Steam Controller Review for 2024

Steam has released both the Steam Link and the Steam Controller. The Steam Link helps you in gaming on the TV through a gaming rig.

  • However, in this post, I will do a Steam Controller review. The Steam Controller aims to close the PC-console gap among one of the PC Wireless controllers

Steam Controller will spice up your gaming to look like the console gamepad, maybe even better. 

Notably, the video controller layout design, particularly analog sticks and buttons, has somehow remained the same for some time now. 

Best Controller for Steam Link


However, there have been minor but notable changes such as the addition of the light bar DualShock 4 at Amazon and Microsoft Xbox One at Amazon with its new rumble triggers.


  • Great for strategy gaming
  • analogue stick and Solid buttons
  • Additional dimension to the Touchpads


  • Buttons are small
  • Lacks total precision


For most PC gamers, the mouse and keyboard combo is the ultimate solution.

  • However, Valve has been trying to combine the console and PC gaming capabilities using Steam technology.

The steam controller on Amazon is the recent solution by valve aiming to enhance PC-Console gaming combination.

Steam Controller Review


Your Steam Controller will come with a connection extender, Bluetooth connector, and AA batteries.

You’ll only need to put the batteries at the back of the controller.

Further, you may utilize your MicroUSB cable to link the steam controller to your computer when it runs out of power. Finally, switch on the controller to begin your gaming!


The steam controller can be termed as a plug-and-play since after you put the USB dongle to your computer, you’ll only need to push the controller’s Valve logo.

  • Further, with the Steam Controller, you’ll be happy to connect to all the games that are accessible through the Steam marketplace.
  • However, for the older PC games, you’ll require to make limited changes to the control scheme.
  • You can now map the trackpad to the various button actions, which allows the trackpad to replace the mouse.

Also, Steam has these unique features where the software will recommend some possible layouts for your trackpad.


With the different improvements on the steam controller, the device has achieved a fantastic design and build.

The critical attribute of Steam is the unique trackpads. In addition to their high customization capability, the trackpads are clickable and produce haptic feedback.

  • For example, the first design had the circular trackpads located in places of the current analog stick.
  • However, the current steam controller has one analog stick, four triggers, and two face buttons – a features standard in many controllers.

In addition to the general traits, Steam has allowed you to click any handle to achieve a third trigger grip.

However, the steam controller plastic build felt too cheap and light as compared to the Xbox Elite on Amazon.


You’ll love how Steam advances the console controller features with the PC gaming ideas.

The trackpads, their high customizability, and their hepatic feedback will give you an excellent gaming experience.

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