7 Best Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3 2024 Reviewed

Is the raspberry pi three overheating? Choose one of the Best Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3.

  • The pi 3’s SoC (system-on-chip) overheats while under a load, and prolonged load exposure could reduce its lifespan and needs the Best Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3.  

However, getting a quality heat sink for Raspberry Pi 3 micro-SD cards with a case can help you keep your pi 3 cool. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3 2024 

1. Mudder 8 Piece Black Aluminum Heatsink – #1 Pick

Mudder 8 Piece Black Aluminum Heatsink is perfect for Raspberry Pi 3 but also Pi 2 and Pi Model B+. 

  • It is compatible with Pi models A, B, B+, 2 & 3 boards.
  • They are made from pure aluminum and have adhesive thermal tape to increase thermal efficiency to the IC. 

But searching for the Best heat sink can prove to be anything near a challenging puzzle due to the many brands and products available in the market.

I’ll describe the best heat sink single to cool your raspberry pi 3. 

It will, if you have a reliable Pi 3 Operating System, reduce hardware failure risk, and extend the pi 3’s lifetime. 

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2. LoveRPi Performance Heatsinks for Pi 3 Model B (1 Set) – #2 Pick  

The LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3 for Pi 3 Model heat sink will lower the LAN and CPU temperature for overclocked and enclosed settings for both Pi 2 Model B and Pi 3 Model B. 

  • The cooler is easy to install and is an exact fit for Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 Models B.
  • Interestingly, the heat sink (large straight fin type) will fit into Raspberry Pi 3, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi One, and Banana Pi M3.

The Straight-fin design has double the height in various coolers and thus works correctly in both the active and passive mode.

The heat sinks, without active cooling, will maintain your pi 3’s temperature at 75°C when it is at full load. However, it will hold 20°C above the ambient temperate with active cooling.

It will prevent self-throttling and hot spots on your Pi 3’s SoC since it increases its surface areas tenfold.

It has 3M tapes (double-sided), which you will easily peel and stick in a direction that has the highest airflow.

Further, the tape has high adhesiveness and thermal conductivity that will increase the reliability of the heat sink in its operation. 

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3. Aluminum Heatsink, Longruner – 6 Heatsinks – #3 Pick 

The nest is the Aluminum Heatsink; Longruner – 6 Heatsinks has a straight-fin design and is twice as tall for top cooling. Fits well with Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 (both Model B). 

You’ll not have any more throttling. High adhesion and thermal conductivity ensure reliability.

The Longruner Aluminum Heatsink will be an excellent cooling device for your raspberry pi 3. The cooler will fit precisely to your Pi 2 Model B and Pi 3 Model B.

It will enable you to cool the LAN and CPU temperatures in both the overclocked and enclosed settings.

Just like the LoveRPi heat sink, Longruner Aluminum Heatsink will fit into Raspberry Pi 3, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi One, Banana Pi M3, and Orange Pi + 2.

The heat sink will provide extreme performances with its straight-fin design that has twice the height of other coolers.

Also, with heat sink will expand the heat cooling capacity by more than 100 times in hot spots. 

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4. Games&Tech 3 Pieces Cooling Kit – Pi 3 Model B 

Easycargo 15 pcs Raspberry Pi Heatsink Al + Cu is compatible with Pi 3, Pi 2, and Pi Model B+. 

  • Comes with 5 copper and 10 black aluminum cooling pieces and 3M 8810 adhesive tape. 
  • They have a short profile to fit in the standard Pi cases. Can cool IC Chips, regulators, processors.

The Games&Tech heatsink has a thermal adhesive layer that will make it easy to install on the Pi 3 board.

However, make sure that the chip modules do not have grease and dirt. Finally, remove the guard line and press it on the chip modules.

The heatsink will fit the RAM/CPU, Power, and Network chips of your Raspberry Pi. Applying the heatsink on your Raspberry Pi will ensure that the device is cold in the overclocking mode. 

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5. SainSmart Copper Heatsink Cooler 3 Set

The SainSmart Copper Heatsink will lower your Pi’s temperature by a minimum of 5° C to allow it to continue running while operating seamlessly. 

The cooler comes as a 3 piece set heat sinks. For ease of installation, the SainSmart Copper Heatsink has a thermally conductive adhesive that is a Pre-applied. 

  • Further, you’ll be happy to know that the heat sink is designed specifically to be used on Raspberry Pi.
  • Therefore, it will provide maximum efficiency on your raspberry pi 3 and others, as stipulated in the product specifications.

Also, the heat sink will fit into the power and network chips and RAM/ CPU of your Raspberry Pi.

The cooler will sustain the best operation while reducing overheating and breakdowns on your raspberry pi. 

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6. JBtek MakerFire Copper Aluminium Heatsink for Pi B+ & Pi 2 RPi

The JBtek Al-Cu Heatsink is easy to install with the thermally conductive adhesive that is pre-installed.

It is specifically designed to fit and work efficiency with Pi 2 and Pi B+. Remove the adhesive tape covering and Place each heat sink on top of the chip and press down firmly.

It comes in two sets of copper heat sinks; one is copper brown while the other is colored blue, all of which you will affix on the main two chips.

With the heat sinks now installed, it will be easy to overclock your Raspberry Pi with no fear of overheating or a reduced component life cycle. It will work correctly with SMCI NIC/USB controller chip. 

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With the above information on Best Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3, I hope you can make an appropriate buying decision.

A heat sink will help you achieve maximum efficiency and maintaining the device’s life cycle.

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