7 Best Walking Shoes for Lower Back Pain 2024

With the many shoe brands on the market today, it can be tricky to choose good walking and athletic shoes to ease your back pain – the best walking shoes for lower back pain.

  • But we all need great shoes that would support the lower back pain and thus alleviate pain even for waitresses.

To avoid Corns, Nail problems, Athlete’s foot (study), Collapsed arches and Back pain, and Joint pain – get shoes that are well-cushioned, give arch support, and have flexibility.

Reviews: 7 Best Walking Shoes for Lower Back Pain in 2024 

1. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes is a podiatrist designed to support your feet. 

  • Has excellent lightweight EVA midsole to absorb shock thereby reducing pressure or pain in your joints and lower back. 

The firm heel counter and sturdy midfoot shank offer additional support. These Women’s Shoes feature complete leather uppers with a lightweight midsole to give you the comfort and flexibility you need while walking.

The sturdy rubber outsole offers excellent traction and stability which makes it slip-resistant on all surfaces.

  • Furthermore, the shoe features heel italic technology which helps to realign your feet and give appropriate arch support helping to relieve aches or pains linked to overpronation.

Those suffering from lower back pain will significantly benefit from these shoes. You can walk around all day wearing this footwear without joint or lower back pains.

Shock-Absorbing Mid-Sole

The midsole of this Vionic Women’s shoe is designed to offer shock absorption and excellent cushioning.

  • Therefore, your feet get the needed stability required to walk all day.

The EVA midsole provides impact absorption to protect your lower back and joints while walking on hard surfaces.


When buying new footwear, you want to be sure you are investing in a long-lasting product. Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes is one of the most durable women’s footwear for walking.

The upper of the footwear is all leather while the outer sole is made of rubber. These features make the shoes best for walking while alleviating lower back pain.


When you have issues with your lower back, you would want shoes that will support you adequately as you walk. Vionic Women’s Walker is lightweight and durable enough to make walking all day enjoyable.

Water Proof

The Rubber outsole of Vionic Women’s Walker makes the shoe waterproof.

You can walk comfortably with these shoes in all weathers without them getting damaged. If you reside in areas that experience heavy rains and love going out, then this footwear will favor you.


  • Excellent mesh upper for breathability
  • Strong rubber outsole
  • Full-grain leather
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Polyester upper lining for smooth feel when wearing


  • Some customers remark that the underside of shoe near the toe wears off quickly


2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes feature a slip-resistant outsole and excellent cushioning to give you comfort and sturdiness. 

It also features durable upper leather and offers superior arch support making it durable for overpronators. 

We begin our review by looking at the Brooks Addiction Walker shoes. These shoes are one of the best wears for lower back pain. We mainly recommend them for those who do a lot of walking.

The footwear is highly durable; you can expect it to last for a couple of years.

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker shoes are made of leather material and a midsole cushioning to give you reliable support.

The outer sole of this shoe is non-slippery, making it ideal for walking on all surfaces and weather.

Unique features include Excellent midsole cushioning, Arches support, Complete leather upper, Motion control shoe, Shock absorption, and a Spacious toe box.

Excellent Support

The Men’s Addiction Walker shoes offer essential support to your arches. It’s one of the best shoes for flat arches, designed for overpronators.

Excellent Motion Control

This Men’s Addiction from Brooks is equipped with motion control which offers superior medial and arch support to alleviate severe overpronation.

  • Thus, it’s considered the best walking shoes for flat feet. The footwear has unmatched arches and bends to give you proper comfort and support your feet while walking.
  • Because of the support provided, you can walk for many hours without feeling any pain in your muscles or joints.

The shoe is equipped with a unique mechanism to adjust your gait by realigning your feet to their natural position.

The Design

The outer design of the shoe displays a rugged surface with appropriate curves and patches to help the feet move more comfortably.

  • The footwear is also designed with a lace-up vamp to allow a personalized grip on the feet.
  • Further, the lace-up design allows you to adjust the lacing system of the shoe to give you a customized fit while holding your feet in place allowing for extra stability.

Best walking shoes for Overweight People

If you are overweight and have issues with your lower back, you may want to try Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker shoes.

