Top 7 Best Infield Gloves 2024 Reviewed

Being the best infielder you are, you’ll need to make lightning-fast plays. The line drives and grounders must not stand a chance when you have the Best Infield Gloves.

  • Key characteristics to look for in the Infield Gloves include a shallow pocket that will get the ball out of the glove as fast as possible.

Also, the glove should have an open web build for filtering out dirt and for quick transfers.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Infield Gloves in 2024 

1. Wilson 6-4-3 Infield Pedroia Fit Glove – High-End Youth glove

The Wilson 6-4-3 Infield Pedroia Fit Infield Glove is a high-end youth glove that will fit most of the fantasies the youth players have for a perfect glove. 

These infield gloves will give you a hand orientation for your two hands. Therefore, the gloves are appropriate for both rightie and leftie.

Notably, the reliable web is a characteristic and distinguishing features of the Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit, mainly because baseball experts, and noobs too, love the soft and silky web.

This reduces the throw time but could also slightly increase the time needed to pack the baseball from the glove and finally throw it.

Snug fit

The Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit has a perfect snug fit. Notably, it comes with a smaller opening, low-profile heel, long laces, which makes the glove excellent for the player’s hands.

Reinforces pocket

The gloves have a double palm construction to reinforce the pocket and thus make it excellent for baseball play.

Favorable break-in time

The gloves have double play leather, which makes them have an excellent break-in time compared to other top infielder gloves.

  • This is mainly due to the rolled dual welting characteristic. Also, infielders, like other baseball players, are busy professional who lacks time to evaluate and re-evaluate infield gloves. 

However, Third basemen require a closed web gloves to get additional support while catching the ball that is hit hard. Related: Best Youth Baseball Bats


  • Quick Break-in
  • Snug fit.
  • Low profile heel.
  • Double palm pocket construction


  • Relatively pricey


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2. Wilson A2000 – 1786 H-Web

Wilson A2000 – 1786 H-Web has curved fingers to fit the user, which fits excellently into the hands. 

It’s made from Pro Stock leather that is strong, durable, and stiff enough to buttress the pocket for increased safety and comfort. 

The Wilson A2000 – 1786 H-Web has an I-web, is 11.5″ and its pocket is shallow. It has Dual Welting, which allows leather strips at the back of your finger stall.

The gloves have additional protection against sting and thus provide a better feeling.

Also, the gloves use the DRI-LEX technology to reduce moisture through the fragile and breathable wrist linings that move the moisture.

Interestingly, the gloves will have an excellent look when they gather some little dust while you are gaming.

1786 Design  

So, is the pattern in Wilson A2000 – 1786 H-Web great for the infielder’s gaming functions?

You guess it is right: Wilson A2000 has a medium width, a shallow pocket, and one can put a roll or flare on their glove, which are the features infielders require in a glove.

Shallow and sturdy pocket

With a shallow pocket and sturdy, the middle infielders will achieve faster transfers. H-web implies that the gloves will have a shallow pocket noted above.


  • The Rolled dual welting allows the glove to maintain the shape
  • Lightweight and has Pro stock patterns
  • Dual welting pocket to increase durability
  • Long lasting Pro stock leather that helps for breaking the baseball glove in
  • Breathable DriLex wrist lining-ultra to drain moisture


  • Relatively Pricey


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3. Rawlings Gold Series Opti-Core

Rawlings Gold Series Opti-Core is made from European leather, which is both durable and has a supple feel. 

  • Also, it has luxury palm lining and hand-sewn welting for comfort.
  • It has several pre-curved padding layers separating the pocket and palm, creating a custom feel. 

The Gold Glove Series has taken baseball gloves to another with the innovative moldable padding and pro soft European leather. The gloves are well recommended for you if you need to master defense.

Notably, the Rawlings Gold Series has open webs great for infielders and outfielders and shallow pockets that are perfect for middle infielders.

The glove is not pre-broken so that it won’t be too stiff for individuals using the first time.

However, players will get around and find excellent control with the Opti-Core Baseball Gloves.

Three sizes

The Rawlings Gold Opti-Core Gloves comes in 3 sizes – 11.75″, 12″, and 12.75,” which presents you with a good selection to match your size and baseball needs.

Pre-curved padding

The gloves incorporate the OptiCore Technology that provides precurved padding layers below the palm aimed to absorb more impact during the catch.

Legendary Inspired

The technology is inspired by legendary baseball players such as Manny Machado and Willie Mays to denote its capability to help defenders achieve great success.


  • Has an ergonomic design for increased comfort
  • Pre-curved padding increases protection
  • Highly durable
  • Offers excellent control to the infielder.


