Samsung EVO Plus Review for Your Raspberry Pi

Samsung Evo+ 32 GB is Samsung’s innovative and top-performing MicroSD Memory Card that is suitable for your Raspberry Pi.

  • Samsung Evo+ is uniquely created to satisfy your content generation needs and deliver a larger storage capacity than their predecessor in the Samsung EVO line. 

Right off, let borrow from the previous Raspberry Pi Micro-SD tests we conducted on the Raspberry Pi 3 Micro-SD card. 

Samsung Evo+ topped the list of the best SD card tested. Here is its performance parameter:

  • 4K random read (8.58 MB/sec)
  • 4K random write (3.12 MB/sec)

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In comparison to the runners up, the SanDisk Extreme MicroSD card, in the benchmark test whose parameters were:

  • 4K random read (14 MB/sec)
  • 4K random write (17 MB/sec)

The performance improvements in the all-new Samsung EVO Plus, Philippines manufactured, include increased storage capacity and attaining the U3 (Grade 3) speed class for the 64GB and over storage.

With its characteristic white edge, the micro-SD card is awesome for people working in high-resolution videos & photography and in top-end smartphones.

  • The card printing is done in English and removes the symbol “+” while incorporating the “Plus”.
  • Further, the micro-SD is a UHS-3 as opposed to the previous UHS-1. It gives you high-performance levels for its low price.
  • Checking the read and write speeds, Samsung EVO Plus comes with superior 100MB/s and 90MB/s write and read speeds respectively.

Samsung EVO Plus is NAND powered and will thus easily attain the 100MB/s for the UHS-I read speed. 

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Samsung EVO Plus is an awesome selection for your Raspberry Pi, digital camera, and media recording. This is mainly due to its superior sequential write and read speeds.

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