7 Best Nintendo Switch SD Card 2024 Reviewed

Nintendo Switch Devices on Amazon bundles their device with only a 32GB storage space on the purchase, which is inadequate for additional eShop games, game and system updates, and game patches.

  • These will take up more storage space, which is why you need the Best Nintendo Switch SD Card.

Most gamers like their Nintendo Switch Video games on Amazon installed on their device, which eats up their storage space.

Reviews: 7 Best Nintendo Switch SD Card in 2024

1. SanDisk Ultra – 200GB

The microSDXC UHS-I by SanDisk is the first microSDXC 200GB card that will allow you to expand the capacity of your Nintendo Switch.

With its speed hitting about 90MB/s in reading speeds, you’ll easily move any da from the SD card to another data storage device. Read Also: SD card for Raspberry Pi 3

As we had discussed above, a class 10 SD card – like this microSDXC UHS-I – will help you achieve optimum operation speeds and efficiency.

The SD card has a durable design that will allow it not to operate effectively even in harsh surroundings such as the magnetic field, X-ray field, and high-temperature areas. 

Luckily, your Nintendo Switch is now designed to support Micro SD cards of up to 2 Terabytes (TB) of files and data. You can easily expand your memory by purchasing a compatible Switch SD Card to hold your data and files in a safe way.

Nintendo Switch has developed into both a mobile and living room entertainment device. Just like PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch can pair with your TV set with only a remote control grip and a dock. 

However, the Nintendo Switch is not compatible with external storage, i.e. does not support a hard drive. Now, I dive into an analysis of the Best Nintendo Switch SD Card. 

Here’s how to Install Micro SD Card in the Nintendo switch SD card slot.

Unique Features

  • Superior form factor – SD-XC
  • Large capacity – 200GB
  • High transfer speed – 90MB/s

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2. Lexar microSDXC 300x High-Performance

Like the SanDisk Ultra, this Lexar microSDXC is a class 10 – UHS-I card that will allow you optimum storage and performance for your Switch.

The Lexar microSDXC is designed and rigorously tested to achieve high quality, reliability and compatibility.

Luckily, the Lexar microSDXC will serve you more than just on the Nintendo Switch but also with other devices like smart devices and camcorders to achieve 95MB/s transfer speeds.

Due to the high-quality build, the SD card will allow you to take and store quality videos (1080p), which will work excellently with GoPro’s.

With the SD card installed on your switch, the games will load faster and there will be no slow-down in the gaming experience.

For additional information, you can check the official Lexar Website.

Unique Features

  • Class 10 high-speed card
  • UHS-I technology that will achieve 45MB/s transfer speeds.
  • 64GB storage


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3. PNY Elite MicroSDXC Card – 200GB

Well, the switch requires adequate storage space, and PNY Elite offers 200GB to enhance increased storage. 

The UHS-I will help you, on other devices, to allow you to capture Full HD moments in photographs and video.

Also, the SD will achieve about 85 MB/s read speeds and thus make it easy to share and store files and data on your devices.

With the 4-Proof Technology design, the SD card is highly durable and reliable.

Unique Features

  • Class 1 UHS-I performance and thus performs faster
  • High read speed – 85MB/s

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4. Samsung Evo+

Samsung Evo+ is designed with the highest quality to achieve the best storage and performance ability for your switch.

Therefore, with the 128GB, you can now easily download and store the eShop switch games and achieve faster gaming speeds at the same time.

Also, on other devices such as smart devices, the SD card will record 4k and transfer files and data at a high speed.

Further, the excellent storage capacity and superior build will allow it to achieve 90MB/S read and write speeds. 

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Guide for Best Nintendo Switch SD Card 

1. Micro SD vs SD-HC vs SD-XC for my Nintendo Switch?

Despite that Nintendo Switch is, by default, compatible with MicroSDHC cards, an additional update allowed it to support the MicroSDXC cards.

So, what are the differences being the SD-XC vs SD-HC Micro cards? I highly regard the SanDisk SD card technology, and I discovered an article discussing SD-XC vs SD-HC cards.

The SD-HC card will hold a maximum of 32GB while the SDXC cards can extend to about 256GB. With a minor update, your Nintendo Switch will support the SD-XC cards. 

Therefore, if you will be downloading a massive amount of Bytes in form of programs, games, files, and data such as Virtual Console and eShop, then you might need to purchase the SD-XC micro-cards.

2. 32GB/ 64GB/ 128GB/ 256GB Nintendo Switch Card?

What about Nintendo switch sd card compatibility? This will mainly depend on your gaming and downloading patterns and habits.

