7 Best Bullet Journal Notebook 2024 Reviewed

Journalists and authors love the Best bullet journal notebook for being useful tools in self-organization.

  • But, bullet journals come in many shades, colors, features, and textures.

In this guide, I’ll take you through how to choose a simple but unmatched bullet journal notebook. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Bullet Journal Notebook in 2024

1. Leuchtturn1917 Bullet Journal Black – #1 Pick

With the bullet journal, you can reduce the mess with your family schedule, reading lists, submissions, creative writing projects, and blog. 

Leuchtturn1917 tops the list of Best Bullet Journal Notebooks for its reputation, quality, and wide color variety.

It’s designed uniquely considering the bullet journal system and thus named the “The BuJo Notebook”.

  • The brand and product speak for themselves. For example, Notably, Ryder Carroll partnered with Leuchtturm to craft the official Bullet Journal brand.
  • I recently purchased four of the Leuchtturn1917 notebooks, and I can witness the top paper quality that is ink-proof too!

To give you the best efficiency, the Bullet Journal notebook has 249 pages that have numbered grid dot pages (allow daily, monthly, and “Future” logs), a quick-reference index, and “signifiers”.

  • Interestingly, Leuchtturn1917 has a highly durable hardcover that comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Leuchtturn1917 has woven bookmarks and comes with three color codes that will allow you to navigate different sections of the notebook efficiently.

For the notebook enthusiasts, Leuchtturn1917 has a thread-bound hardcover, gusseted pocket, an elastic enclosure, and that will open flat hence you’ll not have the awkward hump at the middle while writing.

  • With its double bookmarks organization systems: an index and numbered pages.
  • Overall, I love the color selection, quality, and bookmarking and navigation systems that Leuchtturn1917 provides.

Therefore, let’s dive into the details of the highest quality Bullet Journal Notebook that you can purchase to organize your life activities at the best value possible.

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2. Rhodia Webnotebook A5 Dot Grid – #2 Pick 

The Rhodia Webnotebook A5 Dot Grid, nicknamed “Webbie,” is well known Best Bullet Journal Notebook, particularly to people who use fountain pens. 

  • This is largely because the Webbie has a fountain pen, friendly papers.
  • It has an elastic strap, and there are attached little sleeves and a hardcover.

Notably, the journal Notebook could have the thickest hardcover that is truly sturdy. Also, it comes with an overhang with some rounded edges and an average of a 3-millimeter overhang.

The hardcover is also super smooth such that it even shows an imprint of its elastics straps at the bottom and top right.

  • It is plain black but has an embossed Rhodia logo at the front part.
  • Interestingly, the journal notebook has 892 ivory-colored pages.
  • The journal notebook has a pocket at the back that does not line up with the edges, which makes it easy to access.

The ivory-colored paper is produced by Claire frontin and France and thus has a high-quality production. Also, the forms are very smooth and will feel keen to write on.

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3. Moleskine Classic Notebook – Soft Cover – #3 Pick

Moleskine’s classic notebook is multipurpose, hardy, lightweight, and soft to touch. Notably, the Moleskine notebooks are almost similar to the Leuchtturm1917. 

  • Luckily, the journal is light enough to be carried in your bag.
  • However, Leuchtturm1917 is slightly larger with about 250-pages, while Moleskine’s classic notebook has 192-pages.

Further, different bullet journalists report that Moleskine’s classic notebook has papers that are very thin to allow detailed colored doodles.

  • It allows a slight amount of flex and is hardy enough for rough handling. The bullet journal allows elastic closure, has rounded corners, and a softcover.
  • Interestingly, Moleskine’s classic notebook comes with an expandable inner pocket and a ribbon bookmark. Further, its paper is acid-free.
  • It’ll be fit for you if you love journaling or writing personal reflections and thoughts.

Of course, Notebook producers design some beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, and premium Notebooks in the world.

However, they’re not all created equal, and each has its downsides as well as strong points. 

If you choose the appropriate Journal Notebook, you’ll not only get a great organization system to increase productivity, but also combine all the following: sketchbook, diary, notebook, to-do list.

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How Bullet Journaling Changed My Life

I am now informed! A bullet journal is not merely what I thought it was: a “dear diary.”

It’s excitingly your “brain’s filing cabinet” with its unique, customizable symbols and charts to assist you to track your goals, to-do list, and calendar.

a. Concentrated better on self-care 

I’ve no problem with scheduling my daily evening morning workout. However, in my journey to increased self-care, I have incorporated a morning meditation, which I tend to miss time always.

  • However, with the bullet journal at hand, I’ve now have created a “healthy and fitness” page that allows me to plan my self-care routine. 

For example, the exciting box coloring for my stretch sessions has enabled me to take my supplements, vitamins easily, and early morning stretches.

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b. Eureka! To an innovative, creative outlet.

I am more of a visual artist and love amazing BuJo. Therefore, the Bullet journal notebook in the #bulletjournal gave me many ideas that are tweaked and developed to create a unique Moleskin.

  • Now I am a proud owner of colorful pens to create fantastic washi tape.

Thus, with barely a page of bullet journaling or 20 minutes of spreading, I can develop my creative ideas and unwind the day’s stress.

c. I no longer feel pressured for perfectness

Do you ever re-do a whole project when it looks less appealing? Well, just about what I was before meeting my bullet journaling notebook.

However, bullet journaling allows me to make up different aspects of my projects as I progress, increasing some pages as required.

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With the index feature of the bullet journal notebook, your work will be more organized.

  • Hence, continuous development allows me to sample new designs with the assurance that I can try another one next.

This constant development mentality has grown into my whole life.

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