7 Best Wireless PC Controller for 2023 Reviewed

Is the Standard Xbox one Controller or  Xbox 360 Controller the Best Wireless PC Controller?

  • For some 3rd person, flying, and driving games such as Elite Dangerous and Overwatch, the Keyboard-Mouse combo can’t beat the convenience and simplicity of the Best Wireless Controller for PC Gaming

The controllers can play different game categories, including Rocket League and Elite Dangerous

Reviews: Top 7 Best Wireless PC Controller for 2023

1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Xbox 360 Controller is the cheapest PC gaming controller. Used through wireless transmitter or via a play-in-charge kit.

Most modern controllers are mapped off mapping and controls scheme of 360 controllers. Has vibration feedback for a better feel.

Microsoft Xbox 360 is a sturdy and comfortable Wireless gamepad that has a great battery and wireless competence.

However, Microsoft Xbox 360 emerges as one of the most pricey first-party gamepads.

Xbox 360 Wireless gamepad has many features similar to the Controller S. For example, the face buttons, control pad, triggers, and analog sticks (both left and right) are situated in the same area like in Controller S.

Xbox 360 Wireless outdoes the Nintendo and Logitech wireless and wired gamepads in the gaming experience, comfort, and responsiveness.

Considering the performance and build, the Xbox 360 Wireless gamepad features are on top of the list. 

But remember this: “Gaming Platforms” or PC controllers are highly personal devices. Also, most PC gamers worship (rightly so) the keyboard-Mouse combo while playing some real-time strategy games (such as Halo Wars) and first-person shooters RPGs (such as 007 Legends). 

Either way, you’ll need an ergonomic, practical, and durable gaming controller and a great gaming motherboard that is worth your money and effort for the ultimate gaming experience. 


  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Ergonomic and comfortable build
  • Highly computable with all games marked Windows LIVE. 


  • No manual power off allowance


2. Logitech Gamepad F710 – Wireless

Logitech Gamepad F710 – Wireless adopted the layout of the Dual Shock II pad, both width and weight, and controls that are compatible with the Xbox 360.

Unique Features – Controls are customizable, Vibration feedback through double vibration motors, Fast wireless connectivity – 2.4 GHz.

Has wide games support and supports complete wireless functionality. It has a small plug and plays receiver. It has both DirectInput and Xinput support, Dual vibration motors, two analog sticks, and a Dpad. You can use the Profiler software to customize the controls.

The wireless Logitech Gamepad F710 is a reliable controller that has both the DirectInput and Xinput modes.

For your Best Wireless Controller for PC Gaming needs, the Logitech Gamepad F710 is favorably compatible with Windows XP up to Windows 8.

Further, the Controller comes with a long-lasting battery, R and L triggers, R and L buttons, two analog sticks, and a Dpad. It has a 2.4 GHz wireless connection that will allow the device to achieve optimum performance in your gaming.

The Controller has a fast wireless controller, 2.4 GHz, which will enable you to get a quick response in your PC gaming. However, you will need a Nano-receiver to achieve fast gaming with the wireless Logitech Gamepad F710 controller.

As a programmable controller, the device will function with your Television set and function as a remote.

With its console layout and rubber grips, the F710 Controller will fit excellently into your hands and offer you comfortable gaming. Further, the F710 Controller is easy to set up, program, and customize through the profiler program.

For a highly engaging and realistic gaming, the Logitech F710 has dual feedback motors (vibration). Read full Logitech Gamepad F710 review here.Pros:

  • Solid build design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Many triggers, inputs, and buttons


  • Heavy


3. DualShock 4 Wireless Sony Controller

DualShock 4 Wireless Sony Controller (DS4) was designed for PS4 and had a strong body build.

DS4 allows you to map mouse functionality to its central touchpad for easy windows navigation. However, you’ll download the unofficial DS4 windows software.

DualShock 4 is built to support almost everything: it comes with an in-built Move feature, Sixaxis tilt controls, face buttons, and the standard analog sticks.