  • For example, a 64GB micro card will be enough if you rarely buy Virtual Console titles and eShop.
  • However, for regular downloading of Virtual Console titles and eShop, you might need to go for the 128GB card. For Nintendo Switch, ensure that the SD card is at least class 10 speed graded.
  • However, the UHS (1, 2, or 3) class grade will also work on Switch but the class will automatically change to class 10 if your device is not UHS class compatible.

Today I‘ll take a peek at how to install your micro SD card on the Nintendo switch.

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How To Install Micro SD Card in Nintendo switch SD card slot

Let’s face it:

The 32GB internal storage of your Nintendo Switch might not be enough to store many, or just enough, digitally downloaded game titles.

Maybe you have just acquired a Nintendo Switch Micro SD Card and you are ready to hit go with new game titles. You might want to take pictures or take screenshots of the Nintendo switch.

But wait a minute! You must have numerous questions regarding the use of additional storage in the Nintendo switch.

Do I require a memory card? Where is Nintendo switch SD card slot? How do you insert or remove the SD card from the Nintendo Switch?

In this guide, I will go through all the above issues and offer solutions – step by step. But first, if you need to know the location of the Nintendo switch SD card slot, check the below description and images. 

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Nintendo switch SD card slot

Nintendo switch SD card slot Location?

Well, I can see the spot for the game card on the top. However, it can be tricky to find the micro SD card slot.

But, if you flip the Nintendo switch around and check the bottom, boom! You’ll see a kickstand that is hiding the SD card slot.

Therefore, the Nintendo switch SD card slot is hidden behind the kickstand on the flip side of the Nintendo switch.

So, how do you install the micro SD card?

How to To insert the MicroSD Card

  1. Switch off your Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Gently swing the kickstand open to reveal the Nintendo switch SD card slot.
  3. Take the microSD card and make sure that its microSD card label is facing away from your Nintendo Switch console.
  4. Insert the microSD card into the Nintendo switch SD card slot and smoothly push down it until it produces a clicking sound as it gets its right position.
  5. Close your Nintendo switch back door.
  6. Also, switch on the Nintendo Switch console.
  7. However, if the MicroSD card for your console is not recognized, ensure that the card is inserted properly inserted into the Nintendo switch SD card slot. Further, make sure that the SD card is formatted correctly.

How to remove the MicroSD Card

  1. Switch off your Nintendo Switch console
  2. Smoothly swing open the SD card stand open to reveal its microSD card slot.
  3. Gently push down the microSD card at the top until there is a click sound.
  4. Finally, slide the microSD card out of the console’s microSD card slot.

What type of memory card does your Nintendo switch use?

First, before thinking of installing the microSD card to your Nintendo Switch, you must ask a very important question: Do I go for an SD card or a microSD card?

Well, it is critical to ensure that the microSD cards are compatible with your Switch.

Your Nintendo switch will only support a maximum of 2GB microSD cards, 4GB-32GB microSDHC cards, and 64GB or more capacity for the microSDXC cards. However, check the compatible Nintendo Switch SD cards you can pick.

What is the maximum Nintendo Switch Internal Storage?

Your Nintendo Switch will only come with 32 GB as its internal storage capacity.

However, some of the above internal storage space is kept for critical system functionality.

Despite that Nintendo Switch games are not so large, it is believed that practically the internal storage space is about 25 GB.

Adding some storage space through the MicroSD Card can help you store more digitally downloaded games.

Some of the game downloads (and their capacity) include:

  1. Disgaea 5 – 5.92 GB
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 7 GB

Is a Micro SD Card important?

Simply stated, all of you switch fans will require the extra external storage for the switch to store the extra games.

Therefore, if you need to play extra third party games on the switch, you will definitely need to have a large Micro SD card.

The Switch games that are digital download will take up more space and thus will not fit in the internal storage of the switch.

What if the storage space runs out?

Despite that you could have added a microSD card to your Nintendo Switch, you might not have achieved an adequate performance boost.

In such a case, you are left with key options:

Option A: Delete all the games that you are done with or you are unlikely to use it in the coming day. However, the good part is that you can go back online and download the same games when you require them and have adequate space.

Option B: The other great option is to move your switch games to another external storage or other microSD cards for convenience.

In this article, I have covered how you can install and remove the microSD card from the Nintendo Switch console.

If you need extra storage space for the exciting digitally download games, you’ll need to buy additional storage space.


In this article, I’ll outline the best Nintendo switch sd card that you can purchase today. Further, we have categorized the SD cards according to their storage capacity: 64GB, 128GB, and 200GB.

Pick an appropriate Nintendo Switch SD Card that will allow optimum performance in your switch. Take note of the class, speeds, and the capacity as you make the ultimate buying decision. 

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