9 Best Driveway Alarms for 2024 Reviewed

With the advancement in technology, people are finding innovative ways to secure their homes and property efficiently, probably using the Best Driveway Alarms?

  • The Driveway security alarm system, once installed, detects the movement on your driveway and triggers an alarm to alert you of a visitor or intruder on your property. You may also check the Wireless driveway alarms.

In this guide, I will discuss the Best Driveway Alarms – Wired Options, their pros, and cons. Related: Crossbow For Self Defense.

Reviews: Top 9 Best Driveway Alarms for 2024

1. Dakota Alert VS Wired Vehicle Sensor -250

Dakota Alert is a small family-owned company from South Dakota that has been making the best driveway alarms for years.

The Dakota alert VS wired vehicle sensor is a pioneer in detecting any type of vehicle movement within 12 feet of its radius.

As instructed, you need to place the wire carefully inside an electric conduit to protect it from breaking under the weight of the vehicles or being damaged by animals that love to trespass the property at night.

  • Once the security system is installed, the sensor starts to work.
  • It immediately detects any kind of movement by vehicles on your driveway, and then the transmitter sends the signals to the receiver, which is installed inside your home.
  • As soon as the receiver receives signals, it triggers the alarm, which is not too loud.

If you have a big house and want to hear the alarm from anywhere in the house, you need to purchase volume controller add-ons. The transmitter works on a 9V battery, and an AC adapter powers the receiver.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable whistle alert
  • Fewer false alarms


  • Cannot adjust the volume of alarm


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2. Dakota Alert Vehicle Hardwired Control Box with Probe

Dakota is a well-known manufacturer of home security systems. Dakota offers both hardwired and wireless security alert systems.

The sensors of the Dakota driveway security system alert will alert you whenever a vehicle or a person enters or exits your driveway.

The sensors of this security system, detect all the objects that move within its twelve-foot radius.

  • The Dakota sensor probe must be buried under the driveway or parallel to the driveway.
  • The buried wire runs back to the control box that is set up in the house.
  • The probe and the wire can be buried very quickly with turf or a shovel.

If you have to bury the search under your driveway, then cover it with the conduit to protect it from any damage. The conduit will also protect the probe and wire from moles, gophers, and other rodents.

The control box needs to be plugged into a 110-volt outlet. This control box can handle up to three probes, and it can be custom-tuned separately for each application.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable whistle alert
  • Fewer false alarms


  • Sometimes the alarm sets off when lightening strikes


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3. Mier DA 500 Buried Sensor System

Mier had been making vehicle detection systems for the past 30 years. The Mier’s Drive-Alert driveway alarm safeguards your assets and is vigilant to any kind of trespassing.

The sensors of the driveway alarm system are susceptible and can detect any kind of trespassing within 10 to 12 feet of its radius. The sensors transmit the signals to the control panel installed in your home.

You have an option to customize the alert on your security system by adding accessories as per your security requirements.

You can choose to add multiple sensors for different types of intrusions. The sensors of DA 500 do not trigger any false alarm because the system does not come with PIA or beam sensors.

Like any other home security system, the sensor of this probe also needs to be buried under the driveway or parallel to the driveway.

The dry contacts on the control panel of the DA-500 can activate DVRs, gates, lights, external bells, sirens, and strobes when the sensors detect activity on the driveway.

This security system is also weatherproof, so you do not have to worry about corrosion that occurs due to humidity.


  • Adjustable Sensor sensitivity
  • Adjustable time control
  • Durably constructed steel casing


  • The built-in buzzer is hard to hear


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4. Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Duty Cycle Probe Alert 2500’ Kit

The Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 security system is designed to detect exclusive movements of vehicles.

The sensor of this security system senses the movement of vehicles whenever there is an interruption in the magnetic field because of the metal parts in the car.

  • The transmitter of this security system works on four CR-123A batteries.
  • The 50 feet wire that connects the sensor and the probe should be put in an electric conduit from being crushed under the vehicles and should be buried under the driveway.
  • The probe which is connected by the 50’ wire should also be hidden parallel to the driveway.

When the transmitter detects activity on the driveway, it sends the signal to the control box and the whistle alarm goes off.


  • Fewer false alarms
  • Easy to set up


  • Severe storm triggers an alarm


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Guide for Best Driveway Alarms

A study states that protected homes are less burglarized than unprotected homes. When it comes to safeguarding your property, you need a solid source that will help you keep an eye on the movement happening on your driveway.

  • If your house is well secured, burglars will not break in so easily, and if a break-in happens the losses will be very less.
  • These service providers even respond to fire and medical emergencies. However, this service comes at a cost.
  • Home security systems can be monitored or non-monitored, wired, or wireless driveway alarms. Depending on the level of security you need, you can pick a security system.

The monitored electronic home security systems are connected to a telephone monitoring service provider, who, for a monthly fee, will keep track of the activity in and around your home and secure it 24/7.

  • If you do not want to pay huge monthly fees, then opt to secure your home with either wired or wireless driveway alarms.
  • The driveway security alarms are the common types of security alarms installed in the home by most homeowners.
  • Both wired and wireless driveway alarms have sensors placed at the driveway that detect the movement and send signals to the control panel installed in your home, which triggers the alarm.

The sensors of the best driveway alarms range include beam sensors, buried probe sensors, pressure sensors, and magnetic sensors.

Differences between wired and Wireless driveway Alarms

#1: Wired Driveway alarms:

Like wireless driveway alarms, wired alarms do not need network configuration. Hence, wired driveway alarms are more versatile.

  • A wired driveway alarm comes with a sensor and a plug-in receiver.
  • The receiver and the sensors are connected through the wire. The wire should be put in a conduit and then buried under your driveway.

As long as the wiring is not hampered, the system will keep working.


  • Reliable system
  • There will be no interruption in the signal
  • No maintenance cost
  • High cost due to cable


  • Power outage Disruptions
  • Might require professional installation


#2: Wireless Driveway Alarms:

Wireless driveway alarms are popular with today’s generation.

In this setup, you will have a transmitter along with the sensor and the plug-in receiver. The transmitter sends the signals wirelessly to the receiver.


  • No hassle of wires
  • Less expensive
  • Easy of installation


  • Radio signal could interfere with its functioning and weaken the signal


How to choose the best driveway alarm:

All the driveway alarms, whether wired or wireless, detect the activity on your driveway and alert you. So, when choosing a driveway alarm, you need to select the one that fits your security needs.

  • Level of security needed: Assess your security needs before choosing the alarm system.
  • If you have a big property to secure, then go for the driveway alarms that can be customized to add multiple sensors.
  • Adding more sensors and receivers can keep your property safeguarded all the time effectively.

Reliability: Always buy security alarms from a well-known brand even if it costs you a little bit more.

Because branded security systems are reliable and will work for years without giving any trouble, and you will always have their customer support to fix the problems.

Check the comprehensive guide on how to select your driveway alarm.


Making the right choice for the Best Driveway Alarms – Wired Options will make a big difference in securing your home.

  • You can relax and live in peace when you know your property is secured.

Make a note of all the features that we have shared and choose the one that perfectly fits your requirements. You can also use this monitoring system for your shop and business.

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