Despite not being designed for PC, DS4 has grown to become a favorite all-around gamepad for most gaming experts.

It feels strong and reliable despite the additional width when compared to Xbox One gamepad.

It comes with a better Xbox One pad and softer curves that will give you a better gaming experience.

The DualShock 4 is the best PC gaming controller as it combines the progressive evolution of nature and the PlayStation controller familiarity.

New Sticks and Pad

Further, DualShock 4 has a better d-pad compared to those on Microsoft Xbox, and thus works great for street fighter gaming on PC. However, you might need to use the input mapper.

It has an excellent analog trigger feel, with the bumpers and triggers producing a great tactile feel. Its sticks are more sensitive, responsive (at the center), and lighter.

Concave design 

DS4 has an excellent concave design to give you a better grip and gaming feel. Also, it has a raised ring near the edge and is thus easier to grip. I found the DualShock 4 to be more sensitive and smoother.

The DualShock 4 adds a front-facing touchpad to its original Sony PlayStation design. Also, it has excellent sticks and triggers. Interestingly, the DualShock 4 controller will work excellently with games such as Steam and Shovel Knight.

With its built-in speaker, light bar, and touchpad, the DS4 Controller will better your gaming experience. Also, if you are a music lover, the Controller has a 3.5mm audio jack just for you.

DualShock 4 Wireless Sony Controller Review 

Mac or PC connection?

For Mac or PC connection, you’ll need to use a Sony DS4 USB Wireless adapter. You can fix any DS4 worn-out rubber using the GelTabz PS4 “thumb grips.” It is Bluetooth compatible and has a rechargeable battery.

Short and fat trigger

It comes with reworked triggers and buttons, more extended grips, and a rubber body feel. Compared to the triggers in Xbox 360 that are skinny and long, I noted that DS4’s triggers are fat and shot but are equally great to use.

Notably, the DualShock 4 triggers will stop with a click when you press them down, which creates a great tactile feel. Also, the Controller is plug-and-play with a USB cable.

Unique Features

Standard Triggers, Micro USB Cable, Parallel Thumbnails, Inset directional pad, Easy to recharge

Options button – Share, Stream, and Save

Note that the “Start button” is renamed as the “Options button.” Further, you can press the “Share” button to save a 15 minutes gameplay before the game ends, which you can share the screenshots and video online.

Further, you can press the Share button to stream video games from sites such as Twitch. Also, while playing, you can enable to show your comments and those of your viewers.

The share button in DS4 will allow you to seamlessly share your best moments, live-stream, screenshots, and videos without interrupting the game action.

Better grip and ergonomics 

With its improved design and better grip, you’ll find the DualShock 4 as an excellent alternative to the Xbox One controller.

Sony DualShock 4 feels great in the hands due to its excellent ergonomics with the familiar Sony controller design. With its micro USB cable, and on Windows 10, the gamepad will be plug and play.

You can connect your DS4 to the PC wireless through Bluetooth, with Bluetooth functionality in your PC, or purchase the DualShock USB Wireless Adaptor, which you’ll input into the computer.

  • Since many PC games utilize the ABYX button prompts, you’ll need to install the unofficial DS4Windows
  • Therefore, all the games supporting the use of controllers will work with the DS4 after installing the unofficial drivers.

DS4 enables extensive LED customization. The DS4Windows will function effectively and also allow you to use the gamepad’s central trackpad like a mouse.

[tabby title=”DS4 vs DS3″]

But, what is right in Dualshock 4 (DS4) compared to Dualshock 3 (DS3)?

Dualshock 4 now has a clickable 2-point touchpad. Despite its increased length and breadth, DS4 is more efficient than DS3. There are back LEDs that light in different functions, such as during controller charging.

Also, DS4 has remodeled R1, R2, and L1, L2 buttons, which are even more spread out, which will give you better feedback and access. DS4 also has a .5mm headphone jack at the front section to enable the addition of earphones.

