Best Motherboard For Gaming 2018 – Reviews

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Best Motherboard For Gaming are truly the unrecognized heroes in PC gaming. You’ll have every periphery plugged into it: power fans, CPU memory, and graphics cards.

However, you ultimate motherboard have properly spaced out graphics cards’ ports, adequate display and USB ports, multiple RAM slots, be overclocking ready.

In this post, I’ll discuss the best gaming motherboards available in the market and ready to give you top gaming experience.

Are a beginner in gaming? Well this guide is both beginner and expert gamer friendly.

Right off: I recommend the MSI Z270 GAMING M7  as the ultimate gaming motherboard your should purchase for its automatic overclocking and included 3 x M.2 ports
With the fast evolving PC technology, gaming motherboards are changing fast. Notably, some of the key features in the new motherboards include lighting customization and innovative chipsets. 

Therefore, consider buying a gaming motherboards as a critical step and weigh all options to take a board that truly matches your gaming needs and preferences. 

Best Motherboard For Gaming 2018

1. MSI Z270 GAMING M7 – Feature-Rich & Auto-Overclocking

It’s now conceivable to build a high-end gaming computer around Kaby Lake and using a Z270 motherboard like MSI Z270 GAMING M7 and at a great price. Z270 Gaming M7  is one among few that comes with the voltage read points that will interest many over-clockers. 

However, the board fall under one of the greatly priced Z270 motherboard supporting RGB LED connection, 3 NVMe drives, ALC1220 audio codec.

Z270 Gaming M7  has littel LEDs (diagnostic) that are dispersed on the board and a debug LED monitor that will ease any.

It has exciting connectivity features such as M.2 over the PCIe 3.0 x4 slot, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1, and Dual PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2.

The MSI Z270 Gaming M7 is an excellent gaming mo-bo that comes with independent audio controllers and has programmed overclocking.

Its “VR Boost” port will segregate the VR usage and hence the other USB devices won’t affect its operations, which decreases nausea.

It comes with heat shield for the 3 M.2 drive slots, numerous embedded RGB LEDs. However, some user reviews claim that the heat shield tends to raise the board temperature.

Also, it has dual-ALC1220 audio chips which offer dedicated audio for back and front connections.

Further, its red button provides for automatic overclocking to about 0.4GHz. However, a number of its SATA and PCIe lanes will sadly be shared. It has a Game Boost overclocking Knob that comes with an 8 settings which could increase to about 11.

  • 3 x M.2 ports
  • Beautiful look and quality feel
  • Top automatic overclocking capability
  • Has many additional features
  • Adequately created storage choices
  • Black and red theme

2. MSI B250M Gaming Pro – Budget Intel Board

The MSI B250M Gaming Pro enables the passionate gamers to build a great gaming PC with just the appropriate budget PC parts.

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The motherboard is built from the Intel B250 Chipset, is compatible with both 6th& 7th Gen Intel CPU (with its LGA1151 socket) and is created for small spaces in your gaming PC. Its PCIe 3.0 x16 slots will allow appropriate expansion and thus accommodate any form of a video card.

The motherboard has completely manageable fan headers that robotically detect the PWM or DC running fans to control both its noise levels and speed.

Further, you’ll be lucky to get a DSB1 Mouse installed with an optical sensor free of charge when your purchase the MSI B250M Gaming Pro motherboard.

MSI B250M Gaming Pro makes it very easy to customize the gaming PC. For example, you can easy customize the colour scheme by linking the RGB strips and programming the various RGB supported peripherals, simply by using the Mystic Light Sync.

The motherboard has the X-BOOST features that will allow you to improve the boards SSDs and other connected storage devices.

  • Comes with a DS B1 GAMING mouse
  • LAN Protect Technology in its LAN port
  • Better audio
  • None

3. GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 – Intel Gaming Mobo

GIGABYTE Gaming 7 is designed for absolute gaming with the steel armour to protect your PCI Express and DIMM slots and has a silver and black theme.

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With GIGABYTE Gaming 7, the white is gone and it has adopted more of a silver colour them: maybe a robotic look? It has some gold-plated contacts to accommodate the on-board video.

The thing about the Z370 Gaming 7, is all the same as the Z274 Kb Lake since it has the same chipset. However, the Z370 Gaming 7 is locked out and thus you may only use the Intel 8th gen processor for more cores.

