7 Best PC Games for Couples 2024 Reviewed

Looking for the best pc games for couples? Well, co-op games for couples offer an excellent opportunity to spend time, bond, and celebrate love.

  • With awesome PC games, you can happily skip some outdoor activities and have fun with your spouse. Also, some online PC games could work well with distance couples. 

But if you are not a gaming couple, maybe you should check this article on excellent tips on ways to lure your husband or wife to join video games.

Reviews: 7 Best PC Games for Couples in 2024

10. Overcooked

You can now play “Overcooked”, created by Ghost Town Games, on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Overcooked is truly a joyful and stressful PC game, tasking a maximum of 4 players in cooking food.

“BRING MORE MUSHROOMS!” This is a common cry of all the angry chefs on Overcooked co-op game

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It is a game where you and your spouse will sizzle and simmer but also work hard not to spoil the broth. Notably, there will be chaos, screams, and shouts that will not just be nerve breaking but also exciting.

  • Sure enough, as the clock ticks, you’ll need more coordination and cooperation in chopping vegies, stirring soup, and cleaning the dishes.
  • Further, each higher level will come with a complex and different dish that you will enjoy cooking with your husband or wife.

Also, higher levels will come with additional challenges such as your hotel being hit by an earthquake – which will require coordination in very difficult circumstances.

  • You find yourself in the kitchen with different menus and you should combine various ingredients.
  • Therefore, you’ll need to undertake specific tasks, in an orderly manner and as required to deliver an excellent meal.

However, remember the Overcooked kitchens are always changing. For example, how will one cook well when one kitchen on a different truck is decelerating?

What if the kitchen space becomes too narrow? This could lead to exciting but thrilling shouting between the “chefs”. 

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9. LittleBigPlanet (Online/Local) – Only Available ON PS4

How about an adventure date with your spouse, but now a different one on your PC! With LittleBigPlanet, you will not regret trying co-op gaming with your husband or wife. 

You will guide friends and Sackboy around planets that look like the Earth. You will solve puzzles, Climb platforms, and coordinate to personalize the characters in search of wonder and exploration.


The game has simplified roles such as moving about, hanging on objects, and jumping. Also, you can swing arms or make faces until you and your spouse have enough fun.

Well, at this point you can check the Little Big Planet full video review.

Well, you’ll definitely have fun with your spouse as the game has easy controls and upper levels that are harder but curious to achieve. 

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And not to forget the amazing background music that will entertain you and you spouse as you enjoy the game.

8. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Looking for a different experience with your wife or husband, then “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime” is an excellent indie game that will allow each of you to take categorized duties related to spaceship management. 

Both of you will take turns in battle station operations, defense, and weapon maintenance to always have the ship running for galaxy exploration.

The aim in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is to locate 5 space-bunnies so as to unblock a gigantic love heart. Consequently, with the heart, you can now move to the next stage in the gaming campaign – one among 4 campaigns in the game.

However, there are different kinds of enemies and sceneries on the way that could harm you and thus affect your shooting techniques, flying capability, and functioning of your weapons.

Check the full review.

  • Therefore, brace yourself with the required steam link controllers, and enjoy a thrilling and hilarious coop game with your lover.
  • However, if you prefer to go it solo, for now, load the game and challenge yourself into the strategically-designed gaming campaign.

With your partner (co-pilot), you will be required to fly a circular spaceship having varied terminals through different space stations, asteroid belts in a rescue mission.

You can upgrade the stations by collecting flowing gems located at space inky blackness – which you can further combine to create special power-ups.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime has excellently designed products – accurate, classy and bright.

It could prove challenging to navigate platforms and ladders aiming to reach the required controls. But, all the functions work fast and you will command the team appropriately. 

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In this article, we outline the best PC games for couples, with the caveat that they can also be played solo.

  • It is now easier for couples to bond through PC gaming.

Notably, you won’t regret engaging your partner in the game as it will give both of you a sense of care and accomplishment as you run through the stages and levels.

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