7 Best Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 3 2024 Reviewed

You should know that many problems you experience with your raspberry pi 3 are mainly due to using underpowered and low-quality supplies. 

  • You’d thus require the Best power supply for raspberry pi 3.

Many power supplies in the market lie about the specification and they experience a significant voltage drop. Read Also: Best Laptop Tablet Combo

Reviews: 7 Best Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 3 in 2024

1. CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply Adapter

The amazing CanaKit 5V 2.5A power supply is uniquely designed for your Raspberry Pi 3.  Notably, the unit has an inline noise filter to achieve ultimate reliability and stability. 

This power supply differs from the normal 5V USB power supply. This power supply will enable you to power your Raspberry Pi 3 to its full 2.5A load and a 1.2A on its 4 USB ports.

Sturdy design

CanaKit power supply has been designed to withstand harsh normal use conditions. For example, the unit has isolated and individually insulated cables that will not break in normal use.

  • Its excellently molded plastic cover will allow you to move with it easily without breaking.
  • The power supply unit has thin cables that you can easily roll up as you move around. Also, it has gripping strips that will improve its usability.

Heat and Noise efficiency – The unit has both noise and heat resistance. The unit has a band magnet that protects the thin wires from environmental noise.

The unique design ensures that the unit will generate limited heat and thus it is has a compact make. Read Also: Gaming Projector.

2. BEST-YES – Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply – Micro USB Adapter

The BEST-YES Raspberry Pi 3 adapter is a high-quality device that has AC to DC 5.1V 2,500mA switching. The device is created for projects needing a high power level. 

As a CSA and UL listed adapter, the device is compact and includes much-regulated output switching power and thus guarantees the provision of an accurate and constant DC power.

  • Worried about your other Raspberry Pi compatibility with this adapter?
  • Well, you are lucky that the adapter is compatible with all Raspberry Pi versions including Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 2.

Further, the device will have low noise and produce a steady fixed switching voltage. The adapter will offer increased reliability and stability with quick recharging for your USB device and raspberry pi.

3. Gowoops 5V 2.5A Adapter – Switch OnOff LED – 2 Heatsinks

The Gowoops Pi 3 adapter is unique with its 2 Heat sinks and a Switch On-Off LED light that will not only guarantee efficiency but also ease of use. 

Further, the adapter has a removable and replaceable Micro USB Cable that will allow you to continue using the adapter despite the breakage of the original cable.

  • With the convenient on-off switch, you’ll not need to require to remove the adapter to reboot or restart the Pi 3.
  • The copper and aluminum heat sinks in the adapter will conveniently cool off the adapter and also prevent overheating of the Pi.

With the power output (AC 100-240V or 50-60Hz) you’ll easily power your raspberry pi 2 or 3 and any other USB device.

The device is durable and has a steady output voltage that will guarantee the maximum efficiency of your raspberry pi 3. 

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4. Enokay Power Supply for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a common Single Board Computer (SBC), which implies that a single board with a full commuter. 

The adapter has a longer able: 1.5 meters that could offer convenience while powering your raspberry pi 3.

  • Also, the adapter has adequate capacity to power your raspberry pi 3 and other USB devices.
  • It has a suitable ON or OFF switch in the Micro USB Cable that will allow easy reboot of your Pi 3. 

If you need an efficient and constant power supply for your raspberry pi 3, then you should read this article to the end to enable you to make a good buying decision. 

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5. Waveshare Official Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply

Well, I hope you note the word OFFICIAL in the product name! This power supply is the recommended unit by Raspberry for your raspberry pi 3.

  • The unit will have a characteristic Raspberry Pi Logo.

This is not by any mistake, the power supply is designed to take full advantage of your Raspberry Pi 3 board’s improved power management.

Also, the unit will come with easily interchangeable heads for various regions: the US, China or Australia, EU, and the UK. Read Also: Controller for Rocket League

  • The Official Universal Power Supply, a 5V 2A Output, is a high-quality unit that comes with a micro B USB connection, a 1.5m cable length. 
  • Further, the power supply unit works on a 100-240v input. The AC Min is 90V while the AC Max is 264V. 
  • The Official Raspberry Pi 3 adapter is a big name in its category, mainly because it is recommended by Raspberry. 