This footwear is made with a linear platform technology which helps to extend its durability making them suitable for obese individuals.


If you want comfort, durability, and stability while walking to alleviate lower back pain Brooks Men’s Walking Shoes will be a perfect choice.

The shoes are equipped with excellent midsole cushioning which offers exceptional support to your feet making them ideal for walking all day.


  • Sturdy shoe
  • Excellent cushioning alleviates lower back pain
  • Superior quality made with leather
  • Lightweight Shoe
  • Simple and plain design can be worn in any event
  • Recommended for podiatrist and chiropractor


  • The shoe has short laces
  • Some customers complained that the Brooks Addiction was


3. Merrell Men’s Polarand Rove Moc Shoes

Merrell Men’s Polarand Rove Moc Shoes feature durable outer sole with amazing M Select GRIP that gives shoes excellent grip and traction on all surfaces. It also features waterproof leather. 

M Select DRY and M Select FRESH to prevent odors and sweaty feet. 

  • The Merrell Men’s Polarand is a superior slip-on that is flexible in construction. This shoe is ideal for a dress shoe or work.
  • It provides better support and comfort helping to alleviate lower back pain while improving your posture while walking.

The shoe also features durable waterproof leather and M selected ride technology to keep your feet dry and fresh all day giving you comfort as you walk.

The ice grip outsole with the warm and comfortable interior makes the shoes ideal for wear during winter. The sole allows you to walk on ice without any difficulty.

Waterproof Leather Upper

This shoe is designed with a waterproof leather upper. If you reside in areas that experience heavy rains, Merrell Men’s Polarand Rove is the best walking shoe for you. It does not allow water inside enabling the footwear to maintain its quality and durability.

EVA midsole

The EVA midsole is lightweight and offers exceptional cushioning to your feet. This sole supports your arch while walking protecting you from muscle and joint injuries.


The shoe features M-Select DRY and M Select FRESH to keep your feet feeling dry and fresh all day. Sweaty and smelly feet will be a thing of the past with the Merrell Men’s Polar and Rove.


The shoe features a fleece pile that forms air pockets which help to trap air while retaining body heat. As a result, the feet obtain unmatched breathability, warmth, and versatility during cold temperatures.

Comfort And Stability

The shoe features a patented midsole which helps to absorb excess shock while enhancing stability.

  • The air cushion provides excellent heel compression helping to absorb the body’s weight thereby keeping the incorrect heel posture inside the shoe for outstanding comfort, support, and stability.


  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Offers excellent breathability
  • Offers outstanding cushioning while walking
  • Best walking shoes for lower back pain


  • None


4. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe offers a combination of comfort and style. 

The additional padding on the midsole, tongue, and collars of the shoe provides support and stability. Detachable innersole allows one to switch in case of wear and tear. 

Most men prefer a shoe that is comfy and which they can wear daily and on all occasions.

  • The Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes are the best walking shoes for lower back pain. You can wear the shoe for both casual and formal events and still look stylish.

The shoes feature Breathable mesh lining which allows free airflow inside the shoemaking your feet feel fresh and dry even after hours of walking. With this footwear, you can say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet.

Excellent Outer Sole

The sole has a remarkable design that features bumps and curves to keep the feet balanced and comfortable while walking.

The flexible rubber soles give the shoes a firm grip making the shoes suitable for walking on all surfaces without slipping.

Seamless Fitting and Stability

The manufacturers of Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes have been careful to ensure the shoes are perfect fits.

  • Certain footwear is designed with excellent foot contours and a glove-like fit with stable soles to allow you to walk all day without experiencing lower back pain.

Remarkable Sole Grip

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes have an impressive and firm grip on all surfaces.

As a result, individuals can walk on all surfaces without fear of slipping and injuring themselves. The rubber soles with their firm grip offer flexibility and stability as you walk.

Forefoot Flexibility

These shoes are spacious in the toe area allowing easy bending and twisting of your toes during walking.

The forefoot area features additional cushioning to let the feet have a natural heel to toe transition. Hence, a more comfortable walking experience.


The shoe features a mesh lining that allows free airflow while removing moisture to keep feet dry and fresh. As a result, walking becomes more comfortable irrespective of the distance you cover.

