7 Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person in 2024

You’ll agree with me that finding a perfect chair for gaming is a challenging task. Then, how difficult must it be to find the Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person, particularly taller than 5 ft. 13 in?

  • Probably you’d remember that companies producing gaming chairs did not initially manufacture the “XL models” – as with android tablets for gaming

The Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person should have a reinforced design and adequate padding to reduce fatigue and rise comfort while gaming. Related: Gaming Projector and PCI-E Wireless Card for Gaming.

Reviews: 7 Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person in 2024

1. DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE – Best for Built Guy 

For a quality gaming chair, try DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE with a high backrest to support the gamer’s spinal column, particularly from their pelvis to the neck. 

It has a metal base (stability), gas spring, and a Flexible seat back to change the height, and can hold a maximum of 450lbs.

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE is the most solid-built chair which will easily hold the big and tall guys, both in gaming and in the office. 

It has a higher backrest to support the gamer’s spinal column, particularly from their pelvis to the neck.

Its metal base provides adequate support while the adjustable height will cater to your tall gaming self. Read Also: Sectional Sofa for Family

Evidently, the above gaming chair is known to have the widest seating area in its class. Its frame and the base will readily accommodate the big and tall guy.

Sturdy Design – DXRacer Tank Series has a strong and durable build that will not wobble or crack underweight. Further, you can slide the armrests in or out and will not tip over if you subject it to your weight.

  • It has large wheels that add to its height and thus accommodates tall people. It will allow a maximum of 450lbs of weight.
  • Soft materials – However, the chair is created from Strong Mesh and soft (car seat breathable) materials that will increase comfort while you are gaming.

Therefore, even if you’ll have extended gaming time, you’ll find the chair comfortable and your back and neck won’t ache easily.

No heating – I must confess that gaming chairs can heat, on the sitting area, due to extended sitting. However, the DXRacer Tank Series will remain cool and allow you to enjoy working or gaming. 

2. Ficmax Large Size High-back Chair Ergonomic

You’ll love the Ficmax Large Size High-back Ergonomic as it has a great recline and massager. 

It is visually appealing, easy to set up, and has awesome back and head (all removable) pillows for increased comfort. The chair will hold up to 300lbs. Seat height and back gradient are all adjustable.

If you have a taste for visually appealing chairs and will; be easy to set up with the provided clear graphics.

It will come with awesome back and head (all removable) pillows for increased comfort. Its seat height and back gradient are all adjustable to cater to your large body frame.

  • Ficmax Large Size will be for you if you are a maximum of 300lbs and is for large fitting. Read Also: Check these amazing and ergonomic sofas
  • However, you should note that the chair will not favor you if you have very big legs or large legs since it has blades.

The padding pill on the back and head is firm and soft to allow you to sit up and be comfortable without posing excessive stiffness.

Lumbar Support – It has a great lumbar support bill that is both soft and comfortable. Interestingly, the lumbar support is also a massager that you can hook to your USB to operate.

I must say that the massager is silent when you are in the sitting position. Therefore, you’ll double up your gaming time as a massage time. The chair has an adjustable height and can move 180-degree backward.

  • Comfortable high-quality PU leather – The gaming chair is created from high-quality PU leather which won’t’ fade easily and will be easy to clean.

Also, it has a comfortable and strong high-density sponge that will make your sitting very comfortable. Also, it has a footrest that you can adjust to match your relaxation needs while you are gaming.

Broad armrests and footrests – The chair has broad armrests that will give any big guy great comfort.

The metal frame and base are very strong to allow better support for about 300lbs. 


3. AKRacing Pro-X Luxury X 

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL is another chair to consider with great ergonomics and comfort. Notably, it has a 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the frame. 

It has excellent support and cushioning for great comfort. People about 275 lbs and6’2” will sit comfortably.

Our third gaming chair consideration is the AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL, which is also comfortable and has excellent ergonomics.

AK Racing is a reputable gaming chair producer who never disappoints in its offerings, just like it is with the AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL.

Notably, the company has a thing for top functionality, great build, and ergonomics.

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL was produced for tall people, which makes it sell well among people with big bodies.

Adjustable backrest and armrests (3D) – The AKRacing Pro-X has a 23cm to 35 cm height, and right and left 3D adjustable armrests to increase comfort.

Therefore, if you are on the chair watching television or playing a video game, then be assured that the adjustable armrests will increase your pleasure.

High-density Mold – The big and tall guys require sturdy seating areas. The AKRacing Pro-X chair is strong and is built from High-density Mold to guarantee your safety and comfort.

Strong five-star base – AKRacing Pro-X has a strong five-star base that will provide adequate ground support and thus ensure you sit safely and comfortably. With a strong base, it is thus possible to stay focused on your gaming.

With only a lever pull, you can adjust the chair’s backrest to the desired position so that you achieve the desired comfort to play your game.

  • Durable Gas lift – The chair has a class-4 gas lift that will allow reliable and durable enough to support about 330lbs. 
  • Therefore, sit down and enjoy your game without worry, as far as your weight is not above the allowed. 

But there is a twist: Most gaming chairs available commercially are mainly built for people with smaller body frames, which is a disadvantage for the big-bodied boys and girls.

You should consider factors like great ergonomics, comfort, and safety when choosing a Gaming Chair for Tall Person. Read Also: recliners for short people

I have created a list of the Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person to allow you to avoid the stress of trial and error in searching for a great chair.

The chairs I have reviewed have a high-quality framework and cover.

Considerations in Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person

1. Maximum Weight and height:

Definitively, the main consideration to make, considering your body build, is the maximum height and weight that the gaming chair can accommodate. 

  • Therefore, head to the product description area to learn if the features match your requirements. Check these bullet journal notebooks

Here are the critical considerations you must make before making the ultimate decision to purchase a gaming chair for the big and tall you!

2. Sturdy Frame:

If you are like me, safety is a key consideration in all my daily activities. Therefore,  you’ll want to ensure that the chair frame is very strong to handle the weight of a tall and big guy.

  • Do not just go for the hard plastic frame as it will not accommodate large weights.
  • Therefore, choose a gaming chair that has a steel frame as it is strong and will last longer.

Also, the steel frame will guarantee your safety while sitting on the chair since it will not snap under the recommended weight.

3. Wide seat area:

Next, you’ll need to consider the area of the sitting allowance. Considering that you are shopping for a chair for the big and tall guy, the sitting areas must be a critical aspect of your analysis.

  • It is possible that your big body built is accompanied by a big sitting allowance, which you must take into consideration. Check these blackout curtains

Therefore, purchase a gaming chair that has a broad seat, leaving space for the legs and thus increasing your comfort while gaming.

If I were you, I would definitely avoid any chair that has to block brackets on the sitting areas as it would lead to discomfort, particularly among people with large bottoms.


I have provided a guide on how you would select the best gaming chair for the person with a large built body.

  • It is clear that you should pay special attention to the ability to adjust both the height and back position of the chair.

Also, consider whether the chair’s maximum recommended weight would accommodate your current weight and has an allowance for a slight increase.

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