7 Best Controller for Rocket League 2024 Reviewed

With a suitable controller, it’ll be much easier to do aerials and have favorable triggers – so, use the best controller for rocket league.

  • Also, with the controller, you can speed up slowly, which is better for dribbling.

From my five years of Rocket League, I recommend either the Microsoft Xbox 360 or  Steam controller is the controller (in fast auto racing combined with soccer) for beginners and professional gamers. Read Also: Controller for Steam Link

Reviews: 7 Best Controller for Rocket League in 2024 

1. Steam Controller for Great Precise Control – #1 Top Pick

Gaming experts usually have to choose between the familiarity of a controller and the precision of a mouse or choose between your coach and your desk. But how about having both? 

The steam controller is excellent with Rocket League since you can program the grips for drift or boost and acceleration or brake.

It comes with innovative rumble support, gentle haptics whine, and inner paddles, which make it comfortable to crouch. The steam community is a major plus!

The Steam controller will not just be a gamepad but a passport that will give you thousands of games that you could previously only play with a mouse and keyboard on your coach.

Through its one-to-one positioning, your steam controller will allow you to virtualize familiar controls such as a scroll, mouse, or trackball.

Further, the controller will enable you to type messages from your court and surf the internet quickly. You can also connect multiple controllers and have fun gaming with your friends.

Customizable controller: You can customize your steam controller based on different games.

Also, if you lack time to customize things on your controller layout, you can download a fantastic control scheme on the jump on the Steam Community.

Dual-stage triggers: The controller has dual-stage triggers that have a digital switch and an analog pull to enable you to improve the competitive game.

Haptic feedback: The grip buttons or bumpers at the back of the controller and the real-time haptic feedback provided through twin force reactors increase conform in your gaming.

Despite being stiffer, the steam controller is highly precise, and thus you won’t need to adjust the trackpads.


  • Dual trackpads allow easy navigation.
  • Control schemes are customizable
  • Grip triggers are highly responsive
  • Functions with your steam games


  • Will need manual remapping of button


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2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller – #2 Top Pick

The Xbox Controller will increase your comfort in gaming. It will come with two AA batteries and some installed software. 

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller has a familiar feel and is plug-and-play in Windows.

It has an ergonomic design, comes with two vibration feedback motors, 2-analog pressure-point triggers, and an 8-way directional pad. Has an integrated 3.5mm port headset.

Further, if any game will not recognize the controller, you can manually set up the Xbox 36 for the rocket league and assign various buttons. Despite that the controller and other hardware could cost more, it is much cheaper to download games than in different setups.

Design: Your Xbox 360 controller will free you from your coffee table and wires, which can be uneasy due to using a keyboard and mouse.

  • The controller is compatible with Xbox 360 and XP PCs and various Microsoft gaming platforms, and it is easy to configure on PC.
  • The controller has Vibration Feedback that will give you an excellent feel of the rocket league game.

The experience will allow enjoyable gaming each time. Further, the controller is suitable for ergonomic rocket league gaming due to its compact design.

The controller has a precise eight-way directional pad, two pressure-point triggers, and thumbsticks that will enhance your PC gaming.

Also, it has flexible and thin cords that will offer you a feeling of wireless despite having some wires restricting your movement in your gaming.

Interestingly, your Xbox 360 controller will have “DualShock”, “Force Feedback” or “Rumble” so that you can experience all the knocks and bumps in the game. Check Elite Dangerous Hotas 


  • Comfortable and hands-on
  • Ready integration and great for console and PC games
  • Great ergonomic design


  • Few sticking joysticks cases


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3. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller – Wave Blue – #3 Pick

The DUALSHOCK controllers are known from precision and innovativeness in-game control. 

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller has trigger buttons and dual analog sticks that are sensitive for better rocket league control. It has a stereo headset jack and a built-in speaker.

It has a clickable touchpad and an innovative multi-touch that will make an exciting gaming experience.

  • DUALSHOCK 4 control brings even more precision, which will guide you into gaming victory.
  • The controller has a multi-touch touchpad that will spice your rocket league gaming.

Further, the integrated light bar will produce rainbow works and colors to better your experience.

Also, through the share button, you can easily upload videos and screenshots of excellent live-stream or gaming moments with friends.

With a stereo headset jack and a built-in speaker, the controller will improve the audio reception.

Also, it has rumble capabilities and multi-touch gesture capacity. With its lightbar, the controller will easily track a gamer’s position in the room and thus swap places or split the screens.


  • Clickable and Ergonomic touchpad
  • Awesome triggers
  • Improved features over PS3 gamepad


  • Wear in the Rubber thumbsticks


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4. Xbox One Wireless – For Small hands

Xbox One Wireless Controller is described and reported to be a highly refined last-generation gamepad that will work correctly with the rocket league game. 

  • The newly redesigned contours, D-pad, and thumbsticks enable the production of additional comfort and precision.

Xbox One Wireless Controller will be plug and play, just like Xbox 360 controller on PC.

However, you can download drives here if the plug and play fail. It is a next-gen gamepad that has gesture, voice, and fast UI commands. It allows multitasking, fast switching, and Skype.

Xbox One has innovative Impulse triggers that produce vibration feedback to allow you to experience all the crashes and jolts.

  • The gamepad is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hands.
  • The controller has a sleek design, clean lines, and sharp corners that you will find extremely beautiful to use.

It comes with an 8-core x86 processor, which will enable you to shift to entertainment or gaming with increased ease. Also, it is loaded with memory and has an HDMI Pass-Thru.


  • Redesigned designed D-pad, rumble feedback enabled Trigger buttons
  • Fast transfer of data with a new wireless radio, Plug and play
  • Ergonomic build
  • Highly customizable


  • Relatively Pricey


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 Guide: Best Controller for Rocket League

Should you use a Rocket league controller or keyboard

Various rocket league players have different preferences when it comes to choosing between a controller or the keyboard and mouse.

  • Also, some start with one of the options and graduate to the other or end up interchanging after some time. Read Also: PC Games for Couples

However, I prefer using a controller because the cars are much easier to control while using the controller, and I initially played the SARPBC on PS3. 

Easy to learn and maneuver 

You will find the controllers to be easier to learn and maneuver the gaming car as you can quickly and instantly control the camera to view the whole field.

  • A vital disadvantage of the keyboard and mouse is that it lacks the stick and analog triggers.

Analog sticks and the trigger enable variation of the turning angle with just slight pressing.


There you have it, the ultimate controllers for rocket league that you can purchase—spice up your gaming, particularly rocket league, with the best controllers available in the market.

We did our best to test and consult expert gamers regarding their experience with each of the above controllers, and the outcomes were excellent.

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