7 Best Athletic Shoes for Lower Back Pain in 2024 Reviewed

I had experienced many lower back pain issues before I invested in the best athletic shoes for lower back pain.

  • Given that, I tried other remedies to reduce repetitive loading stress on my spine, but now I needed some prevention measures.

As a typical runner, stretching hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and the core may help you warm up your muscles before running. 

Reviews: 7 Best Athletic Shoes for Lower Back Pain in 2024 

1. Nike Zoom Men’s Vomero 12 Running Shoes – #1 Pick

Nike Men’s Vomero 12 Running Shoes offer plush comfort and a responsive ride. 

The upper of these shoes has an engineered mesh with a seamless inner sleeve to allow breathability and comfort. The EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning. 

Nike Vomero 12 provides remarkable cushioning and is ideal for athletes who experience lower back pain when running. 

  • This shoe is highly responsive as it features a durable outsole design that provides extra grip and more cushioning during running.
  • The midfoot is equipped with Flywire straps to ensure secure lock-down of the feet, hence, prevents knee or joint injuries.

The shoe features air zoom and lunarlon technologies which encourage more cushioning, allowing for a smoother and responsive ride. You’ll be impressed by the plush soft cushioning that this shoe has to offer. It also allows a seamless transition from heel to toe.

Perfect fit: Nike Zoom Vomero 12 is equipped with Flywire cables that secure the upper of the shoe while helping to hold down your mid-foot for maximum support and comfort.

  • Excellent Upper: The upper of the shoe features a synthetic fabric and mesh system to allow more ventilation inside the shoe.
  • The collar is covered with Flywire cables and plush foam combined with a unique lacing system to offer you a more comfortable and secure fit.

The dynamic fit technology allows for a soft, supportive, and more customized fit. This technology helps to adjust the shoe accordingly to match the runner’s foot. The toe cap offers extra protection and durability, while the heel counter provides needed support and stability.

Breathability: The upper of the shoe contains a mesh that allows the free flow of air. You don’t need to worry about sweaty and smelly fit while running on Air Zoom Vomero 12.

Unmatched Flexibility: One of the best athletics shoes known for flexibility is the Nike Vomero 12. The midsole contains thick but soft cushioning, which is flexible and gives additional support to the foot.

The outsole comprises flex grooves that more natural move. The upper is covered with mesh and a bootie that allows comfortable running.


  • Best athletic shoes for lower back pain
  • Flywire cables make the upper more secure
  • Available in an array of colors, you get to choose your favorite
  • The midsole is flexible and well-cushioned
  • Comfortable shoe
  • Strong and efficient outsole
  • foam technologies are highly responsive


  • Some customers felt that the toe box was a bit tight


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2. Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoes (D Width)

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 13 Running Shoe is designed for overpronators with lower back pain. 

  • It features a superior DNA midsole, which provides unmatched cushioning, support, and improved energy return.
  • The rubber forefoot offers a lightweight grip and cushioning. The 3D overlays provide essential support. 

Brooks Women’s Glycerin shoes can help alleviate lower back pain if used consistently for running. This shoe is well-structured and an excellent shock absorber.

Further, if you run on soft ground, you’ll get relief from your lower back pain. We’ve always overlooked the power of getting the right running shoes and how it can positively impact your lower back pain.

Thus, when you hit the ground running, the sneaker naturally adjusts your feet to prevent pronation and encourage a correct running posture.

The shoe features a Super DNA midsole that delivers a plush ride and essential Pressure Zones to allow an exceptional running experience, hence, effective heel-to-toe transition.

The enhanced smooth upper design combined with the new midsole saddle permits a customized firm fit on the whole foot.

Outsole: Brooks Glycerin 13 features an outsole that offers support to certain pressure zones, including the forefoot, heel, and midfoot.

  • As a result, the foot strike pressure is distributed evenly, giving the athlete the comfort they need while running.
  • Furthermore, the outsole is equipped with rubber which helps to provide the required grip on various surfaces.

