Xbox One Elite Controller Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Xbox One Elite is targeted for highly aggressive gamers who can tweak the controllers using some third-party fixtures to achieve increased precision – which implies it is highly customizable PC Wireless controller.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review
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Definitely, it feels nice to hold the Xbox One Elite as it has good weight, with rubber and metal parts installed appropriately to give it an excellent look and feel.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

 Customizable controller

Xbox One Elite beats its competitors due to its highly customization capability. For example, you can swap the magnetic D-pad and thumbsticks to achieve varied styles according to your prevailing gaming requirements.

Also, Xbox One Elite has some metal peddles that will provide extra 4 buttons which you can use to map different actions. It comes with 2 D-pads, 2 paddles, 3 triggers and a micro USB cable (braided).

Quality Rubber and Metal Parts

Further, the accessories are high quality and durable. For example the magnetic thumbsticks have a high quality and will function effectively.

A notable customization feature of the Xbox One Elite is the Hair Trigger Locks that will allow you to shorten trigger travel to assist you faster shooting.

You can extend the triggers to achieve more control over the brakes and accelerator. Further, the controller’s vibration feedback will enable you to notice brake locking.

Back paddles

To add to the customization capability, the controller has a profile slider that will enable you to easily switch to any of the 2 controller profiles. Such capability is critical while switching between weapons or games.

Further, the company provides support through the downloadable Xbox Accessories software you can use to remap buttons or alter their sensitivity.

Also, it is easy to adjust the trigger dead-zone or the thumbsticks’ sensitivity.

Excitingly complex Grips

I am sure you are already use to the standard controller layouts but you’ll love the rear controls, with the horizontally running metal paddle and along the gamepad grips.

Despite that some gaming enthusiast consider the grips less comfortable, Microsoft put 4 in the controller and the run more quietly.

Controller sticks

The analog sticks in Xbox One Elite got the greatest improvement, mainly in how better they glide and their amazing switchable stick caps.

First, you’ll definitely love how the sticks glide smoothly and roll from side to side to give you an excellent gaming experience.

What we liked
  • Easy to customize
  • Great ergonomics – Comfortable to hold
  • Excellent quality build
  • Has usable Bumper buttons
What we didn't liked
  • Feels weighty

Wrap Up

Finally, the Xbox Elite is here with all its great innovations as shown in the Xbox One Elite Controller Review. However, the controller is considered to favor the gaming experts due to its cost and high level of customization capability.

We love the Xbox Elite’s customization capability, and the quality and aesthetic design.

If you love quality, highly customizability but do not mind giving some extra dimes, then Xbox Elite controller is yours for the taking.

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