Intel Core i5 6600k vs i7 6700k

Its common knowledge that the Core i7 is the ultimate solution for content creators.

Skylake is 6th Gen Intel CPU and is produced through a 14-nanometer processor. Check this Motherboard for i5 6600k

Intel Core i5 6600k vs i7 6700k Gaming Performance 

Intel Core i5 6600k vs i7 6700k


All you need for rendering and editing in 4k and even 1080p is a Core i7-6700K. But that not to say that other processors such as 5930K or 6950X will not perform better as compared to the 6700K.

Previously, I had analyzed the motherboards compatible with i5-6600K and  i7-6700.

Core i5-6600K vs Core i7-6700K

Despite that the Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700K processors are among the best in the Skylake range, they are not however the best in Intel’s whole range. However, I believe that 6700K will be your ultimate bang for the buck for as your content generation CPU.

But, which CPU should you use for gaming? Must PC gamers always take the core i7 CPU? Does hyper-threading truly make a difference with the modern triple-a titles?

Hyperthreading? – i5 6600k vs i7 6700k

The i7-6700K CPU is a 4-core chip that has hyperthreading which achieves 4.0 GHz, which you can overclock itself to 4.2 GHz at its various cores and without surpassing the chips temperature allowance range.

I7-6700K comes with an 8MB L3 cache but the i5-6600K CPU has 6MB L3 cache. Also, i7-6700K has 2-memory channels (DDR3-1600 & DDR4-2133) and has support for sixteen PCI express 3.0 lanes. However, the i5-6600K CPU lacks hyper-threading and thus begins at 3.5 GHz and can increase to 3.9GHz.

The Core i7-6700K processor replaced the i7-4790K as is considered as one of the fastest CPUs. Further, i5 6600k is produced using the innovative Skylake” 14nm procedure coming with 4 physical cores that will reach 3.5 GHz or 3.9 GHz base or turbo clocks.

The i7 6700K is a 4-core processor that comes with hyper-threading. Therefore, it has 4 cores and 8 threats. Further, i7 6700K’s native speed is 4GHZ and would turbo to a max of 4.2 GHz, without overclocking. 

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Overclocking: i5 6600k vs i7 6700k

The i7 6700k will come with a 4.0GHz clock speed, which is more than the 3.5GHz in your i5 6600k.

However, the clocking speed difference will not have a significant difference in your gaming. Read Also: Laptop Tablet Combo Reviewed.

At maximum load, the i5 6600k will have a 3.6GHz while the i7 6700k will attain 4GHz but will have a boost up to at 4.2GHz in one of its single-threaded workloads.

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