7 Best Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits 2024 Reviewed

Raspberry Pi 3 is the most powerful single-board credit-card-sized computer.

  • I’ll review the Best Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits you can purchase. 

It’s suitable for a retro-gaming console or a media-center computer with its standard HDMI port, 4 USB ports, and Micro-SD slot.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits in 2024

1. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit – #1 Pick

CanaKit’s Starter Kit tops the list of the best Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits, justifiably so, for its superior features.

Luckily, the starter kit will come with the newest Raspberry Pi 3 B+, USB power supply, pre-loaded NOOBS, GPIO reference card, HDMI cable, and a Micro-SD card (32GB), accessories that would even complete a DIY robotics project.

In addition, it includes a free step-by-step usage guide. Further, it comes with an amazing Raspberry Pi 3 case to safeguard your board.

  • It has 2 heat sinks to cool the PI processor during overclocking and in case of overheating.
  • Finally, the starter kit has a power supply noise filter to ensure the stability of the power input. 

Starter kits come with a power supply, Raspberry Pi 3, and Raspberry Pi 3 microSD card

Raspberry Pi 3B+ comes with an onboard LAN, better wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi bandwidth being 802.11ac), and a superior processor (ARMv8 CPU). 

2. V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Starter Kit – #2 Pick

Like the CanaKit’s Starter Kit above, the Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits also comes with a Pi 3 Model B+.  

Further, it gets you the adapter HDMI cable, power supply, and 2 heat sinks.

  • Get to exciting gaming with this V-Kits starter kit that has an additional 2 SNES-type USB controllers and a MicroSD with RetroPie software.

With the RetroPie software, you can change your single-board computer into a complete arcade console to mimic consoles like Game Boy and Apple II. 

3. Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit by CanaKit (Complete with 32 GB) – #3 Pick

As outlined in the title, this set is a full Starter Kit. Therefore, this will be all you’ll need to kick off your DIY PI 3 project. 

In addition to the amazing Raspberry Pi 3, the CanaKit full Starter Kit comes with:

  • First-rate case with an in-built camera support
  • Heat sinks
  • In-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • HDMI cable that is 6.5 feet would allow you to use a CEC TV’s remote to work with your Raspberry Pi
  • NOOBS pre-installed class 10 Micro-SD
  • Suitable power adapter (5A) and noise filter
  • USB reader for your Mico-SD great for loading operating systems

After testing this kit with some power-demanding DIY projects, I have to state that it is among the best and has a competitive price.

4. Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit–Clear Case Edition

The Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Clear Case kit, like all the above starter kits, has to include amazing Raspberry Pi 3 components.  

Amazingly, this kit is unique for having a strong and clear case.

  • With its in-build Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s now even easier to link to other devices, particularly with a great starter kit.
  • The kit comes with a 16GB SanDisk Micro-SD card with a preloaded OS (NOOBS).
  • Has a Noise Filter, Micro USB Cable, and a USB Power Supply (2.5 A).

So, what’s so special about this clear case starter kit? You’ll notice that in addition to the 16GB SD card, it has a great power supply (2.5A), micro-USB cable, and a noise filter.

  • Further, it has 2 heat sinks to cool down your board during overclocking or any overheating incidence.

You’ll love the easy-to-use guide that is included in the starter kit.

5. Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop Starter Kit (Black)

Maybe you have an HDMI cable and thus only require a standard started kit for your PI DIY projects.

If that’s you, then the Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits must be your kit of choice and is beginner-friendly.

It’ll come with the regular starter kit accessories too: power supply (2.5 A), NOOBS and Raspbian pre-loaded Micro-SD, and an amazing black case (plastic).

  • It offers a recovery system for Raspberry Pi, a secure case that makes the starter kit to become easy to assemble.
  • Wow! The starter kit has 2 GB RAM that you’ll love and four USB ports. Notably.

The power supply adapter has an interchangeable plug for different country standards. 


For some Best Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits, you’ll require to purchase the HDMI cable separately. 

Finally, the kit has a troubleshoot page that allows you to examine the running Pi problems and their possible solutions. 

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