7 Best Crossbow for Self Defense 2024 Reviewed

While on this site, we won’t encourage careless shooting, at one time or another, you will need the best Crossbow for self-defense when an attacker comes to your home. 

  • There are increased restrictions on the buying of firearms. You’ll require a tool that is reliable, effective, and powerful. 

Hence, it would be helpful to get the Crossbow for self-defense, which is a non-gun home defense weapon in your home. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Crossbow for Self Defense 2024

1. CenterPoint Dusk Hunter 370- Crossbow Package

Do you need an efficient and powerful crossbow that would act both as a hunting device or a self-defense tool?

Well, the CenterPoint Dusk Hunter 370 will be your excellent companion in targeting your assailant. Further, the device is compact and lightweight and thus will be good for self-defense.

  • Despite being heavy, the Crossbow has a simple design, a straightforward rope cocking device that will be easy to target your attacker.
  • Also, the device has a good quality build and is durable. The automatic safety trigger and Dry-fire mechanism can function excellently on your Sniper 370.

For great accuracy, the Crossbow has a pass-through foregrip, wholly adjustable stock, and Illuminated scope.

It has 20″ carbon bolts, a detachable quiver, 370 FPS velocity, and a 4mm by 32mm scope.

Despite that the device would not match the latest crossbow designs, we consider it to be an excellent tool for beginners, either for self-defense or hunting.

With the Crossbow, you will achieve excellent shooting accuracy with distances such as 48 yards, even when you are a beginner.

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2. Barnett Ghost 420 Cross Bow – High End and high powered

Barnett Ghost 420 crossbow is one of the high-end tools in its class. This comes with superior quality components, ease of setup, and awesome accuracy capability.

It is among the fastest crossbows in the market, shooting the 420 FPS with 15.375 inches power stroke.

The device has a compact design, for its efficiency, with around 21 inches across its width and roughly 37inches in length. It employs the Carbonlite 2 technology, and thus sustains its durability but is 7.6 lbs.

  • A significant positive change in Ghost 420 is that it has 20.125 inches axel to axel, which is shorter compared to its predecessor.
  • Barnett incorporated the TriggerTech trigger that will make your shooting flawless and frictionless. Also, it has a smooth trigger – about 3 pounds.

There is a superior bristle that can be replaced after wearing out. Further, if you don’t fancy rope cockers, you can add some crank cocking devices.

Finally, the Crossbow has an Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger Structure, allows Single Bolt Assembly, and has a Soft Lock mechanism.

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3. Prophecy 80 Pound Crossbow

For low-end but high-quality crossbows, you have to try the Prophecy 80 Pound Crossbow with its self-cocking mechanism. It has a Cobra Limb System.

  • Despite that the Crossbow looks fun to play with, you will realize that you can use it effectively for self-defense.
  • With its 80 lbs draw weight, the crossbar’s arrows take 150 ft/s to hit your assailant senseless.

Unlike other full-sized crossbows, the Prophecy 80 Pound crossbow will not require excessive energy to cock, and hence you can shoot faster.

The device is of high-quality build and can shoot straight with great accuracy.

Further, you will be able to set up the Crossbow easily and be ready to hit your attacker. Also, the 6-4 or 5″ Power Stroke. 

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4. SA Sports Package 543 Fever Crossbow

The 543 SA Sports Fever crossbow will be easy to learn, assemble, and use in your home self-defense. It is a highly light crossbow with a shorter power stroke and weighs about 5 pounds.

With kinetic energy of 51 ft. Lbs, you will readily hit your attacker. The rope-cocking device will enable you to cock the Crossbow ready to hit your assailant.

Its lightweight implies that the 543 SA Sports Fever crossbow will be easy to carry around the house. However, the Crossbow is known to have lower accuracy levels.

With the four by 32 Multi-range Scope, you’ll achieve excellent accuracy in your shooting.

The tool has a Full-Dipped Camo Pattern and Weaver-style Scope Mount that is adjustable. The device has Ambidextrous Auto Safety that will be safe while using it for self-defense. 

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5. Cobra System Crossbow K-8025

The Cobra System K-8025 crossbow has an 80-pound pistol and an 80-pound limb. 

Interestingly, the crossbow has a self-cocking structure with the characteristic Pistol-style structure.

The Crossbow has a compact design and is made of a strong plastic body. It operates with short bows that are made of compressed molded fiberglass.

The device will achieve a 165 FPS (feet per second) speed that will enable you to hit your assailant easily and fast.

Further, for self-defense purposes, the Crossbow will be great as it has a short load time due to its speedy cocking mechanism. 

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Guide for Best Crossbow for Self Defense

A vital advantage of the Crossbow in its use as a self-defense tool is the silent operation.

Indeed, while you are shooting or targeting your attacker, you don’t want them, or other people, to know your location.

The Crossbow lacks the characteristic loud bang produced by a gun. Such a bang would attract the attacker’s attention and that of other people.

  • Also, the Crossbow “ammo” or bows can be reused. You can quickly move o where the tool landed and retrieve it for reuse if it is not damaged.
  • Interestingly, the Crossbow, compared to tools such as knives and swords, will enable you to shoot from a distance.
  • Therefore, you can easily target your attacker from a distance. This allows you to reduce the risk of a close-range attack by your assailant.

Finally, even if you are an Amateur in using a crossbow, you can quickly achieve high levels of accuracy while shooting at your attacker.

The structure of the Crossbow holds the bolt and the string, and thus you need to squeeze its trigger.


I hope with the outline information; you’ll quickly make a buying decision for your ultimate Crossbow for self-defense purposes.

Happy Shopping!!!

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