backward during the day. Also, you can do yoga in addition to spreading your legs.

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2. Sleep Better for BackPain Relief

Lower back pain causes many disability cases globally and is mainly attributed to lousy sleeping positions and poor posture.

a. Use a pillow between the knees and sleep on your side

Do you ever feel pain in the back or uncomfortable when sleeping flat? Be sure that sleeping on the side will give you ultimate comfort to avoid straining your spine and back muscles.

In the side sleeping position, your left or right shoulder, and the accompanying side of your body must touch your mattress.

Ensure to have a below between the knees. But how does this help? The pillow will help align the spine, pelvis, and hips, and thus reduce muscle strain.

Further, you can use another pillow between the matters and your waist, if there is space that is left.


Avoid oversleeping on one side as this could lead to scoliosis or muscle imbalance.

b. Sleep on the back and have a pillow under the abdomen

Maybe you already know that sleeping on your stomach can hurt your back.

  • Well, you are right.

Such a position can stress your neck muscles. However, you can balance the stress by placing a pillow under the lower abdomen and pelvis to remove some pressure from your back.

Further, depending on the comfort level, you can place a pillow under the head.

3. Reclined sleeping

It is very uncomfortable sleeping on the regular couch. Ouch!

Enter sleep recliners with all the comfort, and possibly massage, in the world.

Mainly, sleeping in a reclined position can be beneficial for people with isthmic spondylolisthesis.

So, how does reclining help you back?

In the reclined position, the trunk and thighs will have an angle and hence pull off pressure from your back and spine.

4. Practice good posture

As a kid, how many times were you told, sit upright! Stop slouching! Or stand up straight?

Well, that’s mainly all it entails to practice a good posture that can lead to back pain relief.

With good posture, your back will be stable and robust.

However, stooping or slouching will strain your ligaments and muscles, which would eventually cause back pains.

Also, you can utilize some stability balls that can help give you an excellent posture to relieve the back pain you have.

Shoulder blade squeeze

Therefore, always have your back against the chair while you are sitting at your work desk. In this position, always rest your hands on your thighs.

Further, maintaining the chin level and the shoulders down. Squeeze the shoulder blades while drawing the shoulders. Repeat this process, but hold after a few seconds.

Also, ensure your feet lie flat on the floor while you sit.

Further, if your chair is not suitable for an ergonomic sitting, you should purchase a lumbar pillow.

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5. Aerobic Exercises

Cardio or aerobic workouts can help you fortify your cardiovascular system.

The aerobic exercise, enormously when prolonged, will enhance blood and nutrients flow in the whole body, including your back.

The transfer of nutrients and blood will reduce body stiffness and promote healing of worn our back issues.

Some of the aerobic exercises you can take include swimming, biking since they can increase your heart rate.

Further, walking using ergonomic shoes also is good as it reduces the possibility of hurting your spine.

a. Elliptical trainer.

Much like a standard bicycle, the elliptical trainer will cut the stress on the spine as you move the legs through the oval action continuously.

b. Stationary bike.

Well, we all loved the bikes when we were kids. OR at least I did!

However, riding a stationary bike will help ease the pain that is disturbing you in the back.

c. Water therapy.

Swimming is all fun and relaxing. But it can also have a positive impact on your back, particularly when it is done aerobically.

Aerobic water therapy will cut off the strain that is going to your lower back. The effect is that water buoyancy balance the impact of gravity and thus prevents pressure on your lower back.


Well, there you have it. The ultimate methods you can use to relieve back pain fast at home.

Pick your favorite techniques, but ensure to consult your doctor before starting any workout exercises. Happy lower back revolution.

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