At the center of the navigation keys, joysticks, and D-Pad, the DS4 has a touchpad that will enable multi-finger scrolling and enhance the navigation and pinch to zoom functions. Thus, it is possible to swipe commands in games that require such inputs. Finally, it is now possible to charge the DualShock 4 when the PS4 is powered off.

However, you need an InputMapper program download for the gamepad to work if you have challenges connecting to the PC. Read the full DualShock 4 review here.


  • You are officially supported by many game titles.
  • Windows compatible
  • Clickable touchpad
  • Awesome triggers
  • Significant improvement from the PS3 gamepad


  • Quick wear on rubber thumb sticks


4. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is yours if you are a regular gamer and require controllers with the high build quality.

In Xbox One Elite, quality metallic parts replace plastic pads and sticks. The underside is a rubberized surface that allows a better grip. It has curved edges.

Unique Features – 2 D-Pads and six thumbsticks, paddles, and a wireless controller, Hybrid drive Console – 1TB.

The Xbox One Elite features among the most versatile and comfortable gamepads available. Notably, Xbox One Elite came as an Xbox One rebrand.

Also, Xbox 360 controller is universally compatible with any game for PC.

It has rubber grips and stainless steel parts that you can change to fit your taste.

It has replaceable magnetic sticks that you can use to customize your gaming experience.

Further, it has the head figure option, which is excellent for first-person shooters.

Also, it has mounted paddles that you can remap functions such as shooter reloading or gear changing in racing games. Finally, an Xbox app is available that will enable you to change the controller sensitivity.

It has hair triggers that you can program to achieve varied sensitivity. On compatibility, Xbox One Elite will work with Windows 7, 8, or even Win 10.

With its excellent ergonomics, quality build, and 4-way cross style, you’ll find the Xbox One Elite to be one of the optimum all-around Controllers.

Further, the triggers can rumble while the shoulder buttons will feel more comfortable to press, which enhances force feedback.

The sticks have a rasped edge and smooth center, which reduces the possibility of slip. Further, the Guide button is placed far from Xbox One Elite’s center menu buttons, which reduces the chances of unintentional input.

The Elite’s analog sticks and D-Pads are designed from durable metal, while the real analog stick sockets are supported by strong rings.

Therefore, Xbox One Elite is an excellent device as it provides increased durability, attractiveness, and customization.

Read full review Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller here.Pros:

  • Removable triggers
  • Customizable design
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Commendable weight


  • Non rechargeable battery


5. Steam Controller by Valve – Best Controller for customization

Steam Controller by Valve brings many games only historically available on keyboard and mouse to your PC. It also has twin force reactors for real-time haptic feedback.

Dual-stage triggers have a digital switch and analog pull for better gaming competitiveness.

Unique Features – Highly customizable, Touchpad, Grip Triggers. 

Compared to the PlayStation and Xbox, Steam Controller by Valve is an innovative device that you can customize to your taste and thus achieve an appealing look.

  • You can type from your couch and surf the web. Further, you can connect multiple steam controllers to have fun as a group.
  • Also, you can use the one-to-one positioning you can virtualize various controls such as a scroll wheel, mouse, or trackball. 

Steam Controller allows customization of its touchpads and thus increases the sensitivity of the device – similar to the keyboard and mouse precision.

  • Further, you can get into the steam community to download suitable control schemes.
  • Steam Controller has a concave style grip and full plastic build that has been reported to be durable despite feeling light.

However, the Controller has smaller ABXY face buttons and single thumb-sticks. It has a disc having D-pad cut-outs and also a touchpad. The left touchpad operated like the D-pad, but you can still customize it to fit your needs.

Also, you can save your custom setups or browse, test, and change the Steam community’s layouts. Also, steam introduced the grip trigger in the steam controller, and you can easily activate it.

Steam is wireless and thus will be unique for gaming on your couch. However, it also has a micro USB cable and a USB dongle that you can use to connect the Controller your PC. 

  • Valve brought up the touchpad in place of the analog stick, which improves the operation of navigating menus and navigation games.
  • You’ll find the steam controller unique due to its great touchpads that have a haptic feedback ability.
  • As we mentioned, the steam controller is highly customizable, and you can tweak features such as haptics intensity, swipe direction, and sensitivity.

