7 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System 2024

The long-range wireless driveway alert system alarm will help you detect any intruder that sets foot in your residence.

  • The alarm system detects unusual movements by vehicles, human beings, and animals.
  • The alarm system will work effectively, including in backyards, garages, and lawns.

With the system installed, you will conveniently be alerted, using your selected chime, of the arriving visitors or intruders. Read Also: Ergonomic Sofa Reviewed.

7 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System Compared 

Depending on your needs and preferences, your Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System can have any of the three types of sensors. Read Also: Crossbow for Self Defense

1. Metal Sensing Probes

Metal Sensing Probes are designed to only detect moving metal such as vehicles through electromagnetic waves or magnetic detection.

  • However, the metal sensing probes will not help you see human beings and animals because they are not magnetic sensitive.
  • The alarm system will work efficiently in areas where there are no moving metal objects or vehicle traffic. Therefore, it can efficiently work near gates, hedges, and car parks.

To install the Metal Sensing Probes alarm system, you can bury the alarm gadgets, as outlined in the product instructions, in the ground or place them on the ground level. 

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2. Rubber Air Hose sensors

The Rubber Air Hose sensors are standard in body shops and gas stations or areas with heavy vehicles.

  • The driveway sensors alarm will work when a heavy vehicle moves over the hose.
  • Therefore, the sensor will limit the number of false alarms since it will only go off when a heavy vehicle is detected.

Since the alarm is installed to detect the weight of vehicles, it can be used in settings where you will need to assume the movement of people and animals. 

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3. Infrared Motion Sensors

Maybe you are interested in detecting both animals, vehicles, and human beings.

  • Then, the Wireless Driveway Alarm systems with Infrared Motion Sensors are your best bet as they work with specific infrared signatures.
  • Luckily, you can install the drive-away system on lamp posts considering the height of human beings, animals, and vehicles.

Most alarm system on the market utilizes cellular and wireless technology. The following are the advantages you will reap from having a wireless driveway alarm system:

  • Highly secure – The system has no wires that the intruders can cut or disable power and thus has a high level of effectiveness.
  • Clean and Safe – Since the wireless system has no extensive wire networks, you will not be required to drill holes throughout your house.
  • Easy to install.
  • Also, it is possible to reposition the sensors for better coverage of your driveway. 

You can be alerted when customers, couriers, or deliveries arrive. Mainly, a Wireless driveway alarm is considered useful since it can transmit signals to about 1000 feet. 

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Considering that you want to maximize the security of your house, it would be challenging to listen to the sounds outside continually.

  • You can efficiently use an applicable Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System to detect any intrusion or visitors to your residence or business property.
  • To purchase the best driveway alarms for your needs, you’ll need to consider different factors such as detection range, sensor type, durability, and ease of installation.

However, for the wireless driveway alarm, you’ll need to master the art of adjusting the sensitivity of the device to avoid excessive false alarms.

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