Rounded Heel: The rounded heel is designed to protect runners from lower back pain by helping to align the runner’s foot during ground contact. Hence, athletes acquire a seamless foot strike as the contact point is moved near the forefoot or midfoot.

Excellent Upper: The upper of Brooks Glycerin 13is made using a 3D printer technology. This technology gives the shoes a perfect fit allowing them to wrap around the athlete’s foot comfortably.

  • Mesh fabric has been largely included under the lacing system and on the upper of the shoe, enabling enhanced breathability.
  • The seamless design of the upper delivers an outstanding combination of stability and comfort for the whole foot allowing athletes to run for hours.

Exceptional Support: If you want a shoe that will offer you unmatched support for both your feet and lower back, try Brooks Glycerin 13.

  • The design of the shoe is built in a way that ensures an athlete gets the necessary support and stability.

The heel and the area are high enough to provide a more firm fit near the ankle, thus, a reliable grip on different surfaces. Athletes with medium or high arches get to benefit from this terrific shoe. Check this video.


  • Comfortable shoe
  • The design and durability of the shoe is top-notch
  • Excellent mid-sole offers great arch support
  • The lacing system is well-built it doesn’t unravel even after hours of running
  • Comfortable and attractive can be worn both walking and running
  • Ideal Pressure Zones
  • Features Segmented Crash Pad for flexibility and seamless transition


  • Some customers complained that the outsole rubber was not ideal for wet surfaces
  • Relatively pricey


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3. Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Men’s Running Shoe – #3 Pick

Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Men’s Running Shoe features Cloud Wave Technology that allows a smoother and responsive feel giving the shoe a softer cushion compared to previous versions. 

  • The Triple Zone engineered system allows maximum breathability. 

The rider’s 20 outsoles are built using a blend of soft and hard rubber. Under the heel of this shoe, you’ll find a hard carbon rubber that provides additional support.

Around the forefoot, the developers have included a soft rubber. Therefore, expect maximum stability and comfort while using this shoe.

Some of us think that old age causes lower back pain, but it’s good to know that the shoes you’re wearing can be the primary cause of your back pain – but try some athletic shoes for lower back pain.

If you want a lightweight yet comfortable shoe, the Rider 20 from Mizuno will be the Best Athletic Shoes For Lower Back Pain.

The upper is lightweight and built with synthetic leather, urethane, and mesh; all these aspects add to comfort. The mesh allows free flow of air inside the shoe preventing sweating or smelly feet.

Remarkable Midsole: The midsole of Wave Rider 20 has compression molded foam that allows more durability and responsiveness.

  • The additional plate on the midsole enables a seamless foot strike providing more comfort while running.

Excellent Breathability: The Mizuno Wave Rider 20 features an upper mesh that facilitates free airflow on the upper foot, ankle, and heel. Ensure you buy a well-fitting shoe and tie them appropriately to avoid sweating or excessive overheating.


  • Lightweight sneaker
  • A highly responsive shoe can be worn for walking, running, or for athletics
  • The underfoot is soft and comfortable
  • Excellent upper breathability
  • U4icX cushioning technology makes the midsole reliable and more efficient
  • Improved fit and the foot-chamber make the shoe more accommodating to runners with wider feet
  • Offers great flexibility


  • Some customers complained that the toe box is a bit big


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4. New Balance Women’s W1340V2 Running Shoe

To control spine compression (on intervertebral discs) when running, I recommend New Balance W1340v2 as they’ll improve your running form and protect you from joint injuries and muscle strain. 

This model features an impressive motion control technology that provides support to your feet. This shoe is ideal for overpronators as it’s designed with superior cushioning and support tech to keep you comfortable. 

If you experience normal pronation or lower back pain while running, then this women’s New Balance will be the right choice for you.

  • The shoe is equipped with remarkable motion control technology that will allow you to go the extra mile without feeling any pains.
  • The sole provides impressive traction and grip, allowing you to run on different surfaces comfortably.