Luckily, the steam controller works perfectly okay with non-steam games. However, the games in question need to have support for Steam Overlay.

To connect your steam controller to many wireless USB dongles or steam links, you’ll need to switch off the Controller and press the Steam button, and choose the various signal choices.

Read Steam Controller full review here. Pros:

  • Highly Customizable – easy to map touchpads and buttons to any controller input or key
  • Grip triggers – New Button
  • The touchpad replaces the analog stick to ease navigation.
  • Includes a gyroscope which will map on the 4 directions


  • None


6. Xbox Wireless Controller – Budget pick

Standard Xbox one Controller will support Windows 10, Xbox One S, and Xbox One. Also, Bluetooth will allow you to game on tablets and Win 10 PC.

  • Allows custom mapping of controller buttons. Wider Bluetooth range.

You’ll find the Xbox Wireless Controller easy to set up and will be great if you have big hands.

The Controller is easy to install and use on OS X and Windows and is a favorite for Xbox controller lovers.

Further, the controller is compatible with Windows 10, Xbox One S, and Xbox One. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth that will enable you to game on the android tablet and Windows PC.

However, Xbox Wireless Controller does not have a touchpad, and the shoulder buttons seem clumsily located.

However, some gamers will choose the DualShock 4 due to its good analog sticks and favorable triggers.

It has a rough grip that will allow you to remain on the target. Therefore, it will give you the feeling and comfort that comes with the use of most Xbox-type controllers.

The Controller has Bluetooth that will go about double the wireless range covered by the Xbox One Controllers. Read the Xbox Wireless Controller full review here. So, Why did I choose PC gaming Over Console gaming? 

  • With classic games, mid-tier developers, and big-budget titles, PC gaming will give you an unmatched game selection.
  • Also, it has extensive “Backwards Compatibility” with games in databases such as DOSBox and Interactive Fiction Database coming in handy.

A Powerful Gaming PC (which you can upgrade any time – anyway!) gives smoother gameplay and better gaming graphics.

Also, in PC gaming, you can add fun new content and receive superior quality weapons by downloading “mods.”

For example, in “GTA V,” you can download the “EXPLOSIVE Samsung Galaxy Note 7” mod, in which you can use the Galaxy Note 7 as a sticky bomb!

  • Windows 10 has an excellent built-in hook: the PC operating system and Xbox One integration.

However, which are the “Windows 10 compatible” gaming controllers? Well, many: Xbox One Elite controller, Sony, Logitech, Valve, Microsoft, Evil, Razer, PowerA…and others.

7. ZD N Full Vibration Wireless Controller

Wow, I love the ZD N Wireless Controller as one of the Best Wireless Controllers for PC Gaming.

It loves the button response and the amazing feel. Also, I like it when it is paired with the first generation of PS3.

Unique Features – DirectInput and X-input modes, JD-SWITCH Function, Plug and play, and Comfortable.

  • The ZD N Wireless Controller works perfectly both with Android and PC gaming.
  • Therefore, with the compatibility with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and Windows XP up to Win 10.

ZD N Full Vibration Wireless Controller is plug and play, has a JD-SWITCH Function that will allow you to switch the Left Stick with the D-pad function.

It comes with two full-sized vibrating motors to produce the full vibration, but only for games supporting Xinput Mode. It has an optimized circuit design, an ergonomic design, and buttons that have a unique copper.

The Controller is aesthetically attractive, adequately comfortable, and sleek in design. However, the Controller is not compatible with Xbox One.

It has a polymer lithium battery that is in-built (600mAh) that allows you seamless gaming with the wireless Controller.

Further, the JD-SWITCH function will allow you to switch the Left Stick with the D-pad. Also, its full vibration feedback is en enhanced by two vibrating motors to give you a better controller and game operation.

The device is plug and play, but it is only useful in games that are Xinput Mode compatible. Further, it has an amazing ergonomic build that will allow you to turn joints effortlessly.

