Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs 2020 – Guide

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs
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Which Zero Gravity Massage Chairs is best for you? I dedicated 32 hours to research some of the popular ones and created a list of the top 5 chairs, discussed in this review.

According to New York Times, your regular Massage Chairs will enhance body metabolism, improve your posture, ease muscle tension, and relieve stress.

The chairs are thus good for people with chronic pain.

That’s right, but let face it:

But how many people can afford, either or both time and money, to visit the massager daily?

Luckily, the zero gravity massage chairs we have below will put you in a position similar to that taken by astronauts during blast off for top comfort.

Also, the chair will enable you to feel the sweetness of a spa while you are still in your residence.

But, why recline to the Zero Gravity position?

Well, the zero gravity reclined position, you’ll lift the legs and feet and thus your weigh will be scattered all over the body and giving you a feeling of virtually weightless.

Further, the body weight distribution will take off stress from your spine, which will increase your comfort and reduce back pain.

Sneak Peak: My Picks for Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The Official Medical Shiatsu Breakthrough 4 Recliner is recommended by medical specialists such as pain specialists and chiropractors. Allows customization of recline level, massage intensity. It scans your body for best positioning of massage rollers and adequate pressure.

Next on is the Kahuna Zero Gravity LM6800 that has L-track design rollers that will ease pain management and massage in the hamstring and your lower back. Come with calve and lower back heat therapy, yoga program and body scan.  Also, it has a 3-stage zero gravity system. 

BestMassage Shiatsu Chair with Long Rail and Heat allows big calves and protection against overheating. The chair has a 60% increase in the area massaged and has the OPTO sensor to help position the user’s shoulders.It has an L-type and long path that will position the massage roller.

Study on the Benefits of Frequent Massage

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs 2020

1. Official Medical Shiatsu Breakthrough 4 Recliner

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The Official Medical Shiatsu Breakthrough 4 Recliner will relieve your calf, back and neck pain.

You’ll have a real massage feeling as opposed to other massagers that have a plastic feel.

Its smart massage technology will spontaneously detect your body’s position and thus enhance unique restorative massages.

Notably, the chair is comfortable and great for the senior citizens and persons that have some mobility issues.

Also, it is considered as a “head to toe” massage chair as outlined in the video below.

Official Medical Shiatsu Breakthrough 4 Recliner review 

Memory functions

The chair possess 2 memory features allowing you to save and remember the massage settings and chair positions, particularly when in use by varied users or massage periods.

Manual massage modes

The massage chair has 3 manual massage modes: general, particle, and fixed that allow proper massage of your upper body.

Further, the massage hands will easily move in a precise manner to change the massage area on your body.

Infrared Heating function

The chair has Infrared heating that utilizes the carbon fiber to generate radiant heat serving to increase your body’s temperature.

2. Kahuna Zero-Gravity LM6800 – Best Kahuna Zero Gravity Chair

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The 3 stage Zero Gravity and L-track design feature of the Kahuna  LM6800 makes the chair one of the popular options.

Further, it has options that will massage your full body from the head to toe for top comfort and relaxation.

With a strong steal framework, the Kahuna  LM6800 will be both safe and durable for you or your loved one using the chair.

Interestingly, the chair will also massage your hips and buttons, an option that is not available in other zero-gravity chairs in the same category.

Here’s an  LM6800 Installation Video

Kahuna Zero-Gravity LM6800 Review

Heat Treatment

The chair will provide heat treatment for calves and lower back. But, how does this help?

The heat will help dilate your blood vessels, particularly in the back muscles, which enhance movement of oxygen and nutrients and thus fasten healing.

L-Track rollers

The chair has a 4 roller L-track system massage to support the track from the buttons and necks. It is considered to be the lengthiest massage arrangement to massage your spine and lower back.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position distributes your body’s weight to make you get to the effective weightless feeling. This is because your legs, in the zero gravity, will be above the height of your heart.

Body Scan

You sure need a massage that fits your body structure. LM6800’s scan technology will map your body structure and thus customize the massage as necessary.

Luckily, the zero gravity chair will save the customized scan details so that it will use them whenever you sit back for the amazing and relaxing massage.

Shiatsu and Twist program 

LM6800 uses the Japanese Shiatsu technology, where – in its original form by humans – palms, thumbs and fingers stretch the muscles and joints appropriately. Shiatsu will restore body balance, offers energy and enhance better flow of blood.

3. BestMassage Shiatsu Chair – Best Indoor Zero Gravity Chair

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If you have muscle aches and back problems,. then the BestMassage Shiatsu Chair is for you, particularly if you have not time for visiting the spa regularly.

It has heat massage, automated programs and zero gravity to give you the ultimate massage experience at the comfort of your office or home.

It has the OPTO Sensor Device that will automatically scan your body and map it appropriately to offer the best personalized massage.

Also, this chair, like the one above, uses the Shiatsu Japanese massage technology with an increase massage area (60 percent body cavorage).

The L-shape massage design will allow you to get a full neck to thigh massage in the Indoor and outdoor space.

BestMassage Shiatsu Chair with Long Rail and Heat Review

Higher level of endorphin 

The massage will will help you cut anxiety and muscle pain and thus increase the levels of endorphin in your body. Endorphin will increase your feel good levels and thus you will be happier.

Improved blood circulation

The roller massage technology will enhance the flow of blood in the back, legs and thigh muscles. This will enhance the removal of toxins and uptake of nutrients in your body.

Heat Therapy

The chair will offer heat therapy at your waist to reduce abdominal colds and reduce backpain. Notably, heating of the muscles increases their flexibility and elasticity.




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