7 Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows 2024 Reviewed

The best blinds for Bedroom Windows have both functional and decorative functions: adding to your decor, serving in a light reduction, and increasing privacy in your bedroom.

  • Window blinds must be of high quality, safe, and effective. But choosing windows treatments, including blackout curtains, is always a challenging task.

– In the lazy mornings, blinds will limit the harsh light that gets into your bedroom while increasing the value of your residence.

Reviews: 7 Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows in 2024

1. Bali Blinds 2 “Vinyl Corded & Coffee Embossed PVC slats 

The Bali Blinds 2 “Vinyl Corded are great for humid spaces with regular use like kitchens and bathrooms. 

It comes with a great coffee hue, and you can install them from the inside of the outside of your space, opening to the outside. Bali Blinds are easy to mount and clean.

Next in line among the best blinds for bedroom windows is the Bali Blinds 2 “Vinyl Corded. The Bali Blinds will enable you to add some class into your bedroom.

It will enable you to control the amount of light coming into your room and the privacy you have in the bedroom.

The blinds are both lights in weight and come in varied sizes for different bedroom windows. Further, you can easily adjust the cord and tilt through the available lift controls.

Equally, the blinds are child safety (CPSC) approved and will thus be safe to use in a bedroom or living room where your kids frequent.

Durable slats

The blinds are considered suitable for rooms that have many visitors, such as bathrooms or kitchens. The blind’s slats are resistant to moisture and are long-lasting.

Customizable Blinds

You can easily lengthen or shorten the blinds to your taste in a simple way. Also, the blinds can be installed both on the outer or inner side of the room opening. 

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2. Home Detailerz Glenwood 2-Inch Real Wood Blinds  

Next is the Home Detailerz Genwood Blinds that will give you an elegant look in your room or space. 

It comes in bright and dark colors and is created with pure Basswood that is considered light but sturdy.

  • The Blinds are easy to install as you’ll only require magnets to mount.

Home Detailerz Glenwood is a lavish but inexpensive real wood blind. 

The valance will instantly magnetically append to the blind’s trapezoid Bottom rail, headrail, and tassels.

It has a natural look that will compliment your room’s décor.

Further, it will block sunlight rays and heat (during summer) and undertake cold insulation (during winter).

Strong Design

Home Detailerz Glenwood with a right tilt and height adjustment system that will run smoothly as required.

It has an elegant and robust build that will complement your home décor. Further, the real Basswood is both light in weight and healthy to last long enough.

Easy to install and clean

The Home Detailerz Glenwood is easy to install as you’ll only require about 15 minutes for complete mounting.

Further, the easy-to-use adjustment will enable right tilting for adequate light of privacy conditions to be created in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. 

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3. Lotus & Windoware 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind

Lotus & Windoware 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind will help protect your window treatments from sunlight rays and heat. 

The blinds are created from materials that are flexible, particularly the steel headrail, and thus will not crack or crack allowing it to last longer.

Lotus & Windoware Faux Wood Blind comes with installation hardware, and you’ll find it easy to mount in about 20 minutes.

Also, the blinds are created from the durable and good-looking complement, which will augment your room décor.

The blinds have a decorative top cover that you’ll love.

Luckily, you won’t worry about the difficulty of opening the blinds with wands as this set comes with cords for the same purpose.

Further, they have thick threading and appear like authentic decorated wood.

Durable blinds

Further, the blind’s Bottom rail is made from Foam Wood that is Solid. Also, the synthetic material used is faded and is static. 

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4. Chicology Combi Blind Curtain Drape

The Chicology Combi Blind Curtain Drape tops the list of the best drapes for the bedroom. It is easy to install with a simple 3-step process. 

The Chicology Combi Blind Curtain Drape is for bold decor lovers. They are dual-layered to allow a quick change from privacy to sheer through pulling the shade.

  • It is minimalist with a smooth cordless system that is free-stop and requires just a lift or pull of the shade. It is ANSI child-safe approved.
  • A snug fit is allowed after each half-inch and proves an inch between the valance and fabric for cordless system space.
  • You’ll not require to tug; just use your finger to lift or pull its shade.