So, how does this affect your gaming experience? Well, there is no big difference with the Z274. Father, it has a similar layout and look like the Z270.

As a Gigabyte flagship motherboard, Z370 Gaming 7 will be an excellent gaming addition to your PC build. Comes with premium RGB LEDs, USB 3.1, audio, gold plating, and dual LAN. Supports the Intel Gigabit LAN and the Killer E2500 Network.

For the smart fan 5, you have fan headers that you can configure for whichever pin you have and thus no 3 or 4 pin. It has micro buttons for motherboard resetting and overclocking. It comes with and conventional ps2 for the old-style keyboard and mouse.

Comes with a 2 gigabit Ethernet (Intel and Rivet networks killer). The Intel LAN is for productivity need while the Rivet networks killer LAN comes with QoS software. The QoS software helps to keep background task running for your gaming and assists in prioritizing gaming packets, which is great for first time shooters.

Considering its design, Z370 Gaming 7 has onboard Intel HD Graphics and 3 M.2 slots in addition to its smart look. The low sectio0n of the motherboard is left for the large heat-sink and your Z370 chipset.

Z370 Gaming 7 is easy to overclock and provides top performance. It comes with a rugged build that is similar to that of the X299 model motherboard.

On lighting, Z370 Gaming 7 comes with 2 digital strip headers, 2 RGBW LED headers and an additional 4 programmable lighting areas to enable to control each LED.

The 4 memory slots are adequately separated from the other motherboard components. Further, the memory slots are surrounded by steel to increase the mo-bo’s rigidity.

It has 24-pin power connections at the motherboard’s side and 8-pin EPS that are near the mo-bos VRM heat-sinks.

  • Many lighting options
  • A-1 overclcocker
  • PCIe slot and M.2 slot distribution
  • Has a USB3.1 Generation 2 and 2 USB3.1 Generation 1 ports
  • Has a VRM/ MOSFET build

3. Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming 

Like noted above, Gigabyte are popular among gamers because of their customizability and better quality components. Interestingly, Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming is VR ready and thus will be great if you are plannig to use Ocurus rift in your gaming.

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I would consider it as one of the top value Gaming 7 motherboards. It features some greet features such as great audio set up, RGB Fusion LED, and Smart Fan 5.

GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming targeted for enthusiastic gamers with the innovative Intel Z270 chipset supporting DDR4 and Core i5 or i7 processors (Kaby Lake). It has two SATA-Express and 6 x SATA ports.

Like the Z370 Gaming 7 above, GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming comes with both Generation 1/2 USB 3.1. However, the motherboard lacks the Geo-gigabyte Ethernet. It comes with an acrylic bar at its side that will allow you to install the RGB fusion and the lighting between the RAM slots.

The motherboard is highly stylish, mainly black will some with some silver chrome accents for reinforced Ram slots, reinforced PCI slots and below its socket 1151. After you set the motherboard, you’ll note that it is highly bright LED and is very beautiful.

However, it has some additional exciting features such as NMVe M.2, Optane Memory fitting, keyboard connector, legacy PS/2 mouse, DualBIOS, Ultra-Fast M.2. For additional protection and beauty, Gigabyte included a plastic hood to cover the I/O panel and the 2 PCI-E x16 slots are covered with Dual Armor.

Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming comes with a similar board like the Z370 Gaming 7. This implies that the board has similar awesome level of detail particularly on overclocking settings. However, it has a problem in that the overclocking settings will be concealed.

Also, is has an excellent IO. You’ll get a great collection of USB2; USB3.0; & USB3.1; and type-C. It’s awesome to have the USB 2 on the board particularly for the backwards compatibility since the USB 2 devices could run over the USB 3 especially via the USB 3 controllers.

My verdict is that Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming is an excellent gaming motherboard particularly if you are aiming to overclock or add some stylistic device to your gaming system due to its RGB elements and the LEDs, or equally the capability to turn those features off.

Despite that the BIOS on Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming is not the premium option, it is greatly fitted for performance and overclocking.

  • Has the Gigabyte’s DualBIOS
  • Its PCI-Express and DDR4 slots are reinforced with Steel
  • Comes with 2 Ultra-M.2 slots
  • The downside with this board is that has no CMOS button.
  • Lacks M.2 coolers
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