7 Best Rocking Chairs for Nursery 2024 Reviewed

In this post, I will tear down the best rocking chairs for nurseries available in the market. With a newborn baby, it is almost impossible to rest easy.

  • But if you have an appropriate Rocking chair for the nursery, you can enjoy being a new mum.

Rocking Chairs for Nursery, particularly the vintage of wooden ones, will give you the traditionalist feeling, some creaking and rocking to bring back the old memories. Also, check the ultimate sleep recliner.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Rocking Chairs for Nursery in 2024

1. Haotian FST15-DG, Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

The Haotian FST15-DG, Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair is a stylish rocking chair made from a strong birch wood frame that has a varnish coating. 

The allowable weight is 120kg. Further, it has a cotton fabric cushion and its simple build and color give it a stylish furniture look. 

The Haotian FST15-DG Rocking Chair has a unique rocker build that will guarantee you both comfort and safety while you are nursing.

  • Haotian FST15 DG has a cotton fabric that allows you and your kid to sit and rock to comfort and sleep.
  • However, you’ll require some simple self-assembly to have the nursery rocking chair up and running.

I loved the chair as it looks absolutely nice and is small enough to fit in a nursery. I have not since heard any squeaking with the chair, which would be alarming when I am nursing.

Birchwood – Haotian FST15 DG has a strong Birchwood frame that will provide adequate support to hold the allowable weight: 120kg maximum.

  • Also, the Birchwood has a smooth varnish finish to give you a feel of class as you sit on your patio.
  • Smooth rocking – The chair has a smooth rocking that will help soothe your baby while you enjoy the motion.
  • My sister required a rocking chair for their kid’s nursery and the Haotian FST15-DG came in handy.

The key requirement was that the nursery rocker should have been both strong and comfortable. Interestingly, the Haotian FST15-DG is great for a nursing mother.

Cotton cover – Haotian FST15 DG nursery chair has a cotton cover coupled with a zip to allow easy removing and washing. However, the cotton cover could stain easily if you are not careful about using proper cleaning processes.

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2. Nursery Sleepytime Rocker with Ash Hardwood legs 

Next on is the Nursery Sleepytime Rocker is an amazingly balanced nursery chair that is adequately upholstered and padded to give you comfort. 

The Ash hardwood legs fitted on the nursery chair will allow you to rock easily.

The Nursery Sleepytime Rocker has durable linen and polyester materials that will give you top comfort as you nurse your baby. Further, it has a detachable lumbar pillow and has a stylish look.

Interestingly, the chair has a stylish and pragmatic design that will fit well into the nursery décor such as the blackout curtains.

The cushions are firm and the small back pillow is excellent in shape and size to offer great support to the back. 

I must say that chair is comfortable and will give you the required support while you rest and breastfeed your baby.

  • It is spacious enough that it can accommodate another small kid when you are still seated nursing your infant.
  • Fits into Room Decor – The rocking nursing chair has light-colored Wood legs that will fit excellently into your room or nursery decor.

Hand-crafted upholstery – The nursery rocking chair has a hand-created and safe upholstery made from Pebble Weave to produce a trendy feel.

  • You truly will not just get a truly functional chair but also a beautiful and stylish component added to your nursery space. 
  • Ash hardwood – The chair is crafted from Ash hardwood that is properly balanced to offer an amazingly comforting rocking motion. 

Further, the Upholstery material is chemical-free. Also, the chair satisfies the CA TB117-2013 requirements on flammability. 


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3. Esright Gray Fabric Rocker Relax Glider

Esright Gray Fabric Rocker Relax Glider is almost two times the width of the normal single rockers. 

Further, it has a strong build and solid wood feet, and an adequately padded back and seat area. The nursing rocking chair will be excellent for relaxing and is easy to mount. 

The Esright Gray Fabric Rocker Relax Glider is the gift I chose for my long-time girlfriend.

The rocking chair is both deep, comfortable and it glides, which is great for a nursing mother. Also, it is easy to install and is resistant to toddler mishandling.

I understood that she required an excellent nursery chair, especially since she had given birth some 3 months prior. First, for the nursery section, I was required to get high quality and strong for the safety of the baby and the mother.

  • Further, I was happy that the chair was not just strong but can also give the mother a massage to relax from the day’s work.
  • Its cover material and heating system are excellent and thus leave the nursing mother feeling comfortable and relaxed.
  • 100% polyester fabric – The Esright Gray Fabric Rocker Relax Glider is made from polyester fabric (100%).

The material soothes the mother with great comfort as they rock their baby to sleep. It is an amazing rocker for a nursery, bedroom, or cave room.

Wide sitting area – Compared to other single nursery rocking chairs, the Esright Gray rocker is a bit wide from back to front edge.

You and your kids can easily stretch on the chair while you are rocking and sitting. Also, the chair has a good size that will fit excellently into the nursery.

Strong Framework – Further, Esright Gray Fabric Rocker has a sturdy framework that will give you a guarantee of safety while you are nursing. 

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4. ACME 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair

ACME 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair has a padded back and seat area. 

  • The rockers will fit well into your nursery, deck, patio, and living room.
  • It has a strong build to increase safety while you are rocking the baby away.

The front legs are cabriole while it adopts the scalloped apron french style. ACME 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair has a fresh design that comes with cabriole front legs, a scalloped apron, and unique fabric cushions with flowery patterns.

It has a padded back and seat area for additional comfort. Notably, the chair will improve the face of your nursery décor. Read Also: Best Ergonomic Sofa.

  • The back and seat come as separate parts and thus it will require some assembly worm.

However, I must state that the chair is strong and comfortable for your nursery and will match your nursery style appropriately. 

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Well-balanced – The sleepytime Rocker for the nursery is well-balanced with minimal padding and creates great comfort for nursing.

Aesthetic Look – The nursery rocking chair is easy to install and has an excellent aesthetic look. However, the chair would also be an excellent addition to the indoor room.

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