Zhidong Controller Review 2021 Reviewed

The Zhidong Controller is a multi-modem both DirectInput and input. 

Besides, it is a plug and play device, particularly in the games supporting Xinput Mode. It is an amazing wireless controller for PS3 and PC.

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Further, the Zhidong Controller has a fast wireless connection: 2. 4 GHz wireless but lacks Xbox One or 360. Also, it has a JD-SWITCH function and full vibration feedback. This post is a Zhidong Controller Review. 

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Zhidong Controller Review 

Zhidong Controller Review


To use the controller on Windows XP, you’ll need to install the Offical driver for the Xbox 360 Controller.

Also, if you will be using version Android OS or above, you’ll need to have a device that supports the OTG function. With its 2 vibrating motors, the controller will produce an intense vibration effect.

The controller has an excellent ergonomic build. Also, the JD-SWITCH will allow you to switch between the Left Stick and the D-pad. 

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Unique features

  1. Ease of setting up
  2. PC full vibration feedback
  3. Comfortable to use buttons
  4. Has a backlight

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