Remarkable Inner Sole

The inner sole has latex foam which allows your feet to rest comfortably while getting the necessary support from the soft sole surface.


  • Made using high-quality material
  • The mesh fabric on the inner lining allows for airflow leaving your feet fresh and dry after hours of walking
  • Excellent cushioning throughout the shoe
  • The inner sole has latex form that gives you a perfect fit while keeping the feet in right posture
  • Well-designed outer surface allows you to wear them on all events.


  • The toe area is not spacious enough people with wide feet might find it uncomfortable.


5. Orthofeet Avery Island Men Comfort

Orthofeet Avery Island Men Comfort has a spacious toe box for free toe movement. 

The ergonomic sole and anatomical orthotic insole provide excellent cushioning and support to feet. The seamless, non-binding upper eradicate pressure points and offer comfort.

  • The Orthofeet Avery shoes are one of the most superior orthopedic shoes that carefully blend fascinating styling with advanced comfort qualities.

The footwear features an ergonomic sole, excellent fitting, and remarkable padded lining giving the wearer ultimate comfort and exceptional wearing experience.

The contoured orthotic insole, padded heel seat, and anatomical arch support work together to ensure heel-to-toe comfort while relieving pain in the foot.

The outsole features Lightweight cushioning alongside an Ergonomic-Stride design to strengthen steps, hence, propelling your foot forward. With time, your gait improves, and the foot adopts a more natural position while walking.

Comfort And Support

The shoe features optimal anatomical arch support which helps to ease painful pressure points while the sole provides excellent cushioning to soften your strides.

The footwear is well-designed to allow you to walk all day without having aching joints or muscles.

Further, the toe box is built in a way that enables your feet to relax while allowing the toes to stretch for extra comfort naturally.

Fashionable And Stylish

These shoes are specially designed for both formal and casual occasions. They easily blend well with any outfit to give you that stylish look. They are fashionable and well-designed to ensure your feet are safe at all times.

Excellent Cushioning

Orthofeet Avery Island shoes offer excellent support combined with unmatched cushioning to protect your joints and overall body from pains.

They are biomechanically built with exceptional features like orthotic insole and rubber outsole to give you the comfort and support you require while walking.

Excellent Insoles

These shoes feature anatomical orthotic insoles which act as a pain reliever for foot and heel pain.

Further, the soles are lightweight and well-cushioned and offer an ergonomic-stride design to improve stability while facilitating great foot motion.

These insoles help to reduce corns and calluses while relieving pressure on the bottom of your feet. Also, they deliver exceptional support and comfort for flat feet.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Orthotic insoles
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional arch support
  • Ideal for formal and casual occasions
  • Help to relieve foot and heel


  • Some customers complained that the toe box too narrow


6. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker is an excellent shock absorption shoe using Brooks Hydro Flow technology. The ROLLBAR technology allows pronation control. 

The Engineered MC Configuration helps to balance and position your feet to allow a more natural motion. 

The Brooks Women’s Addiction shoes are the best walking shoes for lower back pain. They offer comfort and support using three unique technologies.

  • The hydro flow helps in shock absorption. MOGO technology offers superior midsole cushioning to give you all the support you need while walking.

Energy-efficient technology ensures the shoes have adequate cushioning while providing the necessary support to your heels and foot.

Safety is also guaranteed with this shoe as it features slip-resistant technology. You can walk with confidence on all surfaces without fear of falls or slips. PDRB technology provides extra stability to your feet.

Excellent Stability

Brooks Women’s Addiction will guarantee stability for your gait; you can walk with ease knowing that you are protected from heel and foot injuries.

  • The PDRB technology allows these shoes to control pronation while giving the needed support to individuals with overpronation.

The shoes have been built with quality materials that facilitates a natural heel-to-toe transition to protect your feet from rolling inwards when you walk. Hence, help to improve your gait and stability for a more natural walk.

Recommended By Podiatrists

Physical therapists and podiatrists recommend Brooks Women’s Addiction shoes to patients with lower back issues, flat feet, overpronation, and tendonitis.

This footwear is also ideal for everyday walking or standing for extended periods.