This is because of its reliability and efficiency in power supply considering the Raspberry Pi 3’s circuit board power requirement. Evidently, the adapter provides 5.1V for 2.5A, which is well above most Pi.

This will evidently favor you with the new Pi 3 models. The adapter has over-voltage, over-current, and Short circuit protection. 

Therefore, the adapter is much safer compared to other power supply units that offer unregulated power. The adapter is ERP rated at level 6 on efficiency. Check the Official Raspberry Pi Supply Unit Datasheet

Alternative Methods to Power your Raspberry Pi 3 

A Raspberry Pi 3, being a single-board computer (SBC), requires a lower amount of power compared to your regular computer. 

With upgraded features such as built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, your Raspberry Pi 3 tends to consume more power compared to its predecessors.  

  • However, with additional features such as Bluetooth, Raspberry versions like Raspberry Pi 3 require more reliable power supply sources.
  • Your Raspberry Pi 3 requires a 2.5A and 5.1V power supply depending on their level of use.
  • Clearly, the device demands higher ampere power than its predecessors while maintaining steadiness and efficiency.

In this article, we will discuss the various methods you can use to power your Raspberry Pi 3n to achieve maximum efficiency.

1. Charging Hubs – Raspberry Pi 3

Your Raspberry Pi 3 will benefit greatly from the desktop Charging Hubs for consistent and stable power. They will help you achieve a quick and appropriate power supply solution for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Considering the increasing power requirement for the new Raspberry Pi 3 models due to additional features such as Bluetooth, the Charging Hubs will serve a convenient purpose.

For example, new models of the Charging Hubs provide 5V-12A+ power, which is distributed across various ports and is convenient for powering varied sets of devices including your Raspberry Pi 3.

2. PC USB Power

You can appropriately power raspberry pi from USB, particularly the PC USB.

  • Despite that PC US power is not highly recommended for charging your raspberry pi 3 because of power fluctuations, it can still serve the purpose and offer adequate power.

The PC USB port will provide particularly helpful in powering your raspberry pi 3 when you are working on the move or away from the mains. Read Also: Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3

 3. Solar Power

You thought your Raspberry Pi 3 cannot operate effectively with solar power?

  • Then, you must be wrong as solar power offers not just convenience but power-saving enables environmental conservation while powering your Raspberry Pi 3.

You can trap the sun’s rays and power the Raspberry Pi 3, which could also give your project an environmental conservation direction and advantage.

With the market flooded with varied solar power brands, you will be spoilt of choice on the one to take and the batteries that will accompany the same to finally power your Pi.

4. Spare batteries and Power Banks

Do you want to operate your Pi on the go? Well, a spare battery or a power bank will come in handy.

  • While you are moving you will definitely need a reliable power solution: which the available power banks appropriately match.
  • While you commonly use the power bank to charge your mobile phones, you can also utilize it to power your Pi 3 and continue working on your project.
  • The key advantage of the power bank is that they are light, compact, and safe power supply solutions. Does your Pi 3 allow you to use spare batteries for power?

If yes, then you have an additional power source! Also, you could use functional old batteries from other devices to power the Pi provided their voltage matches your device.

5. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

UPS will provide a good alternative to the main power supply to your Pi 3.

  • The UPS is loved for its compatibility and steadiness in power supply in many devices such as the Pi 3.

Like you already know, a UPS will continue running and charging with the mains in your normal operations with your electronic gadgets.

However, the UPS will be so helpful in case of power cuts or if you move away from the main but can carry the UPS with you. Read Also: Nintendo Switch SD Card


Older versions of raspberry such as raspberry pi 2 could operate through the USB power cable. Raspberry Pi 3 requires a 2.5 Amp 5 Volt power supply. 

  • Therefore, you will require the best power supply for raspberry pi 3 to achieve excellent performance. Related: Raspberry Pi 3 SD Card

Having provided adequate information on the various adapters for your Raspberry pi, I hope you can now easily make the right decision.

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