ANSI approved

Chicology Combi Blind Curtain Drape is suitable for homesteads with small kids and pets.

  • Your kids will be safe as the blinds are ANSI-approved for safety.

Other shades and blinds leave parents worried as they have strings that could strangle kids, which is not the ca with the Chicology Combi Blind. 

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5. Delta Blinds Real Wood Horizontal Window Blinds

The Delta Blinds Real Wood Horizontal Window Blinds are quality blinds that are made of lightweight hardwood that won’t warp due to low humidity.

It has a high load capacity and will operate smoothly. Created from kiln-dried Basswood and has metal mounts to lock securely.

  • The Delta Blinds will enable you to have a broader view of the outside via the premium wood.
  • You may simply tilt the blinds to have a broader view between the slats, to about 2 to 3/8 inches allowable.
  • Delta Blinds Real Wood Horizontal Window Blinds will be great for windows in the bedroom and living room.

The blind wood can be customized to several designs. Also, they are light in weight to prevent bowing or bending.

Premium Wood

The blinds are made of Premium wood that won’t get damaged by warping. Further, it is made from hardware components that will last long.


Interestingly, do not be worried if you have an overly large or small window since Delta Blinds will allow the custom measurement to fit your room opening. 

– Equally, the Bedroom window blinds will block the view of prying eyes that could land into your bedroom. 

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Types of Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows

However, there are different types of Bedroom Window Blinds available in the market. In this section, I will briefly discuss the various type of blinds that you can buy.

1. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds have a rolling mechanism with a control cord, and their fabric will include but are not limited to, blackout, semi-opaque or sheer material.

  • Notably, I found Roller Blinds to be trendy and easy to install. Further, the blinds will come in varied colors and floral designs.

To achieve excellent decor, utilize a bed throw of s similar color as the Bedroom Window Blinds. Also, you can have some scatter cushions to take care of the decor.

Here’s how to install roller blinds

2. Vertical blinds

Vertical bedroom blinds will be great for sliding or glass openings such as doors and windows.

  • You’ll notice that the vertical blinds are also stylish, just like the roller blinds, only that they are cheaper.

Further, the Vertical blinds will work well in your patio or large windows (about 5m by 5m). I love them for their ease of installation and maintenance, mainly cleaning.

3. Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are right, but not perfect, in blocking light going through your bedroom window.

  • However, the wooden blinds will only allow limited light to leak through the edges of the wood.

Further, if you need to block more light, then you should go for more oversized slats such as fifty millimeters.

4. Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds will be easy to adjust and allow enough light to come into space. Further, the Venetian blinds, like all blinds, will give you privacy and block the view of peeking eyes.

Luckily, if you are into wooden furniture and decor, the Venetian blinds will blend well into the room and complement everything else with the Venetian look.

5. Roman Blinds

On the other hand, roman blinds are made of fabric and will give you more privacy compared to Venetian blinds.

  • You’ll find the roman blinds easy to install and use, and they block light too.
  • Further, you can hunch the roman blinds to the top of the window to allow a better outer view.

Luckily, the roman blinds will come in different colors and prints and will add style to your room.

Considerations in the Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows 

Personal Decor taste

The first consideration to make on the bedroom blinds will be your taste for decor.

  • For example, do you have a chic, cause, or formal decor style?

Further, determine whether you love floral or fun colors. Notably, you decorate your earthy and neutral decor room using different color shades.

Privacy and Light

You’ll need to determine if you love the cozy, airy, or bright room. Also, decide whether you’d like to block light from getting into your media or bedroom.

  • Further, check if your windows are facing a busy street, a high apartment, or maybe a sunny house side.

Knowledge of the above will help you determine which type of window blink you’d select and purchase. 


Security and safety are critical aspects when considering the Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows.

If you have small kids, you should consider purchasing only shades and blinds that have smooth edges and are streamlined cordless.

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