This shoe has a durable and stable sole that’s made of rubber to give you needed grip and traction while walking on different surfaces. The rubber sole is built in a way that it can survive tough or rugged surfaces while offering a comfortable feel.

  • Great Cushioning: The heel is highly cushioned to give you more support and relief, especially if you have bad knees and lower back pain.
  • Many people remark that they have seen some tremendous improvement in their health after using these shoes for a period.

Comfortable And Supportive: The New Balance 1340 v2 features N2 technology that provides low ground impact cushioning that protects your feet from ground impact when they hit the ground.

This technology is highly responsive and offers durable cushioning and a support system to the shoe.

This extra cushioning protects your legs, feet, knees, and lower back from the ground impact, giving you the support and comfort you need. Check this video.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • extended web technology offers more midfoot support, manage average pronation, and provides extra stability
  • The rubber outsole ensures exceptional grip
  • multi-density polyurethane allows comfort and flexibility


  • Some new users found the shoe a bit heavy
  • Quite pricey, but it’s worth it


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5. Adidas Performance Ultra Boost – Best For Sciatica

Adidas Performance Ultra Boost M Men’s Running Shoe features Prime knit upper which adjust to the shape of your foot every time you run. 

The supportive cage holds your feet securely to avoid injuries. For a stable ride, the shoe has a Torsion system between the forefoot and heel.

  • The Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost is carefully built to naturally expand with your feet when running allowing a nice fit and less irritation.
  • The shoe is highly breathable giving you comfort and a pleasant feeling while you run.

Adidas Performance Ultra Boost M Men’s Running Shoe is made of a rubber outsole that offers outstanding grip and traction on different running surfaces.

The rubber sole also protects your foot from ground impact while running.

Excellent Midsole: The midsole of this Men’s Ultra Boost is built with polyurethane foam that allows ideal and robust cushioning during your running routine.

The foam works alongside the rubber outsole to give you a more comfortable run.

Breathability: The shoe features Prime knit stretch mesh on the upper of the sneaker, which allows free flow of air inside the shoe, leaving your feet feeling fresh and dry.

Higher Responsiveness: The shoe features energy-returning technology which makes the sneaker highly responsive. As a result, you get maximum comfort and cushioning while running.


  • Very fashionable ideal for both casual and athletic wear
  • A remarkable external heel counter keeps the heel in the right position
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive underfoot cushioning promoted by energy-returning technology inscribed in the shoe
  • Lightweight midsole


  • A bit expensive but worth the investment
  • Runners with wider feet might find the shoe uncomfortable because of the narrow insole


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6. Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4

Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 has a synthetic mesh upper for breathability. 

The midsole contains phylon across the forefoot while the heels feature noticeable Max Air units for extra cushioning. The carbon fiber rubber outsole offers traction and durability. 

Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 is ideal for an athlete seeking lightweight cushioning. The shoe is comfortable and flexible; it provides excellent support during running or everyday activities.

  • The shoe features a carbon fiber rubber outsole for excellent traction and grip on various surfaces.
  • Also, the rubber sole is durable, giving you value for your money.

Furthermore, the shoe features impressive mesh uppers combined with synthetic overlays which allow free flow of air inside the shoe, leaving your feet dry and fresh all day.

Excellent upper: The upper of Men’s Air Max Torch 4 features mesh with synthetic overlays. The mesh allows free airflow inside the shoe, allowing your feet to remain dry and fresh. You can say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet.

The mesh is thick enough to offer extra cushion and comfort to the feet. The seamless wavy overlays give this shoe a new look compared to its predecessors, making it more attractive.

Large Toe Box: The Air Max Torch 4 has a roomy toe box, making it ideal for athletes with wide feet. The roomy toe box makes this sneaker comfortable. You can twist and adjust your toes more easily.

Comfort: Men’s Air Max Torch 4 offers stability, durability, and comfort, ensuring athletes are protected from foot injuries and lower back pain.

  • The midsole of this shoe provides excellent cushioning that provides needed support to the overall body.

