Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios 2019: Gigabit Connection

The Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios will be critical in extending the signal reach or range in your house or office.

You most probably have a large house, and you’ve placed all your routers in one of the rooms. However, the wireless signal cannot reach your backyard or other rooms in the house (creating dead Wi-Fi zones).


To resolve this, you’ll only need the Best Wifi Extender for Fios Verizon to extend the Wi-Fi signal. With their proprietary system, you are compelled to only use the brand’s hardware.

Despite that you could add a router to the system, it has proven to be a difficult task and could mess up your entire connection.

Wi-Fi ExtenderWi-Fi speedCoverage 
Nighthawk X6 AC3200 3200 MbpsTri Band (600 + 1300 + 1300) Price on Amazon
NETGEAR AC1900Up to 1900 Mbps.Up to 10,000 ft² Price on Amazon
Quantum Gateway AC1750 Up to 800 Mbpsup to 325ft Price on Amazon
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC19001300Mbs (5 GHz)
and 600Mbs (2.4 GHz),
Up to 10,000 ft² Price on Amazon
NETGEAR X4 AC2200up to 2200MbpsUp to 10,000 ft² Price on Amazon
Definitely, new router model are coming up with increased technological advancement. Therefore, to get better Wi-Fi signals in your residence, you might need to replace you are of the model router with a newer technology one. What could be capping your internet transfer rate? Two key reasons: MoCA version and coax cabling.

Notably, you cannot get maximum transfer speeds with the coax cabling. However, upgrading all your devices to use MoCA 2.0 as opposed to MoCA 1.1 or 1.0 would increase the speed.

However, you can check the post understanding internet transfer speeds to gain deeper understanding.

Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios 2019

1. NETGEAR AC1900 WiFi Range Extender – Our Top Pick 

Why is the AC1900- EX6400 WiFi-Range-Extender out best choice among the Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios? Well, if it can boost the internet speed up to 1.9Gbps, why not? The wireless AC technology device supports both Wireless and Ethernet.

Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios
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The Dual Band (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz – FastLane™ Technology), 802.11a/b/g/n/ac supported Wi-Fi extender for Verizon fios will boost your current Wi-Fi speed and range to attain up to 1900 Mbps. With the better connectivity for your devices, you’ll be ready for seamless gaming (lag-free) and HD video streaming.

The EX6400 series of the Wi-Fi-Range-Extender has important improvements from EX6150 – its predecessor. It can connect to the 802.11 ac devices in addition to the old b/g/n (2.4 Ghz) ones. The Ethernet port will allow you to connect your smart TV or game console to the Verizon WiFi network.

With the compact wall-plug design, you’ll easily plug the Wi-Fi-Range-Extender into the power outlet and LED indicator lights will enable you to place the device in the correct location for maximum performance.

You can use the WPS button to generate inter devices connection. Further, the device has 2 WiFi Modes: a Wi-Fi access locus (dedicated) or you can select an extended range. The extender will work with various gateways and routers.

2. Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway AC1750  

Quantum Gateway AC1750 is a WiFi router that has the MPN for G1100. It allows only 4 LAN ports at one instant to achieve about 800 Mbps transfer rate. With the My Fios app, you can now control your WI-Fi and router in another location.

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The Wi-Fi extender will be compatible with the Verizon Fios network. Its speed is 3 times faster compared to the normal wireless.

Its Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) allows customization of your firewall.

If you need excellent gaming and video streaming speed, then the Quantum Gateway AC1750 has a Gigabit wired Ethernet that will keep you sorted.

Also, the dual-core processor will allow you to receive better speed and performance to allow you to surf faster and further.

The extender allows you to extend you Verizon Wi-Fi range to about 325 feet great for your residence.

The extender comes with the “beamforming technology” that will enhance your signal range and strength.

Do not worry about the safety of your kids with the Wi-Fi as the extender comes with parental controls capability.

Further, the extender has an integrated antenna and slim build that allows you to place it at any desk taking very little space.

Further, the extender is plug and play and thus you’ll not require any unique software or CDs to install.

The extender will allow MAC address filtering with the WPA2 or WPA wireless protection.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Extender (EX7000-100NAS)

Netgear’s Nighthawk EX7000 is a modern and powerful Wi-Fi extender that has similar features to the AC1900 series in the R7000 router. Considering side, EX7000 is much smaller than the R7000 series.

NETGEAR-Nighthawk WI-FI Extender-EX7000-100NAS
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Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 WI-FI Extender also has Ethernet ports (5 GHz) and thus may serve as a Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

You can easily seat up the extender by pressing the WPS button. Further, the device will allow you to set up its settings via an online browser. Characteristically, EX7000 WI-FI Extender has an angular design, black color, and three antennas on their back.

It has a dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, allows 1300Mbs (for 5 GHz) and 600Mbs (2.4 GHz), with the appropriate wireless adapters.  Covers Up to 10000 Square feet.

The device has 5 USB 3.0 port that you can use to connect a USB flash drive that can act like a network share. With the 5GHz Ethernet ports, you’ll easily connect with multiple games consoles, TVs, and computers.

With the online portal, you can easily set up the 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands. However, you would need to touch the WPS button to connect another wireless device. Further, with the Wi-Fi analytics app, you can pinpoint the crowded Wi-Fi channels or note the network signal strength.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)

Third in line among the Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios is the X4 AC2200 NETGEAR-Nighthawk. Characteristically, the X4 AC2200 NETGEAR-Nighthawk Extender has a white and grey color scheme.

 NETGEAR-Nighthawk- X4 AC2200 - Extender-EX7300
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The Wi-Fi extender has a 3-pin plug and a model tower look. Are you worried about Wi-Fi overheating? Well, the X4 AC2200 – Extender comes with vents on all its sides and reduces overheating problems.

The devices support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, both a 2.4 and 5 GHz gateway or router – which attains up to 2.2Gbps. Also, it has 450 Mbps + 1733 Mbps Wi-Fi speed performance.

Further, with the FastLane technology and MU-MIMO, the extender will allow seamless simultaneous streaming.

Considering coverage range, the X4 AC2200 – Extender will extend your Wi-Fi up to 10,000 square feet. The extender is easy to use as its set up is CD-less.

Check comprehensive details on Net gear Website 

How to improve your LAN and Wi-Fi speeds:

1. Change the router’s position or angle

To achieve greater signal strength for your Verizon wifi, you’ll need to move your router to a more central location in the room or change its angle appropriately.

Further, if your house has internet cables laid out, you may move the router to the location with an internet outlet location and connect.

2. Upgrade your router

Verizon will use an Actiontec MI424WR router for your new installation but this could be one of the key problems. However, the router supports only the MoCA 1.1 and will thus limit your LAN transfer rate to 21.875 MB/s.

Therefore, to achieve better transfer rates on your LAN, you’ll need to upgrade to a Quantum Gateway router. You might get the router for free from Verizon if you upgrade your plan, but you’ll need to discuss this with the customer care reps.

3. Install Verizon FiOS Network extenders

The Verizon Network extenders will connect to the coax outlet and replicate the WiFi settings in your router. However, the extender is not similar to a network repeater that necessitates strong wireless link to home base.


There you have it: Best Wifi Extender for Verizon Fios! The comprehensive list is out and will help you choose your ultimate Wi-Fi extender for Verizon Fios.

Take a look at the various consideration as you make your buying decision. Also, you can check the PCI-E Wireless card excellent for gaming.