7 Best Music Player for Windows 10 Download

You could be whining that Windows Media Player is not included in Windows 10. Do you need the best music player for windows 10?

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I am sure you are looking for more than just music playback on your computer. The music players designed for Windows 10 will enable music cloud playback, synchronization, and customization– all for free. 

I understand that music players are a highly personal device. Therefore, I will discuss my top picks for the best windows 10 must players for your review.

If you need a direct answer for the Best music player for windows 10 free download, then my top pick is the 5KPlayer – and it is free to download in.

5KPlayer is fast, clean, and will play a variety of music and video with no additional plugins.

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Top 7 Best Music Player for Windows 10 Download

1. 5KPlayer

The 5KPlayer will play music from different formats such as MP4, AAC, OGG, 4K, MP3, AVI, MKV, H.265, and 1080p.

As one of the top DVD players for Windows 10, 5KPlayer will give you the ultimate experience in your music playing. 

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5KPlayer will support live streaming of radio and also supports the ISO file format.

The music player was launched 2024 Reviewed, but only for Mac but the windows version was released later in the same year.

Further, 5KPlayer has other modern music-playing features such as supporting 8K Ultra HD movies.

Also, it will support the AirPlay technology by Apple that allows wireless media streaming on Windows 10.

Unique features

  • Supports many music and video formats such as MP4, AAC, OGG, 4K, MP3, AVI, MKV, H.265, and 1080p.
  • Will play your 3D movies and DVDs from different regions having CSS encryption and codes from the areas.

2. Windows Media Player 12

WMP 12 is a decent and popular Music Player for Windows 10 that will enable you to sync and share music, burn CDs, play local music, and do online music shopping.

Also, the WMP 12 will enable you to shop for music online and sync the digital files to your devices.

WMP 12 has more playback features than Groove Music. With the Windows Media Player 12, you will quickly customize the DVD playback, audio effects, visualizations, and skins add-ons.

WMP 12 is the default music player for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 that will play all music types including iTunes music and Flip Video.

The play has modernized playback modes, where you can now see only the controls you require and thus you can quickly preview music using the new taskbar thumbnail. 

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3. Groove Music – Windows 10 Default Music Player

Microsoft Groove Music is Windows 10’s Default Music Player. You can quickly create and listen to different playlists with the Groove Music on Windows 10.

  • When you have music on the OneDrive, you can readily play it with the Groove Music app on all your devices, including Xbox, Windows Phone, tablets, PCs – for free.

Groove Music is an improvement over the previous Zune music and Xbox music.

It has an excellent Graphic User Interface but still lacks many functions in the windows media Player, including equalizer settings. 

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4. VLC – Powerful Windows 10 Music Player

VLC is an open-source Music Player that is popular for playing local music. It is known for its high customizability with rich handles and playback features for most video or audio formats.

  • The VLC app is an upgrade from the previous desktop version that will play your various multimedia files.

It has multimedia servers and external devices that will quickly read the files, external hard drives, and USB keys.

However, the VLC app underperforms the VLC Media Player on options as less capability for audio tracks, playback speed, and managing subtitles.

For example, you cannot tweak your audio files with the VLC app. However, the KMPlayer and 5KPlayer would be great alternatives to the VLC desktop version. 

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5. MusicBee

MusicBee is an excellent organizer and music player that can assist you to have a fantastic music experience.

  • MusicBee will analyze the PC and will allow you to add music from the Windows Media Player or iTunes.
  • Further, the music player will analyze the industry formats to find lyrics and album art with a consideration of the various metadata.

The play will support the 5.1 surround sound and high-end sound cards and thus maximize your devices’ hardware. 

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There you have it, we have listed the Best Music Player for Windows 10 free download.

Evidently, your windows 10 OS devices will perform as great entertainment hubs if you get yourself the ultimate music and video player. 

My top pick in this category is the 5KPlayer as it has exceptional additional functions compared to the regular windows media player or the Groove Music – Microsoft’s default media player.

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