Excellent Grip: The carbon fiber rubber outsole provides remarkable grip and traction. As a result, you can use these shoes on rough terrain or any other surface and remain safe from any foot or back injury.


  • Has a responsive midsole allowing a seamless heel to toe transition
  • Excellent underfoot cushioning
  • Lightweight sneaker
  • Variety of colors to choose
  • Comfortable


  • Some customers complained that the shoe looks bulky


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7. NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoe

NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoe features Flynknit technology that makes the shoe super-light while giving it flexibility and support. 

  • The synthetic mesh allows excellent breathability. The rubber sole provides the sneaker with more traction and grip. 

Women’s Tanjun Shoe has a simple, streamlined design to give you a fantastic stylish look.

  • The good thing about this sneaker is that it’s affordable, but still stylish and offers outstanding comfort.
  • The sneaker is breathable, super light, and blends pretty well with any outfit.

The Rubber sole gives the shoe more durability and excellent grip on different surfaces.

Comfort: The Women’s Tanjun is ideal for long walks, running, or standing all day. The sneaker offers remarkable support and comfort to individuals with wide feet.

The mesh system allows excellent ventilation is preventing sweaty and smelly feet. The shoe also features a seamless textile interior with superb plush feels to give you unmatched comfort with the least compression.

Excellent upper: The upper of NIKE Women’s Tanjun features a patterned mesh with thin, durable perforated layers for free airflow giving your feet a breath of fresh air.

Support: The shoe features light padding in the collar for added comfort and support.

The lace-up system helps to lock down your feet, giving you a more secure fit. The shoe also allows outstanding ankle support and natural flex of the feet while running or walking.

Remarkable Insole: The insole features an injected unit that helps to make the shoe super light. The sole also has engineered EVA foam for additional cushioning to give your feet and back support.


  • Super comfortable shoes and Excellent cushioning
  • Available in an array of colors and Breathability
  • Remarkable support and flexibility
  • Spacious toe box ideal for runners with wide feet
  • Reasonable price and Can be worn as a casual shoe
  • Lightweight sneaker


  • It runs a bit smaller than usual; you might need to go a half size higher to get a perfect fit.


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8. Vionic Men’s Walker

Vionic Men’s Walker has Active Motion System technology to give you support. 

The shoe also features a thermoplastic heel counter that offers more stability and comfort. The rubber sole is durable and provided excellent traction. 

Vionic Men’s Walker features a relief orthotic footbed that provides excellent arch support. The deep heel cup allows your heels to naturally rest on the insole, keeping it in the right posture.

The shoe offers remarkable flexibility in the forefoot. The forefoot and the heel have shock-absorbing properties which provide excellent cushioning and support to your legs.

  • The seamless top cover on the forefoot is treated using eco-fresh, which aids in reducing odor.
  • Furthermore, the upper is built with premium leather combined with a remarkable mesh to allow breathability.

Breathable: The shoe features a polyester mesh liner alongside a PU foam base which helps to minimize friction against the skin.

This polyester mesh contains moisture-wicking properties as well as allows free airflow. Thus, your feet remain dry and fresh while running.

Excellent Midsole: The midsole has EVA foam cushioning for added support and comfort. It also allows a seamless heel-to-toe transition, protection against the ground impact.

Cushioned Outsole: The outsole is built using durable rubber to give you cushioning as well as a firm grip and traction on rough terrains.

Comfort: Vionic Men’s Walker features soft padded linings with eco freshness to minimize odor giving your feet the comfort and freshness they deserve.

  • Also, the strong heel counter naturally positions your feet in the right posture, giving you a comfortable ride.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Sturdy heels offer maximum support to feet
  • Reasonable price
  • EVA midsole allows superior shock absorption which helps to lessen stress on your legs
  • Durable rubber outsole provides remarkable grip


  • You might take a few days before your feet adjust to this shoe



Shoes affect how the feet support other body structures like the back, spine, or ankles.

If you want to prevent lower back pain, consider investing in the right athletic shoes. All the sneakers in this article are ideal for alleviating lower back pain.

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