Slip Resistant

Brooks Women’s Addiction features a slip-resistant rubber outsole that offers exceptional security while walking on wet or slippery surfaces.

The grip on soles allows you to walk on rough terrain without getting joint pain.


When you think about comfort, Brooks Women’s Addiction should come to mind.

  • The shoe features a MOGO midsole which provides excellent cushioning to your feet giving you comfort and support while you walk.

The midsole is soft, durable, and offers more flexibility when walking.

Further, the cushy sole, a sturdy insole board ensures you are comfortable and offers more cushioning and flexibility allowing longer walks without pains.

Excellent Shock Absorption

The hydro flow technology enables the shoes to absorb more shock while you walk protecting you from the foot-ground impact.

This technology facilitates small chambers which are placed in the heel and forefoot of brooks to offer ultimate shock absorption.


  • Orthotics are designed to fit perfectly
  • Offers excellent cushioning
  • Very sturdy shoe
  • Quality leather upper provides ample support for your foot
  • The lightweight shoe makes walking easy


  • You might need to get better insoles or inserts for additional comfort


7. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule features excellent arch support for foot comfort. 

  • The Contoured midsole ensures your feet are well aligned and secured to give you a natural stride.
  • The shock absorption is top-notch and is likened to running footwear. 

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is an ideal walking shoe for people with lower back issues.

They offer excellent arch support and cushioning to give you all-day stability and comfort.

The rubber outsole provides excellent grip allowing you to walk on all surfaces comfortably. The sole is also slip-resistant to keep you protected from falls or slips.

Excellent Temperature Control

Dansko Women’s Professional shoes have excellent temperature control mechanisms which help to regulate the temperature inside the shoe.

You can walk or stand for long hours without having sweaty or smelly feet.

Excellent Fit

Dansko Women’s shoe features a padded instep collar to give you a secure and perfect fit while protecting you against foot irritation even after wearing the shoe for long hours.

Shock Absorption

The shoe features a Rocker Bottom which helps to minimize fatigue and shock absorption allowing you to withstand long periods of standing or walking.


Dansko Women’s Professional has a wider heel and sole which helps to create an excellent heel strike. As a result, the wearer gets better traction and enhanced stability giving them all-day standing or walking endurance.


  • Easy to clean
  • The rubber outsole is slip-resistant
  • Has spacious toe box making them comfortable wear for extended hours
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent arch support
  • Ideal for people with high arches
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can be a challenge to correctly size


Guide: Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain

When buying the Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain, there are essential aspects you need to keep in mind.

  • The market now is flooded with many shoes all claiming to alleviate lower back pain.

You need to be more cautious and ensure the footwears have the following qualities.

Stability And Balance

Buy shoes that have unmatched balance; Balance is an essential factor in shoes. Well-balanced shoes ensure you do not injure your feet, spine, or any other body part.

Therefore, when buying the best walking shoes to alleviate lower back pain ensure they offer outstanding balance to protect your feet on different walking surfaces.


When buying walking shoes for lower back pain, you cannot overlook the flexibility of the shoe.

  • Shoes that offer flexibility help to prevent excess stress on your spine which means, your lower back will be pain-free, and walking will be more comfortable.

Also, your toes should have enough room to flex or twist to enable a smooth and comfortable walking experience.


A shoe that fits comfortably provides controlled compression around the midfoot and heel as well as offers a spacious forefoot area. Hence, check out shoes that have appropriate padding and contours.

Lightweight Shoe

Lightweight shoes are best for walking and help alleviate lower back pain.

These footwears come fitted with a seamless fabric lining and foam padding that relieves pressure points, thus, enhancing comfort.


Lower back pain affects many people throughout the world. It is crucial for you to understand the cause of your pain and take necessary action.

  • However, most people suffer from the lower back because of wearing the wrong shoes.
  • Research shows that wearing the right type of shoes can help alleviate lower back pain. Luckily, I’ve reviewed the best walking shoes for lower back pain.

Any of the reviewed shoes are ideal for walking and can help relieve back pain. You can also decide to go a step further and get compression socks which also offer excellent cushioning.

The shoes reviewed in this guide are meant to offer comfort, cushioning, and stability to the heel, midfoot, and ankle.

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