Further, the controller lacks input lag but it has an excellent turbo feature. Just like the Xbox 360 controller, the ZD N Wireless Controller is concave and thus your thumbs will not slip off.

You’ll find the buttons to be highly responsive and the D-pad amazing. Read Zhidong Controller full review here. Pros:

  • Plug and play design
  • Great ergonomics
  • Good price


  • None


8. ZD-V+ USB Wired Gaming Controller – Budget Controller

ZD-V+ is an innovative controller in the ZD class of controllers, which will serve in your PC, PS3, and Android gaming.

ZD V+ will give you a classy touch that you can only get with more expensive controllers.

Unique Features – Supports vibration feedback in the X-input enabled games and Plug and play in PS3, or X-input mode enabled games.

  • You’ll find the Controller easy to install and use as it is a plug-and-play device on windows and other software.
  • Further, the buttons are highly responsive and will not stick, which will allow faster reaction time.

Also, the controller welcome with grip holders made of plastic and thus will last longer compared to the rubber build.

ZD-V+ USB Wired Gaming Controller has both the JD-SWITCH capability and Full Vibration Feedback. Further, the ZD-V+ Controller supports Direct-Input and X-input mode.

Equally, the Controller is plug and play, but you’ll need to install DirectX 9.0c or above when using Windows 10. However, ZD-V+ would not work on your console, either Xbox One or Xbox 360.

If you need comfort in PC gaming, then this Controller has comfortable analogs and smooth parts and controls that will enhance your feeling.

Like the other controllers we’ve covered, the Left Stick is switched with the D-Pad functions, which is enhanced by the JD switchability.

With its attractive and robust design, the Controller will look highly appealing to you and other people.

ZD-V+ controller will have vibration feedback in PC games that will support the X-input capability. Therefore, the device relays specific information using tactile vibration.

Further, the Controller lacks input lag but it has an excellent turbo feature. Just like the Xbox 360 controller, the ZD N Wireless Controller is concave and thus, your thumbs will not slip off.

  • You’ll find the buttons to be highly responsive and the D-pad amazing.
  • However, for use in windows, you might need to have DirectX 9.0c or higher.

Read ZD-V+ USB Wired Gaming Controller full review here.Pros:

  • Excellent controls
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Does not require drivers for windows


  • Light build design


Best Wireless PC Controller – Buyers Guide

What controller works with steam?: Steam Link Compatible Controllers.

A Steam Link is a device that enables one to wireless stream the Steam content from the Steam Machine or PC to the television and incorporates the Steam Controller functions.

  • However, streaming games to your computer would not improve their quality as they will run just as they do on the host PC.
  • You will be able to stream even the non-steam games after adding them to the Steam library. Just hit the “+ add a game” button to add non-Steam games and retail games.

So, now onto the steam compatible controllers:

Your Steam Link will support the below-outlined input devices:

  1. Keyboard and mouse, The Steam Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, PS3, and PS4 Controllers
  2. Xbox 360 Wired Controller, Xbox One S Controller, Nvidia Shield Controller, Logitech F710 – Wireless, Xbox One Wired Controller

Also: You can use the VirtualHere to enable support for headphones, Bluetooth adapters, microphones, flight sticks, fight sticks, and Racing wheels on the steam link.

How to use the PC controller wirelessly.

The first question is: What wireless controllers work with PC? Well, check the list grid below.

I will use the Xbox One Wireless Setup and Xbox 360 Wireless Set Up Controller to demonstrate how to connect the Controller to your PC wirelessly.

In this connection, you will use a Wireless Adapter Dongle if the Controller does not have a built-in wireless adapter.

  1. Using USB connections, connect the Wireless Adapter to the PC (if the adapter is not inbuilt)
  2. Go to the PC settings and hit the “ADD Bluetooth and other devices” button.
  3. Select all the options outlined below that button
  4. Select the Xbox Wireless Gamepad.
  5. Finally, hit “Done.”

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