Dualshock 4 Controller Review 2024 Reviewed

Right off, the new PS4 controller popular as the DualShock 4 is the ultimate Sony controller, particularly considering the flaws that were in DualShock 3: poor triggers and bad sticks configuration.

Notably, DualShock 4 is an excellent PC Wireless controller for both the hands and the eyes.

With excellent quality, amazing buttons, and response time, you’ll find the DualShock 4 a great controller in your PC gaming among the best controller for PC Gaming. 

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Dualshock 4 Controller Review

Dualshock 4 Controller Review


DualShock 4’s touchpad is the small surface that you can swipe and press, akin to the laptop touchpad. The Track in DualShock 4 comes with one general click.

However, developers are now able to map the Track to various buttons. For instance, the OWL drone in Shadow Fall can maps different sides to the Track to have varied effects.

Share button

DualShock 4 features better rumble functions and the ‘Share’ button that would enable you to upload or share live video commenting.

The multi-finger touch function can provide you with additional input technique to use in many system and in-game navigation situations having precise and detailed movements. Its analog sticks are smooth and responsive which will, enhance your gaming.

The options and share buttons are on both sides of the touchpad and are now renamed select and start buttons. You may use the options button to open the main menu. 

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This Dualshock 4 Controller Review has shown that DualShock 4 is a superior controller with its better layout and amazing trackpad. Also, the option and share peggers are an amazing addition to the gamepad.

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