7 Best Controller for Steam Link 2024 Reviewed

Your Steam Link will you to seamless stream or mirroring of any steam content from a steam Machine or PC to a TV set. 

  • If you own a steam Link, you can use it to play steam games using a compatible controller. 

Sure, the keyboard, keyboard-mouse combo, keyboard, and mouse. But did you ever consider a…. gamepad??

Reviews: Top 7 Best Controller for Steam Link in 2024

1. Xbox One S Controller (chrome gold) with 3.5mm audio jack

To use the Xbox One Controller for the steam link, you’ll need a micro USB cord. 

Plug the micro USB cord into the computer through the USB and then plug the other end into the Xbox controller. 

Xbox One S Controller features the key tweaks that are added to the Xbox One controller such as a 3.5mm jack. Read Also: Motherboard for i7 6700

The Xbox One S saw the exit of the chat adapter. In addition, the controller has a better ergonomic design that will make the device to be comfortable in your hands for its use with Steam Link.

  • Other additions include the rough controller back, smaller log, and adjusted curve lines.
  • Compared to the Xbox Elite, the Xbox One S has soft bumpers. Also, the Xbox One S allows a high level of customization as it is also available in many colors.

Despite that headphones and microphone, Bluetooth adapters, flight sticks, racing wheels will not naturally be supported on your steam link, you may utilize VirtualHere to solve. 

Note: Therefore are the different linking methods of your controller to the Steam Link: USB, Native, Adapter, and VirtualHere (VH) or Wireless PC Controller

2. Steam Controller HD haptic feedback and Dual Trackpads

I must say that the steam controller is the second-best controller next to the X box one controller, which is outrightly better, that you can get an additional $10. 

The steam controller is made mainly of plastic and metal finishes and accents. 

Generally, the controller feels very lightweight due to the plastic. Even with the batteries on the controller, it will still feel very light. 

  • Further, you’ll require batteries to power the steam controller as you cannot charge and use it.

It’ll be great for games such as Portal, the sieve of various kinds of RTS.

The ABXY control buttons are below the right trackpads are about 33% smaller than in the Xbox One controllers. Read Also: Motherboard for i5 6600k.

Compatibility with Steam Link – In rocket leagues, you can use the left-back paddle for drifting kind of sliding maneuver. Also, in a game such as Dirt 3, you can use the left-back paddle to shift up and down.

Further, you can totally remap each of the buttons on the steam controller to fit your game. Further, each game on steam is fully customized and laid out for the steam controller.

  • Finally, you may download the community layouts that match your steam link gaming needs.
  • You can also produce and share your favorite control schemes in the community.

Support – The steam controller will enable you to enjoy all the Steam games on the Television. Further, it will be great even for all the games that are not designed with controller support.

The controller allows the use of the Dual-stage triggers either as digital or analog inputs. Ergonomic design – The controller is designed with the garner in mind to give him top comfort and experience.

For example, the buttons and inputs zones are located with a consideration of their need precision and rate of use.

It has HD haptic feedback and dual trackpads that you’ll find helpful in steam link gaming.

3. Dual Shock 4 Controller with clickable touch pad and  Built-in speaker

I can state that you can now connect DS4 to the Steam Link wireless. Steam released official support for DS4, which comes with excellent custom configuration.

Therefore, Dual Shock 4 will be great to wade through the Dark Souls 3 run and Steam Link. 

  • The gamepad features all futuristic features that gamers required from a controller. 
  • The controller will work seamlessly when wired or when wireless with the Wireless adapter connected through VirtualHere.

Also, now the Dual Shock 4 controller is compatible with LED Color capability.

Also, you can use a Micro-USB cable to make the controller function wirelessly. I must state that I love the analog sticks and triggers in the DS4 controller.

DS4 has included support for Steam Configurator. Therefore, when you activate the Test Controller settings, you’ll get similar customization capability available in steam gamepad such as support for native API.

Dual Shock 4 controller will not work with many of the OS X games and Steam Link. Further, the analog sticks, triggers, and buttons will not come with any key faults. Read Also: Motherboard for i5 7600k


  • Its touchpad is Clickable
  • Excellent analog sticks and triggers
  • Great ergonomics
  • Awesome responsiveness


  • Fast wear in the thumbsticks’ rubber



I’ve reviewed the controllers based on some categories:

  • (1) how does the controller feel in your hand
  • (2) is the controller customizable, are parts replaceable?
  • (3) PC and steam link compatibility
  • (4) Responsiveness – do your buttons provide adequate tact.
  • (5) Gaming experience for bucks.

The Steam Link is compatible with the outlined controllers: 

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