  • Slightly stiff
  • Relatively Pricey


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4. Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Series

Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Series will be excellent for infielders or young players learning the infielder position. 

It is made from buffalo leather and a performance mesh, which will give you both high performance and safety. It maintains the Louisville Slugger top quality.

Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Series is an excellent introductory glove for young baseball players or any other infielder aiming to learn the technicalities of the position.

  • Louisville Slugger is a reputable company that commits to the quality production of its gloves.
  • Therefore, despite the FG Genesis Series glove being relatively cheap, its quality is still fair and is durable enough.

My brother is 12 years, and the glove has a minimal break-in time, which implies that they can use it for several years in the game.

Due to its size, this glove will give your young player appropriate service, and they will complete better in their little league career.

Introductory Gloves

Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Series will be excellent for infielders or young players learning the infielder position. It is made from buffalo leather and maintains the Louisville Slugger top quality.

The glove has a performance mesh and is made from buffalo leather, which will give you both high performance and safety.

Mesh back

The mesh in the glove makes it to be lightweight and hence usable by young baseball players.

I love the Great Lengths allowed in the gloves. Considerably, 11.5 inches is enough space for the ball to fit in the young layer’s small hands.


  • Versatile due to MeMeshack
  • Good price
  • Buffalo leather for high comfort and durability
  • Great length
  • Good for beginners


  • Dirt on mere shack
  • Snug fit


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5. Mizuno Prime SE GMVP1177SE4 MVP

The Mizuno Prime SE GMVP1177SE4 MVP comes with soft leather, which will be easy to break in and thus favorable for fast users. 

You can close the pinkie and thumb easily and hence get a tight ball grip. Center Pocket design, which centers the glove pocket below the index finger.

I am happy to introduce the revamped Mizuno Prime SE GMVP1177SE4 MVP from the MVP Prime gloves series.

Mizuno has put significant emphasis on quality and essential details to make the new Mizuno glove awesome.

For example, in this glove, Mizuno used the oil soft plus leather that makes the Mizuno Prime SE GMVP1177SE4 MVP to be very soft to touch and comfortable to use.

Bio Soft leather

Mizuno Prime SE GMVP1177SE4 MVP is made from Bio Soft Leather, which has an excellent balance between softness and oil, which makes it both firm and soft.

Heel Flex Technology

The glove has a forgiving or flexible heel created through the Heel Flex Technology, which will help you improve performance and feel comfortable.

Sturdy Edge Lace

The Edge Lace has a robust design that creates stability between the pinky and the thumb, which is needed by the infielders.

Strong Center Pocket control

The gloves have a strong center pocket control that will enable you to have great access and control to the pocket.


  • Great compromise between price and available features
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • None


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6. Rawlings Premium Pro PPR1175

The tradition of Rawlings producing quality baseball gloves continues with Rawlings Premium Pro PPR1175. 

The glove will give you comfort and a secure fit. It has two pieces of solid web that can hide the ball while pitching and is effective in the infield. It’s made from durable leather.

Premium Pro PPR1175 is in the Pros series of the Rawlings glove brands.

Further, Rawlings Premium Pro PPR1175 is considered equal in quality and pricing to other gloves made of leather.

It comes with excellent characteristics like a thumb sleeve, kip leather, wool padding, and inner lining made of Pittard’s leather.

Further, the gloves use 100 percent wool for wrist straps and padding.

The padding (wool) is very critical to the leather glove as it acts like the thermoform, which implies that it’ll prevent sweat from off on your backhand.

The glove has Solid Core technology that will enable it to comfort your hand and thus achieve excellent fit and comfort.

20% player break-in

Rawlings Premium Pro PPR1175 has only 20% player break-in, which is considered fair for most infielders in baseball.

Also, it comes with Solid Core Technology, which improves the functioning, fit, and feels of the glove.

Pro Web Style

It has the conventional back and a Pro Web Style with its characteristic wide wrist opening.

I would consider the glove to be great for pony leagues participants and youngsters.

Also, they can be excellent for the second base and shortstop.


  • Durable leather built
  • Break-in is easy
  • It made in 11 ¼” and 12 ¾” sizes.
  • Uses Solid Core technology to give comfort and great fit


  • None


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Do you know why many infielders are reluctant to replace their gloves?

  • Infielders consider it unfavorable to replace their worn-out gloves and go into a match with unpleasant and unfamiliar gloves. 

However, I was hoping you could take advantage of the little time you can get and the off-season to check the Best Infield Gloves I have analyzed in this post and get rid of the worn-out ones. 

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